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Africa » Sudan » North » Abri February 15th 2012

The first night sleep in Sudan was better than expected. Jack and I, who were about the only two not travelling with their own vehicle, so didn't have to wait for the second ship with the vehicles to arrive, decided to get a bus to Abri. We found a minibus going in that direction and after about half an hour of waiting for it to fill up were on our way. The journey took only 2 and half hours. While it wasn't the most comfortable I am sure there will be worse ahead. We arrived at a petrol station, not realising we were in Abri and a taxi - pimped out to the nines, but with the doors barely hanging on - took us to the only hotel in town. El Fagr hotel provided us with ... read more
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Africa » Sudan » North » Abri November 24th 2010

Day two in Abri, and we'd arranged to meet up with Magzoob, who we'd met the night before. We later worked out, that through the glories of pigeon English, and miscommunication, he got the impression that back in the UK I'm an author not a book designer. 2+2 then equalled 5, and he thought I was writing a travel guide to Sudan. At this point, he started trying his hardest to entertain and impress us, and quickly nominated himself as out guide around town, eager to get his name in my soon to be published book. By the time we'd figured this out, it was too late, and we just had to go along with it... At 9.30am Magzoob arrived in a 1978 Toyota Corolla, which was incredibly battered and bruised, but still had enough chrome ... read more
At the wedding
At the wedding. The party clown is the one in the turban.

Africa » Sudan » North » Abri November 23rd 2010

Sudan. The name alone seems to strike fear into people. Civil war. Darfur. Sharia Law. It's seem like an odd country to be excited about visiting, but I've been looking forward to it for months. Every first hand account I've read has been full of nothing but praise for travelling through the country, and the people - Nubians, Fur, Arab and more - are said to be the most hospitable people in Africa. Furthermore, there wouldn't be a tour bus in sight. I couldn't wait. While most other travellers seem to be drive through as quickly as possible, as keen to get to Ethiopia in the shortest time. I wanted to do the opposite, spending as much time winding along the Nile through Nubia as possible. After all, how often do you get to be in ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Abri February 25th 2009

While conducting my morning ablutions, I am surprised to see another clearly foreign face. This is a Canadian guy, Wally, recently arrived in Wadi Halfa and hoping to catch the ferry north. He has an iTouch on which he has copies of the WLP for all countries in East Africa. I mentally compare the size, weight, and info of my Africa-wide WLP with his iTouch and its contents, and am consumed with jealousy. The others head out for breakfast, which I miss due to a combination of not realising the time here is 1 hour ahead of Egypt, as well as the age-old excuse of washing my hair. It seems I also miss an altercation near the breakfast cafe, where bystanders have to keep apart two men intent on going at each other with knives. The ... read more
Helen and Tintin in Abri's de rigueur fashion item
Public drinking water
Bedframe ropes

Africa » Sudan » North » Abri March 29th 2007

This is the first day of our drive down to Khartoum.. We will be crossing part of the Nubian desert.. The intention is to reach Wawa, a town about 2hrs south of Abri.. There is an ancient Temple of Soleb across the Nile at wawa, where we were intending to cross over in the evening, and spend the night at one of the farm house there.. according to the 2 swedish guys that drove up.. ok i should probably name them now instead of calling them swedish guys sedishguys like swedish meatballs.. according to Pierre and Lionel, the wife in that farmhouse make really good food.. yum.. We sent our car in to the mechanic for a final check at 8am.. and then went to town to buy some more groceries.. and dave wanted to ... read more
1st view of the Nile
Black rocky outcrops
Desert Landscape

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