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12th May 2008

Domes, Shafts and Columns
Bushes, Flagpoles, Chimneys, Penguin Arms, Elephant trunks, Church Steeples... even the figure of the El Templo nightclub has 5 phallus' for fingers! That, or maybe they just happen to be shaped that way with no forethought of a penis? Unique pics of the scenes of Punta Arenas!
6th May 2008

YOu never mentioned the name of the hostel? Which was it?
6th May 2008

Re: jens' comment
Bitter? Hardly. Enjoying life? Definitely.
6th May 2008

Man you are bitter. It is a petty that you can 't enjoy life.
2nd April 2008

I went to Barcelona a long time ago, with my parents. I justa have been in Buenos Aires but I enjoyed a lot. Unfortunately i don't remember a lot of things of the town, but probably this yera i will go there again.
25th March 2008

email updates...
hi, i'm so glad i checked your site today, there are so many new entries! i can't wait to read them!!! are you not doing the email updates thing anymore? i never received any for the new entries.
18th March 2008

Great Blogs & Pics
Well done Jabe - I've enjoyed several of your blogs both before and during my current travels. That's a great New York description - I spent time and almost ended up working there myself a few years ago... you've reminded me why I'm so glad that I didn't!! Thanks also for your Luang Prabang, Laos blog - which is where I am currently - just reviewing options to Thailand without doing that hellish Mekong trip you describe so well! Have fun in BA - was there in December and loved it along with all of South America. Happy Travels. Nacho.
17th March 2008

Thanks for giving us such a clear picture of New York, John. Although not from New York, I am currently much in the same position you were in at the end of 2005....watch this space for my future travel blogs...:)
17th March 2008

Cheer up mate
Hey Jabe, Nice to see this I agree with the girl from chigago the pictures are special. But I was concerned to see no smile in front of the GGB. You have been travelling around the world for 2 years, lived and worked in NY & Tokyo and still no smile. cheerup :)
9th March 2008

Great pictures of my all time favorite place! You lucked out with the perfect weather this weekend.
7th March 2008

Great blog!
SF is by far my favorite city and like you, I'd love to settle there. So I just wanted to drop a note and say I really enjoyed reading this blog, especially your photos. I'm sure next time I'm there I'll see it a bit different thanks to your photos. I love the focus you give to design and shape in your pictures. :)
21st February 2008

omiyage wa mashroom-man onegai ne!
John san, did you have the picture of the mashroom guy on your previous website? It looks familier...anyway, my mama (Miki) and I will be happy to see you in NY very soon! Don't forget to bring a fish for me in Bali:-P nya-nya--
8th February 2008

hey john, i'm so glad you're travelling again! the saga continues... i can't wait to read about LA woman and south america! :-)
31st January 2008

Great pictures!
Thanks for the walk down memory lane. A few years ago a friend and I spent a weekend in Ronda and loved every minute of it- even getting ripped off by the one taxi driver who decided to work that day. I also loved the description of your sister's artifacts. Your photos are amazing! Carolyn ( blogger name 'gunga')
31st January 2008

Super photos!
Hi John, these pictures are inspiring. Keep it up!
30th January 2008

Great photos!
I love the bulls-eye window, have never seen anything like that before. I aspire to take better architectural photographs, so looking at photos like yours gives me ideas.
19th January 2008

great photos
great photos, but your blog is so miserable
7th January 2008

thank you to john and LA woman
hi john, just want to thank you for such a great blog. i started reading from the very beginning, from your trip to india onwards. just love your photos, your dry humour, and the way you interact with other travellers and locals, great stuff! from reading your entries, it seems you've found a "soulmate" in the form of "LA woman", i really hope you meet up with her again real soon. i wish you guys all the best in the future! i just hope you keep on blogging! take care, bill.
29th December 2007

Ah the memories...
Great blog - brought back memories of my trip on the trans-mong last year ... though looks like you had a nicer compartment and an easier time crossing the Mongolian/Russian border! Enjoy the rest of your travels! E
27th December 2007

onward to Kazakhstan !
all the signs seem to point towards your next trip being in a landrover (painted in a union jack perhaps?) bound for Kazakhstan.
25th December 2007

" think I have 1 more year in me - then it'll be time for something different. " You can't give up now......we're all enjoying your blog too much! I suppose it gets quite lonely out there sometimes though.....especially round Christmas time. Hope you had a great Christmas! Johan from South Africa
From Blog: Perfect -10
24th December 2007

Nice trip!
I want to visit China for the '08 olympics. Would you recommend this? Beijing seems like a fascinating city! Thanks for sharing. www.vacationcentric.com
From Blog: Perfect -10
23rd November 2007

Love the pictures!
First of all... your pictures are amazing. I went to Beijing last year and my pictures all resembles yours, but they are not nearly as good looking! I like your eye for the details. Also, thanks for sharing the story. It made me reflect on my time in Beijing. I actually feel like I missed some things now. Did you have a tour guide? It seems like you know a little about the history behind some of the monuments... very helpful as well. One more thing, where did you go at night? You said the nightlife was not too great there, but I actually enjoyed it. I now live in a city near Shanghai and I can tell you that the Beijing nightlife is definitely better as far as variety and culture. Did you go to Vic's or Nick's? Thanks for sharing! KANGOGRL
18th November 2007

Monster Muscles McCabe
Hello there, nice to read your blogs old friend. If you ever return home, get in touch. "The Meaties - Monster Muscles McCabe, Beastie Bakes, Puny Parks" "The Meaties - Thier middle name is danger, apart from one, whose is Joseph"
18th November 2007

You must be on a very tight budget to have that kind of accommodation. Baguio City has hundreds of good hotels and inns. Some are even better than those found in Europe & North America.
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