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11th January 2011
Rice terraces near Duo Yi Shu

I learned of this place a long while ago, and am planning to be there soon. Now, what is Duo Yi Shu in Chinese, anyone? Thanks.
7th January 2011

Great images
I enjoyed your images and blog. Well done
27th December 2010

There is other very good company MAPUTO to BEIRA ON luxury coach with AC, WC, TV and nice seats. The charga 1.300mt. More sheap in the market and best service at this time, include breakfast and gifts for childs. Contact number is 825588995 - 844181421 - 21300077 or in beira 823491400 - 843491400 - 23328488
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13th December 2010
Stonking TCO bus

looking for a bus
I am looking for the booking office for swtonking tco bus company to book a ticket from maputo to beira - where do i find this and is i possible - I am arriving in Maputo on the 8 Feb 2011 and need transport to Beira
From Blog: Beira necessity
13th December 2010
Lemur paw

I gotta say, intriguing photograph with many hidden connotations. It's disheartening yet at the same time revealing to see a lemur's paw upclose
1st December 2010

John, lost your emial. Want to know how you're doing. I see the traveling is over!
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18th November 2010
Yak butter carving

very good
I saw in your butter carving picture. Very nice really I was enjoyed it. Me also one of the small butter carving artis. You have any carving job vakency for me. Otherwise how to get job.
18th November 2010
Yak butter carving

very good
your butter carving very very good
2nd November 2010

Where exactly ...
... is the "extra pissing and moaning"? Maybe someone should be taking their own advice?
2nd November 2010

Nice Attitude
All you did in this article was give a standard tourist's description of Beijing with a lot of extra pissing and moaning. Wake-up call: not every country's as developed as Europe/the US/wherever you come from. Get over yourself and open your eyes a bit to what's around you.
1st November 2010

Muy bonitas tus fotografias, se antoja conocer el lugar, saludos
29th October 2010

Cool post. Sorry you had a less than amazing time with the monkeys, though. I'm heading to that same park in a couple months to work with those monkeys through a volunteer organization. Very excited!
From Blog: Golden shower
22nd October 2010

Not so bizarre really
"manchester" (a bizarre generic term used in Australia to mean household linens) - Perhaps only as bizarre as the generic terms in anyone else's country! I myself found it a bit odd to hear linen goods referred to as 'manchester' when I immigrated to Australia - from Manchester, England. But it turns out the use of the city's name reflects a recognition of Manchester, England, as a historic centre for the production of cotton goods in its many 19th century mills. Hope you enjoyed your trip!
22nd October 2010
Vishnu in his Narashima avatar

So long ago
I was searching for a picture of Vishnu for a class and instantly recognised this picture from Hampi which I visited some 30 years ago!
From Blog: Hampi talk
15th October 2010
Jagannath temple complex

This is an auspicious place where the worlds main God Jagannath is worshiped by PUJARI & DAITAPATI.This temple is in Puri district of odisha.There present 3 temples one is 4 JAGANNATH,2nd is 4 BALABHADRA and last one is Maa SUBHADRA.Besides this there also present many temples like siva,laxmi etc.
From Blog: Airfare cut
11th October 2010

i could built them more awesome
10th October 2010

HI, I found the Mini Buses to Durban quite confortable, we passed Swaziland and the South africa North Coast,and for aroud R280 for about 650 km is very good value for money in fact the trip had 3 movies,fully aircon and catering service with Fruit,a juice and biscuit,Opening the route surely will help the travellers from Durban to Maputo and vice versa,their office in Durban is were is was old Pantera azul it seems yheir is join venture as stated TCO with some other ane their phone no is 00 27 31 304 0997 from 8.30am to 4pm ...hope this info will help travellers
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8th October 2010

at presently we are heading to moyale from cairo will be there by 10/10/10. we are on motorbikes and just want to know worst case scenario can you arrange transport of bikes by truck at boder to moyale
26th September 2010
Jagannath temple entrance

marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I m proud 2 belong 2 such a state>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
From Blog: Airfare cut
24th September 2010
Clay stoves

no comment
hi, this is madhav i am very intrested to learn about clay stove matarial
24th September 2010
Lotus Mahal

Karnataka - Hampi
I have been there two years ago and it was so beautiful!
From Blog: Hampi talk
22nd September 2010

They are just awesome
21st September 2010
Light patterns

What to say its fine job by the poto grapher and the capture sence, simply awesome
20th September 2010
Bed bug bites

From Blog: Trucking hell
12th September 2010

lol, nice blog man. Feels really good to read something from a similar point of mildly-sarcastic view.. I have to endure at least 4 more years of this crap before i can head back to "home".. Keep up the journey and lessons of life! Be safe and be well.. Peace !

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