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Boksi destination board  

Boksi destination board

The blue one apparently says "Insha'Allah"
Things in my holes (which I'd rather weren't there)

February 25th 2009
While conducting my morning ablutions, I am surprised to see another clearly foreign face. This is a Canadian guy, Wally, recently arrived in Wadi Halfa and hoping to catch the ferry north. He has an iTouch on which he has copies of the WLP for all countries in East Africa. I mentally compare the size, weight, and info of my Africa-wide WLP with his iTouch and its contents, and am consumed with ... read more
Africa » Sudan » North » Abri

Sudanese Flag Military regimes favoring Islamic-oriented governments have dominated national politics since independence from the UK in 1956. Sudan was embroiled in two prolonged civil wars during most of the remainder of the 20th century. These conflicts were roo... ... read more
10th June 2013

No, "Insha'Allah" in the yellow one mmmm , I want more photos from abri and halfa before 2008 .. plaese :( especially persons pictures

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