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5th June 2009

Don't use windows mate.....
Use Linux. There are no viruses or spyware. Hence no anti-virus or anti-malware to run. It'll even run off a usb thumb drive, or you can use it to run an anti-virus clean up of your windows install. Oh, you can have both installed, just use one of them at a time. There are even distros with a very small download size. Email me if you want some more info. Best of luck.......
26th May 2009

the realest travelblog of all time!!!
you're a true inspiration john! so it sounds like this epic epic journey ends in south africa at the end of the year? i wish you could just go on forever and ever, like that singaporean you met! ;-)
20th May 2009

yes indeed
i realy liked your article. i stayed at the same hotel one week ago for 4 nights. this area of delhi is very uncommon and you need some time to get used to it. i really thought about leaving delhi after the first day as soon as i can. manali was much better :) hope you enjoyed your stay in india anyway.....india is just....different *smile*
16th May 2009

Telugu Movies Review
Nice Blog sir http://www.telugudreams.com
From Blog: Trucking hell
14th May 2009

great tabloid picture!
you´ve shown ur class now sir...this should be ur most popular blog ever - not sure what that says about ur other two thousand?
From Blog: Trucking hell
11th May 2009

Your Blog has been Great
Thanks for all of the interesting blogs about Ethiopia. I plan to travel there soon. I am through Europe, the Middle East, and then dipping into Africa, mainly Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. I will not have a lot of time in Ethiopia maybe two weeks. How long were you there for? If you could keep me posted and give me some info that would be greatly appreciated. Mark
2nd May 2009

Great place!
I love this place!I think you should add it here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Places-to-See-Before-You-Die/69989269515
29th April 2009

Deja vu
Such a flashback to see your pictures. Some of them look identical to shots we took last October in Ethiopia! We rolled a bicycle tour around the "historic curcuit" and seeing your photos brings back a lot of great memories. What a beautiful country; so different in so many ways from our expectations. Perhaps this info is for not at this point but I enjoyed Debra Damo (my partner could not go a females are banned), as well as the climb up to Abuna Yemata Guh. If you have another day in Addis Restaurant Serenade was a real treat. Enjoy the rest of your trip and feel free to check out our current adventure at: www.mytb.org/Bike-Tour-Eurasia. Cheers, Chad
15th April 2009

Quite like your blog
Hi, John. You are 38 but maintain strong curiosity to explore the world with your young heart and matured mind. Unlike other travellers who tend to post their own image in front of tourist attractions, your snapping more of a panoramic and detail-oriented, which help us, at least me to know the local people's life, culture better. In addtion, i feel your comments is objective as well. I quite like the way you tell your travelling story and share your experience. Keep the good job and enjoy your journey.
15th April 2009

English, American, German, Australian ... etc ... they look the same to the Filipino eyes.hehe
3 Centuries of Spanish colonization ~ I used to believe that everyone in Philippines should then know how to speak Spanish. The reason why Filipinos speak more English than Spanish, is because during the American time, the Americans took time to teach the local people the English Language. While during the Spanish time, only the rich, well-off and Spaniards born in the Philippines are given the opportunity to better Education and to learn the Spanish language. The native Filipino people were called "Indios" - belonging to the “primitive” and “inferior races” and as fit only to be enslaved or subjugated.
9th April 2009

Creative Cleaning Lady
Really? Nice. Are you sure it wasn't Hugh Grant trying to be creative?
From Blog: Ignoreland
6th April 2009

in my heart forever
Nice writing. I stayed at the Lord Hotel a few years ago. I love northern Sudan - some of the nicest people on earth. I never had any probs with the police and stuff, maybe things have changed. Something about Sudan will stay in my heart forever. A paved road all thee way to Wadi Haifi??? No, no,no,no.
From Blog: Ruinous red tape
30th March 2009

another great entry john! i love reading about yours interactions with the locals and other travellers. as you said in an earlier entry, that is what travelling is all about! and you convey these encounters so well! thanks again.
From Blog: Into the black
26th March 2009

bikes are the way forward
a bike is definitely the way forward in luxor. even if you were too lazy (perhaps this should read "not foolhardy or stubborn enough") to ride all the way up to the valley of the kings using pedal power. good to see that you picked one up in the end though. nice observation about the facial hair fetish in the afterlife. i never noticed that before...
From Blog: The dead zone
24th March 2009

great photo
of the gent's - great sign too!
From Blog: Into the black
12th March 2009

Truly impressive
Hi John, Greeting from China! Come arcoss your posting on travel blog and i read through with great interest. I have save it as my favorites. It seems that travel has already became your lifestyle, i quite enjoy reading it and your unique angel of observation of the world is impressive. Always nice shooting. It would be great if you could share some logistic information like lodging and food. Enjoy your journey and look forward your next posting.
From Blog: The dead zone
22nd February 2009

Re stupid comments
My comment that Irkutsk has only 3 hostels came from the mouth of the owner of the hostel that I stayed in. Perhaps you are unaware of the difference between a hostel and a hotel (it's more than just the letter s)?
22nd February 2009

It's very funny to read that Irkutsk has only 3 hostels. Actually, Irkutsk has a huge amount of hostels. Most of them are surprisingly luxury... but expensive. Food is divine... Service is generally perfect... I suspect, that only your humble income didn't let you find one of them... You should not write such stupid comments. I can proof my info... Most of those hostels have their own web-sites with complete information and pictures... It is just a bias... My e-mail: sergeevvv@mail.ru
19th February 2009

Good to hear from you again
Dear Jabe, So good to hear form you again in another part of the world. As usual your writing is so clear and i can visualize everything you are writing about. And the pictures..... wonderful. Carolyn in Vietnam
From Blog: Into Africa
17th February 2009

Amazing !!!
it's one of my dreams to go to africa and have a ride on camel. it's so cool. also to know more about a different culture is interesting as well.
From Blog: Into Africa
23rd January 2009

i'm so glad this is not the end of your journey. really looking forward to reading about your next adventure!!
16th January 2009

Re Ali's comment
Thanks for the comment! I'm leaving the lists until the end of my entire trip, which will occur (probably) somewhere in Africa in December of this year.
15th January 2009

Epic journey!
I too underestimated south-america - the size and my own time consuming dallying. Will you be adding a top XYZ? - I'd be particularly interested in a top 20 undiscovered highlights - those that don't feature prominently in the guide books. Great blog as always.
21st December 2008

Glad you made it to Foz do Iguaçu
Hey John, So glad you were able to make it to Foz do Iguaçu, even though you had to rush the Brazilian side. The photos brought back to me some happy memories. I especially liked the butterfly photos, since they weren't so abundant when I was there.
12th December 2008

Hi Carolyn - I guess I left a bit of ambiguity in my wording, as the taxi was just back across the border from Foz do Iguacu to Puerto Iguazu! I think one all the way to BA would have used up my travel budget for 2009 :-)

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