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7th November 2007

Hey mate, very cool blog on Shanghai. I recently spent 3 weeks their on some summer course as well, your blog brought back good memories! Pretty crazy city, right?
3rd November 2007

what is the snack made of?
From Blog: The Dong show
1st November 2007

No way, those scammers were on my bus!
I had exactly the same experience with the card scammers on the bus to Zhaoxing: [diary=178836] Nice photos as always.
From Blog: The Dong show
25th October 2007

I was there two years ago and I was able to drift down the Li River for about 4 hours on a two person raft propelled by an thin middle aged man. We were able to enjoy the scenery at a very leisurely pace. I think the waters were probably far more crowded during your visit since it was the Golden Week in China.
From Blog: River town
24th October 2007

nice money shot
very classy
From Blog: River town
24th October 2007

Avenida Da Praia Grande
I grew up on that street.
From Blog: Back in Mac
23rd October 2007

Ah Memories of China!
Thanks for making me laugh, man does this blog bring back memories of China. All I can say is China is like no place on earth when it comes to mass tourist rip offs, close 2nd is Egypt.
From Blog: River town
15th October 2007

I noticed the 21st photo on your site showing the new MGM Garnd casino but is titled "Wynn casino" Can you please rectify this error Cheers Jim
From Blog: Cod and chips
1st October 2007

u grow plates on platefarms
that plate farm thing was hilariiiiiiiousss, actually thats how ppl with heavy indian accent pronounce platform
From Blog: Monkey puzzle
1st October 2007

wondeful sense of humour, when you said "more pink" under the pic of them monkey I wondered where??
From Blog: In the pink
24th September 2007

Visiting the relatives
Good read! Its interesting to know that orang utans and humans share 96% of their genetic makeup.No wonder there's so much monkey business in this world! Mala Mukunda http://www.traveling-stories-magazine.com/
21st September 2007

I climbed Mt Kinabalu when I was there last year which was bloomin hard work but was worth the effort to see sunrise over the mountains. It is a fairly tough climb up as the path is made up of uneven steps which my little legs found tough on occasion, 6 hours of constant upward climing followed by a few hours sleep 2am wake up call and 3 more hours to the summit, then a 5 hour descent al supplemented with some m&m imitations called nips! Can't believe you gave it a miss Mr McCabe!!
12th September 2007

RE: Pinoy's Comment
I agree...Philippines' Tourism Industry (DOT) is not YET catered for backpackers on a budget. You really need to spend a bit more for a nice accommodation and activities (ie. water sports). Food is generally cheap though. According to my friends who travelled in other SE asian countries, Philippines is definitely more expensive. But you'll really enjoy it if you can splurge in its beautiful remote islands. Have a safe and happy journey !...cheers !
From Blog: Easter island
10th September 2007

Visit more islands
I've read all your posts about the Philippines since you stepped into Clark. I appreciate your honesty in writing your travel journal. Hopefully, if you have more time and energy, you could perhaps go back to the Philippines and go to our beaches in Palawan, Siargao (September's surfing competition), Sohoton Cove, Boracay, Camiguin, etc... In my honest opinoin, the beauty of my country is in its remote islands. Feel free to browse through my posts in my local travels. Hopefully, it could convince you to come back someday. Enjoy!
From Blog: Easter island
10th September 2007

Sagada Cave
So did you enjoy your time inside the cave? Sagada Cave is the first cave I have ever spent 4 hours of my life. Amazing!
From Blog: Cliff hangers
10th September 2007

Philippines is not Backpacker Friendly
I am sorry you did not enjoy your visit to the Philippines. I think the may goal of the Philippines Tourism Department to to target the Family Holiday Seekers, family that seeks luxury away from home, that's why the better places in the Philippines are more expensive and touristy turning backpackers away. It's a shame to admit but I think the mentality is there is more money to be had by targetting families and jetsetting type tourist than catering to backpackers who don't spend teh big bucks. The DOT should seriously re think their strategy and start putting up the infra for travelers on a budget as well. Heck, infrastructure should be improved no matter what.
From Blog: Easter island
10th September 2007

Re anonymous comment
The fun part of travelling is that every journey is unique, as there are so many variables involved (people, weather, food, etc, not to mention your own expectations, likes, dislikes, etc) That uniqueness means that it's difficult to compare two people's experiences of a place, as you are rarely comparing like for like.
From Blog: Easter island
10th September 2007

Difference in Experience
Sorry to hear you won't be returning back to the Philippines. Erik [blogger=esaav22] and Oded/Romi [blogger=odedromi] seemed to have enjoyed their stay in the Philippnes immensely having completely different experience than yours. What is it that makes people look at things and places differently ?
From Blog: Easter island
29th August 2007

Re adrian's comment
I'm just way, way behind with writing up and publishing my blogs ...
From Blog: Small wonder
28th August 2007

Thanks for the acute observations, verbal and photo, and dry humour. Good to see places that I did not reach in these countries. Planning to see China, entering via Trans Siberian Railway (cheap if starting from Moscow and have the time). Is travelblog calendar skewed or is Malaysia in (quite) another time zone? Last posting dated 28 July, viewed 28th August!
From Blog: Small wonder
26th August 2007

Comments by JR
These comments are outrageous. That's the whole point of travelling - to learn about other countries histories. He wasn't moaning - just saying it as it is. I've been to Phnom Penh and S21 and this journal portrays it very well indeed. JR, you are clearly not a traveller!
22nd August 2007

Way to slam GS!!
22nd August 2007

Western Tourists
Philippines being a remote island country in SE asia do not attract a lot of tourists from the West. It's more likely that Filipinos are surprised and curious to why 2 white souls are wandering in Vigan. They will also find L.A. women a very rare sight.
22nd August 2007

hi, welcome to our beautiful country, Philippines. you can include sagada and ifugao in your itinerary ..try to visit exotic places too like palawan, siquijor and apo island in dumaguete. i enjoyed reading your blogs as it reflects what you truly experience and feel. enjoy your travels.
21st August 2007

Re: AL's comment
You don't need to leave your sitting room to know that there are good and bad things/places/people in the world - amongst other things, travelling serves to confirm that, and my blog is merely a record of my own experience of that. It would be ludicrous for me to only write about the positive things and not the negative, as it would give a false impression of what my travel experience has been. If you want to define such an approach as "whinging and whining", then by all means do but I suggest you look elsewhere if you want an account of 21 months of travel that's nothing but sweetness and light.

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