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I am living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this is my blog.

North America » United States » Kansas » Manhattan November 4th 2011

Dear friends and family, First and foremost I hope you and yours are happy, healthy, and having a great one. I am back in the US and have decided to dust off the old travel blog and provide everyone with a brief update of what I've been up to since my last, very outdated, post. This is just a preview and there will be more to come between now and Christmas, so be sure to subscribe if you haven't already. Warm Regards, Adam ... read more
New Zealand
New Zealand

Asia » Malaysia June 27th 2010

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening, For this entry, I'm going to let my Mom & Dad do the talking since they kept a great account of all the many activities during their visit in late April and May. I've also decided to post my photos on Picassa at the following link: (use the slideshow function, it rocks.) April 29th Hello there. I left Monday and got here on Wed. due to the date line. about a 30 hr trip. Cathay Pacific airline is great with a 100 movies to watch! I was able to sleep some. Did see Couples Retreat, An Education and Crazy Heart, I recommend the last two! They even had Avatar. The flight from Hong Kong to KL was lots of Chinese people speaking all the time! They came through ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 13th 2010

Procrastination sucks. This entry will briefly chronicle my trip to Thailand in February. A couple of usual suspects joined me, Jake and Geoff. The cities we visited were Chiang Mai, Pai, and Bangkok. Although Thailand is the most traveled Southeast Asian country, and therefore the most overrun with tourists, it is definitely worth checking out for its hospitality, affordability, and pad thai, not to mention the pristine beaches and diving. We flew into the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai on the eve of Chinese New Year, one of the biggest holidays of the year in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. In Malaysia it last for a week; in China it lasts for an entire month. Chiang Mai is known for it's outdoor activities by way of mountains that surround the city. On our first ... read more
chiang mai
thai flag
chiang mai

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don February 11th 2010

Ladies and Gents, Happy (belated) Valentines Day & Chinese New Year! I am writing to you from Northern Thailand in a town called Chiang Mai. The internet cafe I am sitting in is open air, the temperature is about 85 degrees with bright blue skies, and a fresh banana smoothie is dripping with condensation on the desk. My friends, Geoff & Jake, joined me for this trip and we are on our 3rd day of a 9-day trip to see Pai, Bangkok, and of course, Chiang Mai. We went downhill mountain biking yesterday and were talked into doing an advanced run by the owner, who is a burly 49-year old American guy. This translated into multiple crashes all day. All three of us went over the handle bars a few times, but they outfitted us with ... read more
(L to R) adam, geoff
Photo 36
the cliff

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba February 4th 2010

On New Year's day I set out to the largest lake in Southeast Asia, Lake Toba. It was listed as a 'must-do' in my Southeast Asia guide book, I booked the flight 3 weeks earlier and went there on a whim. Wikipedia intro to Lake Toba: A former supervolcano, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. It is 100 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide, and 505 metres (1,666 ft) at its deepest point. Located in the middle of the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra with a surface elevation of about 900 metres (2,953 ft). In addition, it is the site of a supervolcanic eruption that occurred about 74,000 years ago, a massive climate-changing event. The eruption is believed to have had a VEI intensity of 8. This eruption is ... read more
1st waterfall sighting
tabo cottages

Asia » Malaysia January 27th 2010

Here are a bunch of photos from a weekend road trip to the Cameron Highlands a couple of months ago. It's about a 3 hour drive from KL and has tea plantations, strawberry farms, and a cool mountain climate that is perfect for escaping the heat. Life is going well over here. So far this year I have moved into a new apartment, went on a trip to Indonesia, and booked 2 trips to Thailand in February. Stay tuned, Adam 'Wanderlust' Reese... read more
Photo 4
Photo 6

Asia » Cambodia November 8th 2009

After Vietnam, we entered the Kingdom of Cambodia. Geoff and I were still traveling via boat up the Mekong River, but the change in scenery immediately peaked my interest. Gone were the heavy populated banks of the Mekong Delta, enter rural farm lands, villages, and water buffalo. Exactly what I wanted to see and experience all along. The second half of our trip was off to a great start, but first a brief history of Cambodia. Genocide The Khmer Rouge was responsible for 1.7 million deaths after overthrowing the country's government in 1975. The majority of these deaths were blatant genocide which they called 'social engineering'. The Khmer Rouge wanted to create a purely agrarian-based Communist society by moving the city dwellers to the countryside and subjecting them to forced labor. The Khmer Rouge specifically targeted ... read more
river boating
coastal locals

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City October 20th 2009

Dear Family & Friends, Last month I spent a week in Vietnam and Cambodia; two incredible, developing countries with violent histories. This is Part 1 which focuses on the time I spent in Southern Vietnam, namely Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon) and the Mekong River Delta region. My buddy Geoff and I planned this trip by not planning anything at all. That's a lie, we did make one non-financially bound reservation at a hostel in our final city, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The 'show up and figure it out' strategy worked out surprisingly well and gave us the freedom to alter our plans later on when we decided to spend more time in Cambodia. Welcome to Ho Chi Minh We showed up in Ho Chi Minh City ready to find a place to stay and ... read more
hustle bustle
dinner time

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur September 13th 2009

Hey you. It's time to dust off the old blog and let you know what's been happening in the life of an expat. The last 6 weeks have flown by and I take this as an indication I am feeling settled into the new lifestyle. Although I must admit that I am starting to miss a few things like the media craze of American sports. Especially now that both the NFL and College seasons have started I find myself addicted to reading articles on Behind March Madness this is my favorite time of the year, especially when Jayhawks are off to a good start; Rock Chalk, go KU. The mascot inside of me simply won't die. It's a small price to pay, but one of those little things you don't anticipate until you are out ... read more
New School Batman

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur July 31st 2009

Hey gang! The title to my second entry is inspired by the fact that I have been trying to eat, experience, and enjoy everything around me to the fullest degree possible. The 'try anything' attitude is certainly keeping me busy. By the way, the website mixed up the order of the photos so just use the titles as a guide. Since I last wrote, a couple of good friends came visit and I've gone a few short trips. My photos will chronicle much of this so I am simply going to share a couple of short stories with you about things that the photos didn't capture. Sneeze Game When I heard someone sneeze for the first time it was my coworker Danial Gan, we just call him Gan. Gan quickly said 'excuse me' before I could ... read more
learning to wakeboard
this is kate, she was my first friend upon arrival.

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