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15th August 2009

i love the top left picture of first one page
11th August 2009

My boyfriend is frowning at your second photo, and asking why anyone would take a photo of that to post on the internet. But, pay no attention to him John. It is just penis envy. :D
10th August 2009

Great pics...
Great photos as always. Your photo 'Elephant Dobber' made me laugh - it reminded me of a safari I went on as a child when my younger brother thought the elephant was having a baby and the trunk was coming out first!
4th August 2009

The joys of cross-border bus travel in Africa
Isn't it interesting how the most mundane of experiences at home - such as a bus journey - transform into tales of colour and adventure when travelling abroad! It is surprising how much attention (and not necessarily of the complimentary type) you receive being a Mzungu in this part of Africa.
1st August 2009

Another good blog mate... keep them coming, helps with my plans. Take care
29th July 2009

beauty without toxicity
What beautiful buildings and they were built without posioning the environment and out of indeginous materials. Maybe architect Frank Lyoad Wright learned something from Akbar?
28th July 2009

Great history lesson
This was an amazing piece of writing- not only for your, as always, wonderful descriptions but for your clarification of the the genocide and warring factions. I am sending it to several young people who are very interested in African studies. Hopefully they will realize that the problems are deeper than buiding a sandbox at an orphanage or sending care packages to a a penpal. Carolyn
24th July 2009

You gave details about Gisenyi it's interesting I would like to know more about travel. I impressed by your blog You can find me at www.TheAirGorillaBlog.com
From Blog: Sunny and chèr
12th July 2009

Re lava gull comment
Thanks for the comment, Margaret! You've now forced me to go and retag a bunch of pictures on Flickr too :-)
12th July 2009

great stuff
another excellent set of entries! if only your journey would never end!!!
9th July 2009

Lava Gull
....is not a lava gull, it is a swallow tailed gull!!!
3rd July 2009

Poor unmarried pregnant girls! Now there's a harsh punishment if ever I heard one!! A very interesting blog - thanks for sharing. Beautiful photo of the sunbird by the way. :)
2nd July 2009

Toasted sandwiches instead of cold sandwiches...
well the explanation for that one is easy...it disguises that the bread is ever so slightly stale of course! We've enjoyed reading your Africa blogs, although the travelling sounds like very hard work...we know exactly what you mean about obnoxious groups grrr!
29th June 2009

Wonderful pictures of the Angola Colobus Monkeys - really wonderful. An interesting blog too. Thanks for sharing.
29th June 2009

Love those first 2 monkey pics. Those guys really have character. :D
23rd June 2009

incredible pics
Have read your blogs with no desire to retrace your steps until now. The descriptions and pics are fantastic. I hope you are giving serious thought to doing some books about your travels.
21st June 2009

hola, envio un saludo desde México, agradeciendo las magnificas fotos de esta ciuidad, la busque porque queria saver de verdad existe, y esto porque encontre el nombre de la ciudad al leer un libro donde se menciona.
17th June 2009

HAHAHAHA! Love the Schadenfreude picture!! Mike T.
From Blog: Flamingo park
16th June 2009

You're very brave. I doubt I'd have the guts to do that. I'd just read your blogs and view the photos!
15th June 2009

Cat on a hot ... oh, you know
The full saying is: "busier than a cat trying to bury shit on a hot tin roof." Now not a lot of people know that;-) (you still think the caption is accurate?)
From Blog: Trucking hell
11th June 2009

Blurry shots
Thanks for the positive comment - however, among others, the cheetah fur photo is blurred. Fine at this resolution but I won't be able to blow any of these up :-( We were right next to the lions when I took the lion shots, as in RIGHT next to. Great for me - not sure how the lions felt about it though ...
10th June 2009

Zoomed-in shots?
I didn't see any blurry shot......in fact, your photos are absolutely good! Like those 'rear' photos. Nice one, john. But I just had to ask how far away you were when you took those lion shots.
9th June 2009

Clicked on a random entry as I was about to log on, and was very entertained by your post. Keep up the good work!
8th June 2009

Refelcting on your Khawaja experiance
Well, with all of the experience you have been through in Sudan, I wonder you did not mention something about how do you feel the place, the culture and the like. you merely centered your topic around people been way to sleazy to you as a KHAWAJA. After all it depends on what purpose you travels were intend to; as I have read several blogs and KHAWAJA friends experiences in Sudan and they mostly of a diverse nature: meaning they are not all just too terrible though. I personally agree with most of what you said, but outta curiosity my questions raised that any GOOD SIDE OF IT? in peace, Emam

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