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20th October 2011

i like this post ..............
thanks this sharing ............... thanks all.
25th September 2011

This must be one of the best blogs I've read on here. Great summary of your travel experience! Curious about your book now... Cheers, Jens
11th September 2011

The pics are quite good and will help us with our schoolwork.Pl try mentioning the date,place and year they were built
29th July 2011

Thats an amazing summary to an amazing journey. I haven't come across your blogs before, being fairly new to TB, so I'm looking forward to reading them. I hope you find what your looking for. Your right the UK isn't as bad as we often make ourselves believe, you just need to see the rest of the world to appreciate that! Good luck. James
25th June 2011

details not shown.
The names of building are given but not shown in detail that who had built them,in which year it was built otherwise it would be very helpful in making school projects and assingments. But they are quite good.
13th June 2011

thank u so much for clicking such beautiful pictures ofthe place m longing to go back to..my home!!
5th June 2011

Neat blog..!! ;-)
Presentation is quite good. It gives a lot of infomation 'bout d main buildings of Akbar. Helped me alot in my project..nice work..!!
9th May 2011

Its sad to hear that the TCO head office has closed down the Durban office route from April 10th 2011 due to not having reliable buses,NOW any one traveling from Durban to Maputo have to go to Johannesburg and then to Maputo ...inconvenient indeed
From Blog: Beira necessity
25th April 2011
Vishnu in his Narashima avatar

om narayanaya namah:
om namo narayanaya namah :
From Blog: Hampi talk
19th April 2011
Stonking TCO bus

Iwould like to book a coach from Maputo to Inchope/Beira for Thursday 28 April I want to know the fares and timetables
From Blog: Beira necessity
19th April 2011

TCO question
hello, I write on this blog forum as well and found your blog helpful. Wanted to ask how to contact/book TCO. Currently in Tofo. Can catch at Maxixe and want to go to Vilanculos. Then back from Vilanculos to Maputo. Can't find a TCO site so any advice on how to book would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robyn & Johnny
From Blog: Beira necessity
19th April 2011

Why do flamingos smell bad?
Please people, I need to know why flamingos smell bad! Thank you!!
From Blog: Flamingo park
16th April 2011

Must to improve the jetty
8th April 2011
Fatehpur Sikri

please give some information at the end of the picture
please give some information about akbars building but this picture is very good
4th April 2011
Hong Kong laser show

Hongkong- One of fav travel destination
I remember travelling in Hongkong .Its one of my fav destination
From Blog: Fragrant Harbour
19th March 2011
Zanzibar Hill Lodge

Poor Customer Care
Hi over there, I would like to express my opinion based on poor customer care services at your lodge. At restaurant they are not kindly serve as a part of lodge business where it has been causing so many conveniences, you order food but not coming in-time and no varities of foods/ or vegetables and directly confuse order. You order ugali Kuku and received Wali+Nyama. To be specific food are not in a good standard and guest at entry point it has some poor qualities and not conducive. Thanks,
5th March 2011
Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr

rock art
Irecently visited Kakadu but didn't get to Ubirr, thankyou for putting this up I haven't seen it on any other of the many sites I have looked at so far
From Blog: Kakadu-du-du
28th February 2011
Excellent setting

to be able to visit a place of such history and beauty must be the most amazing moments of life i hope someday i will be able to experience such a piece of history to make memories of i think anyone who has had this experience must be some of the luckiest alive
From Blog: The dead zone
27th February 2011
Eden Gardens cricket ground

super ground
it is intertesting to watch eden garden very nice and good look
25th February 2011

this is weird. This flower was taken in one of my home towns and I was so awed by it, thought it was taken somewhere in japan, when I saw that it said south africa i almost fell off my chair. Thanks for putting me back in touch with my roots, miss home now lol
25th February 2011

FUFA is related to FIFA - Directly
FUFA = Federation of Uganda Football Association
11th February 2011

my state is grate
marvelious my state. i m proud of ........ LORD JAGANNATH
24th January 2011
Elephant stables

Nice and Beautiful Elephant Stabled
From Blog: Hampi talk
19th January 2011

bus from Tete to Maputo
I need to find a goog bus from Tete to Maputo. TCO is nice but stop 1 day in Beira. I like a direct one. I know that is another one - tricamo - but i donĀ“t know if the car and his condictions are good. Anyone help me to find a good one, please? Thanks
From Blog: Beira necessity
17th January 2011
Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria (Church of Our Lady of Candlemas)

The picture of the church is very beautiful and it is very huge.

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