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30th March 2010

All good things must come to an end...
I suppose. I will definitely miss your blog. I discovered it late last year and tore through 4 years worth of archives (the Asia ones are my favourite, by the way). 1) I have googled it multiple times...but what the hell is a DCM? You use this term a lot. 2) I loved your writing-I also enjoy the over-the-top/gushing style of travel writing but your wry, sarcastic take on issues was unique and hilarious and an enjoyable break from the regular travel blogs I read. Thanks for giving me something to read over my morning tea. And best of luck in your future endeavours.
29th March 2010

thank you
Dear Jabe, Yours words, as alway, are spot on. I do hope you sift thru youe blogs and fantastic photos and gift the world with a great book. Carolyn( Gunga) PS If you ever get to Memphis, give me a shout out!
29th March 2010

Bravo! Bravo!
29th March 2010

Great end to a great blog, some of the most honest, least-pretentious writing on here. Thanks and good luck in the future.
29th March 2010

"Not another damn blog from that Jabe guy"
The writing-style, content and tone of the blog tell a lot about the writer. To be honest, I never liked your blogs. I cringe everytime I see another one of your blogs on the front page. And yet, I can't help but to scan through your blogs just to see if traveling broadens a person's mind, helps attain a life-changing experience, hence eventually change the person for the best. On the contrary to what I thought that most long-term travelers grow more cynic, arrogant, feel superior, prejudice, feral and bitter, I must admit that this last blog of yours might have proven me wrong. I'm glad to see a glimmer of a new side of you. I wish you peace and a happy life ...
29th March 2010

Excellent Post
Most excellent this post. I will come back again to check out more of blog post
29th March 2010

The good times
I followed most of your blogs throughout the four years and as an avid traveller myself, it meant a lot to me. I simply can't see how you can go back to a 9-5 job now. Your writing style and ability to make the reader part of what you experienced is of such a nature that I can see no reason why you can't become a full-time travel writer. I would be the first one to buy one of your books. Johan Cape Town, South Africa
23rd March 2010

Thanks for the comment, but this entry is describing my trip from Nampula to Beira.
From Blog: Beira necessity
23rd March 2010

Nice article
Just one quibble. From Maputo to Beira you don't cross the Zambezi
From Blog: Beira necessity
22nd March 2010

he should havebuilt it better and nice
22nd March 2010

I envy you for having been to places that I only see on television. Good thing you're coming back home. There's really no place like home. By the way, I would like to invite you to http://www.iceland-hotels.is>Iceland and experience the breathtaking sceneries and activities. I have the best places to stay in Iceland ready for you! Thanks a lot!
21st March 2010

Inspiring Journey!
I've been following every one of your Africa blogs and they have given me many ideas for future travels through that continent. Thanks for all the stories, and the "Dull but possibly useful info" at the bottom of each blog is never dull, but always useful.
20th March 2010

All's I can say is WOW! I traveled overland from Egypt to South Africa in 2003. Did it in seven months, which is not too fast and not too slow; mostly cos I blitzed through Tanzania in 3 days because of the necessity to meet someone in Malawi. My average daily budget for the trip was $12 (twelve) US per day. This included ALL costs including visas, though admittedly ZERO safaris (and we were two).
20th March 2010

I'm not going to comment on the trip... Only on 2 things! weird that they had told you that whale shark season was finished as June, July and August are THE y months where we can meet them. Not very often though and not that close to the bay but on Bazaruto and Two Mile Reef we have a few chances. And we had plenty of whales last august, there right on the reef. As far as prices are concerned, the explanation is pretty simple... the taxes to have a legal business here are very high. Besides the normal VAT and profit taxes, we have to pay a lot in licences and annual visits of our operations. And this reflects on the "customers" price. Too bad you didn't choose a trip that would have brought you to Two Mile Reef. I can promise you would have had a wonderful snorkeling or diving experience and you would have never forgotten the island and the stunning views you get from the top of the dune. if you ever happen to come back, try this one!
1st March 2010

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25th February 2010

Cruz del sur is not the best company - hence your experience
You got to Stick with CIAL and OLTURSA, they are the top 2 bus companies. leather seats, etc, the whole sha bang.
From Blog: Southern charm
3rd February 2010

i loved the pictures, and the writing. reading this improved my night considerably.
31st January 2010

robbed is a must in Quito
We were robbed at knive point in Old Town at 2:00 pm on the way up to the Virgin of Quito statue. The good news no injuries and it was our first day in Ecuador so no photos. Disposable cameras only in Equador 01/12/2010
26th January 2010

Great blog.
The best photographer on travel blog in my opinion. Fantastic blog! Dale.
25th January 2010

These photos are beutiful. I will be in Swaziland and really looking forward to the adventure. Thank you
23rd January 2010

OKavango scam
We recently did an overnight mokoro trip and ended up with the same impressions as you... Bad thing is, we had forgotten our books back in Maun so I was a lot of sitting around doing nothing which seems to be a national sport in these parts of the world. It's sadly a scam in which both the tourists and the polers get screwed. Your blog is as useful as it is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Delta blues
22nd January 2010

I was looking for a few pics of the area of Tierradentro, Colombia, where I recently spent some beautiful days... and came across your blog! Wow... What a journey! G'd luck with getting back home, wherever home is now. Cheers, Nadine
19th January 2010

October 19th, 2009 post
The post from this date, with my name attached, was NOT written by me. I don't know who wrote it, but I DIDN'T! Barry Pell
19th January 2010

I can undertsand the excitement from your blog... Same here !! I used to start jumping by the very sight of a lion.... check my pics ! :) I am going back in Aug2010. Doing Tsavo east and west, Chyulu etc and then the mara.
18th January 2010

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