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17th January 2016

nothing informative. it should be much better.the buildings of akbar are great
3rd August 2015
(L to R) Maya, Nathan, and LA Woman

Hey happened to come across your blog. I'm actually the Nathan in this photo!
25th August 2015
(L to R) Maya, Nathan, and LA Woman

Hi Nathan! I think you were working with KPMG (?) when we met on this hike - hope the last 8 years have been good to you. Safe travels, John
8th May 2014

At least you've left a legacy
At least! 5 years have elapsed and people like me are still stumbling across your sacred texts. So thank you good sir for your words and, in no small way, your photographs. Those I need to browse through in all their panchromatic glory. I think I might just add your ebook to the 'must read' list.
8th May 2014

So familiar!
I saw this shot in your 'top photos' gallery. It so reminds me of my former home, Zimbabwe, a country dominated by granite landscapes like this. As a geologist I've learnt that 'granite' is a very broad, generic term, but it is characteristic of much of the older basement-level roots of the continents. In tandem with the miombo-type vegetation it speaks of South-Central Africa. Nice shot!
25th January 2014

More information on that topic
23rd October 2013
Yellow-bellied black snake at Lake Barrine

would like information on the snake
nice photo.
10th June 2013
Boksi destination board

No, "Insha'Allah" in the yellow one mmmm , I want more photos from abri and halfa before 2008 .. plaese :( especially persons pictures
19th November 2012
Panch Mahal

19th November 2012

6th October 2012
Kung fu boys

Kung Fu is not with those boys1
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13th August 2012

Contact Numbers
Does any-one have a contact number or email address for TCO.
From Blog: Beira necessity
11th August 2012

Enjoyed your stay
Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay at Frog's backpackers in Port Hedland. I'm the partner of Gary (now wife and mother of 2 little boy frogs). Hoping you are still enjoying your backpacking experiences. We are waiting until the boys are a little older before our overseas travels starts although we have done a lot of travels around Australia with the boys.
From Blog: Frog man
25th April 2012
Volcan Osorno at dawn

This is a truly spectacular sunrise!
From Blog: German bight
21st March 2012
Obligatory diner jukebox

Vivo en Argentina buenos aires me gustaria saber si se venden? y cuanto me saldria que me la manden a mi pais, desde ya mcuhas gracias!!
6th March 2012
Underground church

Mass time
Can you please let me know Mass times for Saturday and Sunday 10-11/3 2012 as I wish to attend.
29th January 2012

i just read this for tonight, ready for Jabe,s journey.. good idea over morning coffee to read a blog entry to take the mind away from everyday reality. so many deep observations, so many reasons to travel or just to change surrounding in my case is so important. It certainly stirs stagnancy. some kind of movement, change certainly must broaden horizons. We can not run from ourselves, but we must realize smth, discover within through wonders in the world.
29th January 2012

by accident
glad i found real world traveler by sheer accident, just viewing photo on main page. Something to follow -travel in time and places i probably never will know about otherwise. looking forward reading and how it ended. always fascinated how drastic people can change them lives.
19th January 2012
Zanzibar Hill Lodge

senior officer with air tanzania company limited headquarters -dsm
the pictures are very nice i would like to have the phones of the hotel incase i want to make direct hotel bookings.
31st December 2011
Window grill

windows grill disining
30th December 2011
Cat (and mouse) on a tin roof

Cat (and mouse) on a tin roof
Hello. Can you tell me who is the owner of this picture? I just had someone propose this same identical cat and mouse for my new business logo. Thank you.
22nd December 2011

Awesome Sculpture
The above sculpture looks real & for once we can't even think that it's not the real one. It's a great work of the sculpture & person who make these seems to be very interesting & full of life too. Thanks for sharing us this sculpture.
28th November 2011
Jagannath temple complex

Jagannath god
really good photos .... i will pray that my luck & my destiny will follow in future in jagannath temple...
From Blog: Airfare cut
17th November 2011

Iiron doors
"Awesome" Its so beautiful and i have no words to say about it. Iron doors
10th November 2011

Nice article it was...really telling the truth story of every insect or animal, how they solve the problem or hoe they cross the border without any hitch.. Thanks for the such inspirational article

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