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Europe » Italy November 13th 2007

Hey guys. We are getting through Italy now, actually we have been here for 12 nights so it is going flat out of course and heaps to do and see. We started off in Milan in the north of the country but we were only there for one night because we were planning to head up into the Italian Alps and that will be the last of the Alps to see for us. We have been in the Austrian, Swiss, French and now Italian alps so very lucky to see all of that! The town we went and stayed at was called Trent and not a real big place and we were doing the couch surfing thing of course and they went and took us to the biggest lake in Italy called Lake Garda. It was ... read more
Cinque Terre

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris November 9th 2007

Wow!!!! What else can be said about ths city? It had everything there.... Really is a beautiful city and we thought it showed it's best at night when all the light came on, truley amazing place to be. Really were rushed trying trying to fit everything in over the three days we had there but think we went and had a look at most sights. The louvre is absolutely massive and we only spent a few hours in there looking around and of course we went and had a look at the Mona Lisa painting along with everyone else in the city. Anyone could spend a month in there looking around but with our limited time we had to pick and choose where to go. Of course we went and had a look at the Eiffel ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Caen November 2nd 2007

Another update and hopefully it is not to far from the other one I posted otherwise I'm not up to date again. Well from the Mediteranean we went to a city called Toulouse which is not to far from the Spanish border so they have a big influence in this city. I wont be writing heaps on each place that we have gone to just the main things we did in the city, well in this place there is the longest complete Romanesque structure in the world so looked around there for awhile. We found out that your not allowed to sit on the grass (a police man was blowing his whistle and yelling in French at us saying something) what is with that I have no idea! In the city centre as with most of ... read more
Mt St Michel
American D Day Memorial

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Cannes October 30th 2007

In France for five nights and quite possibly put on five kilos thanks to the fab bakeries here! But is also has been the most frustrating time for us. We first arrived in Chamonix from Geneve, we had enough of the big city's after one day and headed right back up into the Alps on the France side this time. Also here is the largest mountain in Europe so we thought we had better check it out. Chamonix is another small village with 5000 ppl and of course very touristy but it is the off season so we were happy with that, but that also means that not everything is open and there is only one hostel open (not camping from last experience) and I didn't realise how lost we could get in a small town ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt October 25th 2007

It seems like ages ago that we were in Switzerland now and of course once again I am very much behind with the update. We are now in France and I'm using a French keyboard and that is not the easiest thing to do so wont be wiriting to much. Our first port of call was Zurich and the largest city in Swizerland and is on the banks of a massive lake. The city centre was mainly the old style which was great for us, really like that old look in the cities. We just cruised around the city then went and hired out a couple of bikes (for free) and went out of the city a little along the lake. Another great day it was with not a cloud in the sky and was very ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Gimmelwald October 14th 2007

Everyone get your passports organised because you will want to go to this place!! I decided to do a blog just on this small town off 200 odd people just because it is simply amazing! Most of you would know that I was coming here after stumbling across it over a year ago on the net and then and there I decided I was heading to this remote village.Getting here is quite difficult as there are no cars allowed and either hiking or using the cable car is the only means of transport. The town is on a cliff face over looking a massive valley and with snow capped mountains on the other side it is just amazing.Think this place would be full of touirsts... think again... The goverment put a hold on building, saying that ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck October 7th 2007

Hey all, I am once again very very behind so this will proberly be a fair long update! Sorry about that…. So hear we are in Austria now and have been for 11 nights and tonight is going to be our last before heading to Switzerland tomorrow. The city that we first visited here was Salzburg just on the border with Germany and is a very nice city. It has two parts, like most, an old and new city area so we mainly just cruised around the old part checking out the old churches, buildings and the markets along the river which Kylie really liked! Also we went and had a quick look at where Mozart was born with a couple of thousand tourists as well so didn’t hang around long here. Above the city is ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 26th 2007

Already I am doing another update and not even a week has passed so we must have been busy of late! I think from where we left off last time we were staying in a city called Mainz on the river Rhine and the next day was a cruise on the river for the day. The couple that we were staying with were gracious enough to give us a bottle of wine from the area to take along, they spoilt us heaps :) So off we went along the river and they told us to get off at a small town called Rüdesheim to climb the hill to where a monument of a lady is. I think she has something to do with all the wine in the area (and there is an unbelievable amount off ... read more
Neuschwanstein Castle
River Rhine

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Mainz September 20th 2007

We really have a fair amount of things to catch up on even though it only has been one week today traveling around Germany. We have seen some wonderful and not so wonderful things along the way. I'll start back in Hamburg where we first started and getting off the plane, jumping in a bus in the middle of no where and turning out onto a dirt road with the trees brushing the side of bus, I thought we were in the wrong country. Of course we were on the cheapest flight we could get and it was about 1 1/2 hours to the city from there! We arrived in Hamburg pretty early in the morning so set about meeting up with our couchsurfing host for the next couple of nights. We got the underground train ... read more
Radio Multikulti

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff September 7th 2007

I have been up to a fair bit over the past couple of weeks, and have travelled a fair way during that time. Last update, we were heading to the Peak District to do some hiking for two nights but not exactly what we expected. We thought when hearing the 'Peak' word that there could be at least a couple of mountains around the place but, nothing at all really. The area was still nice though and very green with rolling hills, so that made the walking nice and easy. Once again we were camping each night in a paddock, which we had know idea if someone was going to come after us with a shotgun or not, but the insects were bad enough as soon as the sun started to set. I have know idea ... read more
Conway Castle

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