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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester August 25th 2007

I thought that I had better do an update before I got way to far behind and we have only been gone for 5 days and we have done so much in that time. We are currently in Manchester staying at a couples place that use Couchsurfing and it is 8 in the morning and I shouldn't be up, have a headache from the night before but we are going hiking today so going to be a long day! Well we started off by heading to Colchester on Monday and only staying there for one night with a French guy and he had a massive place out in the country so was spoilt with that. Anyway we checked out the city first and there was not a great deal to do at all really in that ... read more
Stow-on-the-Wald and surround area
Stow-on-the-Wald and surround area
Stow-on-the-Wald and surround area

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 19th 2007

Well finally the time has arrived we are about to hit the road! Think that we have got most things organized and tied up but for sure there is a few things forgotten. Tomorrow to start the trip off are are going to Colchester for the night and that is the town that Kylie's Dads great Granddad (I think) grew up so going to check that out for the day before returning here to London but only for a couple of hours before catching a bus to Cheltenham in the middle of the UK. I'll give a brief list of the places that we are going to here in the UK before heading over to Europe... After Cheltenham for 1 night we go to Stow-on-the-Wald for 2 nights, Manchester 1 night, Peak District National Park 2 ... read more
The Classic Red Phone Boxes
The Lion King Therarer
St Paul's Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 11th 2007

G'day guys.. I have absolutely know idea where to start since it has being ages since I have done an update again, sorry about that, but I will try and remember most things that are kinda interesting for ya's. I guess I'll start with last weekend and go back from there... Well we were unbelievably lucky this weekend for what we did I can tell ya. It actually properly started the weekend before when we decided to go to Wimbledon that Saturday but it rained again for the 4th weekend in a row so decided to try and go next week. It was the finals the weekend just gone so we thought we had zero chance of seeing any game at all but still we dragged ourselves out of bed at 6 on a SATURDAY ... read more
First Westend show
The London Eye

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 4th 2007

Sorry for the very late blog but it has been quite awhile since I have had the chance to update. Well a lot has obviously happened over the last few weeks and all it is mainly trying to get organized and getting set up in London as we have found out it can be a real pain in the ass getting organized in this place from the bank accounts, National Insurance numbers, work, finding a place to stay and getting used to the subway here it is very tiring and difficult when not used to this place. Although I have had some luck with a couple of things though like the bank account. I was told that is impossible to get and takes around a month but somehow I went to a bank and 30 ... read more
Tower Of London
Big Ben
Buckingham Pallace

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William April 29th 2007

I have finally started to do some hiking and only wish I had done some more in the other places that I have been to. It is just so good to get away from everything and be the only one on top of a mountain in the snow, walking along the edge off a cliff or in a massive valley with mountains on either side. The first one I did was on the island Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland up a mountain called the Old Man of Storr. I had just hitched from the north and arrived in a town Portree on the island and couldn't be really bothered doing anything but the owner of the hostel told me to go and climb it this afternoon since for the first time ... read more
Mt Ben Nevis
Mt Ben Nevis
A treat for myself on my B'day

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness April 24th 2007

No Loch Ness Monsters up here in Scotland! I spent a couple of hours searching around the 70 mile lake that it is supposed to be in as well! The Loch Ness lake is obviously way bigger that I first though it would be and took a good 3 hours on bicycle to go and see only a tiny part of it then it started to pour so I turned around and headed home. So I'm up in North Scotland now but leaving tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be bad for a few days so heading to the West Coast then to Fort William to hike up the highest mountain in Britain which isn’t to big anyway but oh well. I Flew into Edinburgh on Wednesday after leaving several things behind at the airport, ... read more
Edinburgh Castle
Looking up at the mountain
Balnuaran of Clova

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin April 18th 2007

Again another quick blog but in some more pics to put up. Don’t have much time to write heaps of info (which most of you will be pleased with) but I'll give a brief description. Monday I went and visited the place where my Great Grand Mother grew up in a small town called Howth on the coast of Ireland. There is still same family in that house, the MaKennas who have been in that one house for around 350 years now. It was great to actually spend the afternoon in the house and even got to have a roast lamb and cheesecake :) Myra MaKenna is the name of my Great Grand Mother her name and married Geoffrey Martin then I think moved to Aus from there. The MaKennas have been living in that ... read more
On the farm
Mountains near Dublin
Not sure what this was but is famous around the area

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland April 14th 2007

Not long since I did my last blog but the last three days on the Causeway scenic road there is heaps to put on this page! All the photos of this are from one stretch of road that only takes one very full day to explore but at least two days are best since there are heaps to do. There are a couple of pages of photos (didn't even put near half up either) just a great place to visit! First day when I arrived in Portrush and met up with Robin, we straight to the Giant's Causeway which is not to far from the town Portrush where I was staying. First as with everything over here in Ireland there is a story to go with everything so I'll reel it off... A bridge (Giant's ... read more
Mussenden Temple
Giant's Causeway
Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Way up north now in Ireland and is fantastic. The scenery is great and of course the people and pus are still the same as before, just brilliant! Left Belfast a couple of days ago after spending 5 nights there properly to long in one place but such a fun city now compared to the recent history of Belfast and the whole Northern Ireland. Everywhere I went there is reminders of the troubles of the past that was only 10 years ago some off it but is real peaceful now. On the Easter Sunday over here they have a parade in Belfast and I thought oh great a Easter parade maybe I could get a egg or two but instead it was a remembrance day for the Easter uprising that happened in Dubin in 1916 and ... read more
Easter Parade
Belfast Uni
Northern Ireland

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo April 4th 2007

Hey guys, Up in the north of Ireland now and have gone some distance since the last update. Finally getting sorted from the incident that happened with the wallet and other things, a emergency credit card has turned up so back on track. Hitched a ride to Galway from Ennis and it was actually a police man that gave me a lift. He remembered me from the station when getting the police report and other stuff so he was good enough to pull over and asked if I needed a lift, very good of him indeed. It was quite interesting spending an hour or so with a police guy cause he told me about all the problems that is going on around the place exp the gypsy people he said they are by far the ... read more
Aran Islands
Aran Islands
Aran Islands

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