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4th September 2008

I have absolutely no idea why you left this comment on my blog, however my understanding of the UN's view of the islands is that it's up to Argentina and the UK (i.e. not the UN) to provide a solution regarding sovereignty.
4th September 2008

Malvinas Memorial
Malvinas and Falkland Memorial as english say is a territory still under a resolution of the United Nations to get an agreement. If UK don´t believe in the International Rights, thats a big problem.
3rd September 2008

Great Shots
Wonderful attention to the little things that grab the attention! My favorites are "corn", "bolt from the blue" and "Spanish house built on Inca foundations"!! Great stuff
21st August 2008

Skip Ellsworth
I thought you should know Skip passed away August 6th, 2008. You can still view his site at: www.skipsbeachresort.com or .net
6th August 2008

Love your photos - glad to see Sucre is in a better shape then when we were last there and we were caught in a full scale riot!!
From Blog: White city
2nd August 2008

I disagree wholeheartedly. The tour of the mine is the only way to appreciate the terrible conditions the miners face. It's no Disney Park ride - what did you expect?
From Blog: No silver lining
1st August 2008

A piece of advice
The tour in the mine should be prohibited. It´s extremely dangerous. For those who haven´t done it, avoid it, please. I stayed in the same hotel you did. Something to recommend. Lovely Potosí.
From Blog: No silver lining
31st July 2008

Great shots
Hi Jabe, I visited Humahuaca in 1989. Our small tour bus had its windshield smashed by rocks kicked up from the road surface. It was a harrowing trip back to Salta, Arg. in the dark. Did you get to Tiwanaku in Bolivia? Are you heading for Cusco, Peru? Did you decide to get Pilar's apt.? Are you adjusting to the cold? Carolyn ( blogger name'gunga')
26th July 2008

You also take food pictures!
Loved the volcano photos. I had to smile when I saw the food pictures. My daughter who travelled last year in South America and is in ecuador now also likes to take pictures of food!
From Blog: German bight
25th July 2008

Re Mistake
Thanks for the comment, Graciela. Unfortunately I can only "attach" my blog to one location so, as Salta was where I was based for this period, I chose that rather than Jujuy.
25th July 2008

The hill of the seven colours, the Humahuaca region and some other pictures you show belong to Jujuy, another province, not Salta. They both belong to the north west. I love that area, full of colour, very cheap and nice atmosphere. Thank you for your nice comments on my country. Graciela, from Argentina.
25th July 2008

Sitting at home, only the computer can show you these beautiful pictures and you can learn some spanish as well. www.zoekjelastminute.nl
22nd July 2008

worth a thousand pictures
wow, what great pictures. you have a great eye. from the central coast northwards, most chilean seaside towns have a lot of mist, usually in the mornings but it often hangs around all day, especially in winter. cheers!
17th July 2008

I really enjoyed your "City of dog" blog - your writing is original and funny and you have a real eye for a picture. Now to check out the rest.... J
From Blog: City of dog
17th July 2008

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. You capture the spirit of the place perfectly. I especially love the no PDA's in the church. PowderLover
From Blog: City of dog
17th June 2008

Re Rodrigo Aguilar's comment
Corrected - thanks!
17th June 2008

Re exploreilocos' comment
I'm English, not American.
17th June 2008

It's really interesting to hear another American's take on their experiences in the Philippines. I'm Filipino American (born and raised in Los Angeles), and although I may blend in because of my skin tone, natives can tell I'm a foreigner. Obviously your experiences differ greatly from mine, but I really enjoyed reading your blog on Vigan.
16th June 2008

Good Report
Hello Very interesting report but you have a little mistake in the pictures. The Iglesia Santa Maria is from Achao and not from Ancud. Best regards
10th June 2008

Goawd blimmy, your photos are pure genius!
From Blog: German bight
9th June 2008

Welsh cousins
Coincidentally today received email from Marcela in Argentina, granddaughter of an emigrant relative from Swansea area. Yet to devine her precise location, Puerto Madryn perhaps. Family tree hunting (7000 of the blighters so far) - displacement activity for a like-wanderer in between reading your blogs! Heady infusion of poignant photos, philosophy and admirable wit.
From Blog: Rare Welsh bit
5th June 2008

Stunning pictures!
5th June 2008

You do know your Shackleton!
Very interesting blog, I had no idea there were this many Shackleton & Antarctica connections in Punta Arenas.
25th May 2008

Pinyin photo
I just wanted to let you know that it's actually not pinyin, but the Zhuang ethnic Minority language. Since Guangxi is a Zhuang autonomous region, all legal building signage has to have the Zhuang romanized language instead of pinyin.
19th May 2008

Nice shot of the Whales
We barely had a glimpse! Trevelin was our favourite of the Welsh towns, it's well worth visiting if you're going south from Bariloche.
From Blog: Rare Welsh bit

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