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12th December 2008

More great photos
Hi John, I enjoyed your blog. I was there in '96 and got caught in a torential rainstorm...it added to the general discomfort of steamy heat. You are right, the views are spectacular. Did you really take a taxi back to BA? What did that cost you? I signed up for your blog so I won't miss any of them. Carolyn ( gunga)
5th December 2008

A fellow blog writer...
Hi, nice blog with a bit of history too. Im in Medellin right now and its a fantastic place. Shame you didnt sample the night life, its one of the best I have seen in 2 years of travelling. Keep up the blogs and becareful in Bogota - like Quito it can be dodgy at night ;-)
3rd December 2008

I love your pictures, they show something about you. You are a great observer. I stand up and applaude. Great. Love from Argentina
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18th November 2008

Great Blog
John - I really enjoyed reading your blog! Your pictures are darn awesome!!! I'll be going there next week! I'm excited about the adventure. I am taking a 5MM wetsuit so I can get some snorkeling in. It sounds like you had fun - this is a "must" for the adventure traveler.
12th November 2008

Great pics...but how about a smile?
John, great journal - I found it a week or so ago, and have been reading though it from the start of your trip way back in 2006. I've been to many of the places you've been to, and am really enjoying revisiting through your viewpoint or exploring new destinations through your pictures, which, as you know from the comments you get, are great! Now, not that you should care what I think of your self-portraits - but would it kill ya to smile every now and again? You'd be surprised how much a smile can add to a collection of pictures (or how much it can detract)... :)
8th November 2008

beautiful pictures
Your photos are incredibly beautiful. Keep it up! Susan
From Blog: Green land
6th November 2008

Hey! Just wanted to tell you that your photo's really are amazing. I'm always keen to capture nice pictures on my travels...but yours are something else! Enjoy.
From Blog: Green land
3rd November 2008

Stunning photos as always.
Great blog....LOVED the monkey hand.
From Blog: Green land
3rd November 2008

Great photos! :)
From Blog: Green land
31st October 2008

Nice blog, shame about the robbery
Thanks for the blog John, and sorry to hear about the robbery. I was also robbed in Quito with friends, and the security guards are no help at all. For your readers, I would strongly suggest that you do not walk around Quito at night especially if you are alone, and don't think for a minute the presence of security will make a difference. You will get robbed!! We saw one of the chief perpetrators from our unpleasant episode chatting to the same security guard on the corner the very next night!
30th October 2008

Re anteaters
Thanks for the comment, Chris - too much nature recently ...
30th October 2008

Those aren't sloths
Those are anteaters, not sloths in the photo. Nice pictures though. Chris Loew
24th October 2008

Re spiritual experience
I know I can always rely on you for a positive comment, Adrian - thanks :-) I'm currently using a Canon S3iS, which has the major benefit of a x12 optical zoom but without having to carry around any separate lenses. It's certainly not perfect, but as a travel camera it's pretty close. I rarely do any post-processing, maybe a crop once in a blue moon, but having just discovered the functionality available in the photo editing software on Flickr, I may be doing more in the future. However post-processing takes Internet time, and that's often in short supply when I'm travelling.
24th October 2008

spiritual experience
sorry for waxing purple all at once (hmm chameleon?)...uplifting and wry observations visual & verbal. Admire your exquisite "eye" - do you adjust photos, or does your camera give these supreme results? What do you use? O Master John Prester thank thank thank you.
24th October 2008

Great photos!
We wanted to go to Cuenca on our trip to Ecuador-unfortunately our plans had to change (not for a bad reason thankfully, just one of those travel things) and we couldn't make it. Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for giving me the view of the city we couldn't make it to.
23rd October 2008

Love your pics
I always read your blogs. I love your sense of humour, or at least it´s sense of humour to me. I´ve been to Cuenca last year. Lovely place, lovely pictures, lovely details you focused with your camera. Great. Love from Argentina.
25th September 2008

19th September 2008

Similar to your Arequipa blog, you have captured the real beauty of Colca Canyon. Great photos!
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16th September 2008

Cruz del Sur
I laughed some much at your description of Cruz del Sur - I remember the same journey down to Arequipa - at some points boiling hot and others freezing - as they kept turning the aircon on and off! Also the video camera and safety feature spiel ... but one thing you left out was my favourite thing ... bus bingo??!!
From Blog: Southern charm
16th September 2008

ohhh photos!
Really stunning photos! Yes I think you will be giving a few people ideas:)
From Blog: Southern charm
16th September 2008

love the photos!! Didn't have the chance to see much of Peru when i was there. A shame really.
From Blog: Southern charm
15th September 2008

Lovely place
I really like your pictures and they give me ideas for my next trips!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but it means "stealing" ideas from you, I hope you don´t mind. Arequipa is a beautiful place to visit, I´ve been there last year. The Colca Canyon is one of the places on earth. Love from Argentina.
From Blog: Southern charm
9th September 2008

Agreed, agreed, agreed!
Hey. Thought I'd write as I've just read your blog on Machu Pichu. I visited it with my grlfriend a month or so ago and felt the same things - overpriced everything totally overshadowed the visit. Yes, the site it astounding, though probably more for its location than anything else. And Aguas Calientes is awful! It's refershing to read an honest blog about it as so many are totally gushing. It's a must-see but not without its downsides and I, like you, couldn't help but feel a smidge ripped off as I left. In fact, we had to leave early as we couldn't afford to feed ourselves! One thing though. I reckon the dogs in South America are a lot more charming than the ones in Asia. Probably because people people don't beat the shit out of them, but treat them with a bit of respect. And I didn't mind the cats either - probably the most likeable inhabitants of Aguas Calientes. I'll be keen to read more of your blogs in the future. Ours is www.travelblog.org/ant-and-jenny if you're interested. Happy travels. x
9th September 2008

Machu Picchu
You have some AMAZING pics, of Machu Picchu, it truly is a breathless place to be. I was there last summer, and the we were the there the same day it was named one of the modern 7 wonders, so that was really cool there was celebration EVERYWHERE! anyways theres a new site I would like to pass along, its called www.baraaza.com Its a cool site for people like us, Travelers I mean :) So check it out and tell me what you think. Tony

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