Chivalry P


Chivalry P

Started this blog for my recent Africa Cairo-to-Cape trip, which I have just returned from..

In the aftermath of my trip now.. will update the blog more on this trip once I get my ass moving..

Till the next time I travel!

Hope you enjoy this blog! Leave your comments!!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 25th 2007

Waiting for my flight that is due to happen in less than 4 hours now seems like waiting for a time bomb to go off.. It's inevitable.. and you don't want it to happen.. What's happened to all the homesickness?? Yes.. I'm still homesick.. and I can't wait to get home.. maybe i'm just sad that all this is going to end... Went out to tour the Cape Peninsular yesterday.. it was a blast!! Rented a car with Ryan and Steve from the overland bus.. and we drove down the coastal road of Cape Town and then the peninsular.. it's so beautiful out there! Many of you have been asked the following question by me: "Given a choice, would you choose to live in some scenic mountains, maybe with a nice stream and waterfall if you ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 23rd 2007

Checked out of Ashanti this morning at 8am and went straight to Long Street Backpackers.. got the dorm room.. and woooh.. the room's on the 3rd storey.. and we have our own balcony overlooking long street! and the dorm has a private bathroom as well... 90rand/person/night.. nice place.. and Clinton (who owns the place i think) is really nice and friendly... you just got to love the atmosphere at great backpackers' hostels.. Went out for breakfast at some nice cafe.. then basically walked the town.. Ryan, who's the artistic type, brought me to this nice art gallery owned by Michael Stevenson.. he worked at a gallery in New York that mainly deals with African and Indian art.. so he has been going around the various galleries yesterday when i was up in the Table Mountains.. After ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 22nd 2007

And yes! I've made it to Cape Town! Cairo to Cape.. what does 'Cape' really mean to me? Cape Town? Cape of Good Hope? or Cape Aguillas, the southernmost tip of Africa? To be truthful, I have not really thought about it.. 'Cape' was just so far away at the start of my travels.. and before I know it.. I'm here.. I'm thinking 'Cape' would be the Cape of Good Hope for me, which I will be visiting in a rented car this Sunday.. Cape Aguillas doesn't hold much allure to me other than being the southernmost point, and since I did not start at the northernmost point, visiting the southernmost point does not hold much meaning.. For now, Cape Town is 'Cape' enough for me.. It was pretty special for me as I saw the ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund June 16th 2007

Am at the Namibian coastal city of Swakopmund now.. totally enjoyed the drive through the country for the past 2 days.. Namibia... a beautiful place full of amazing landscapes.. came into the the west coast of africa today and saw the atlantic ocean... it's a great feeling.. to have arrived on the other side of africa.. and the weird thing is.. it is all desert landscape..and the desert extends all the way to the ocean.. wtf? desert and water together side by side.. the great stretch of desert and dunes extends for hundreds of kilometres south of Swakop along the coast.. and the giant sand dunes right next to the ocean just adds to the amazing-ness of this weird combi.. try finding this place on google earth.. i bet the satellite view will be incredible.. Found ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Cape Cross June 15th 2007

Just wanted to add that when we left Spitzkoppe.. before we drove into Swakopmund, we first went to this Cape Cross Seals Sanctuary... about 100+km north of Swakop.. and there, you see soooo many cape fur seals.. lying on the rocks.. fighting for territories.. sunbathing.. socializing.. against the huge crashing waves of the atlantic... It was a pretty interesting thing to see.. for a boy from Singapore... Photos will be up later! ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Spitzkoppe June 14th 2007

After exiting Cheetah Park.. we drove out of the heavily wooded landscape, and gradually enters the gravel plains of Namibia.. today's drive was really beautiful.. you just watch in awe as you see the landscape change so drastically in front of your eyes.. and so many changes in half a day's drive.. The first upland area you take note of is Brandeberg.. or the Fiery Mountains.. known for the fiery looks it projects at sunset.. it's really a beautiful rock, and it's the highest mountain in Namibia.. there were some rock paintings by the old tribes in the mountains as well.. we stopped at the little town nearby with a supermarket to restock our supplies.. wished we could do Brandberg as well in this trip.. After the supply stop.. we drove for another 2 hours and ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Cheetah Park June 13th 2007

The cheetah park is basically an enclosure where some german family grows cheetahs.. it is pretty cool to see cheetahs walking freely in the owner's house like house cats.. you can go up to them and pat them and touch them.. sometimes.. they would come up to you to lick you.. maybe tasting to see if you need some more seasonings before you are worthy for them to bite into you.. the cheetahs at the home gets aggrevated at times.. and the owner had to calm them down before we can approach them again.. After that it's back to the campsite bar.. where you wait till evening time to go out on the truck to feed the cheeetahs in the 'sanctuary'... so until then, you have nothing to do, so you buy some beer from them.. ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park June 13th 2007

Am in this little town called Outjo.. damn.. if i had know i'd have internet here.. i'd probably not have paid the expensive internet last night.. haha.. oh well.. =) Outjo is a nice little town.. took a walk around town and the surroundings for an hour before coming to this internet cafe.. ahve about 30mins more to go... This town is quite german.. Namibia having it's dutch and german heritage... went into this nice pastry shop.. had a chocolate rum ball.. oooh.. soooo gooood... Just came out from 3 days in the Etosha National Park.. we crossed the border on the 10th.. and then camped by a campsite beside the Kavango river.. the border crossing is very easy.. stamp exit on botswana side and then walk over to the namibian side.. got all my visas ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta June 9th 2007

Spent the last 3 days (7th to 9th) in the delta.. had so much anticipation to go into the delta.. especially after watching a documentary on lions eating elephants in the okavango delta on somebody's ipod.. well.. i think if you want a more exciting safari.. don't do it by mokoro (dug-out canoes).. probably fly into the inner delta and do some game drives from there.. The mokoro CRUISE started on 7th.. we took a transfer truck from Camp Sitatunga.. after an hour's drive, we arrive at the delta where numerous mokoros await our arrival to take us into the delta.. the mokoros are basically poled along the shallow depth of the delta.. max 2 passengers.. so you and another person sit in the narrow mokoro.. and your poler stands behind to pole the canoe.. the ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Maun June 6th 2007

Crossed the border from Zimbabwe to Botswana 2 days ago.. and did a short game driver in the Chobe National Park yesterday morning.. read and slept on me hammock the whole of yesterday afternoon... and travelled from Kasane to Maun for the most part of the day today.. Will be going for a 3 day safari into the Okavango Delta tomorrow.. there will be a couple of safari walks.. and we will be venturing into the deltas on mekoro (dug-out canoes).. bush camping, and have to bring our own food and tents.. looking forward to the safari.. and hopefully the delta is as good as they say.. Maun is a pretty developed place.. rapidly growing due to tourism around the delta region.. we are entering the dry season now.. so hopefully the animals are thirsty enough ... read more

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