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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Ennis March 30th 2007

I will get to what happened in a few minutes but tell ya's what else I've been up to since Cork. The new hosts that I was staying with in Limerick all decided one day to take me on a tour of County Clair which was real nice of them, they all took a day of work and two car loads latter we were heading for the Cliffs of Moher about one hour drive towards the west coast. Luckily it was a sunny day for once so we had great views of the cliffs and the Islands out on the horizon. The cliffs are the highest in Europe I think about 200m above sea level and really spectulier. People used to be able to go right to the edge only last year but it is all ... read more
Cliffs Of Moher
Ailwee Caves
The Burren

Still having a great time over here, trying to fit everything in with the small amount of time I have in Ireland is impossible really. I'm in Limerick now and have been for one night and arrived from Cork where I was for three nights. I used the couchsurfing site for Cork and ended up staying with a bunch of people from Latvia and do they know how to party! I was kinda exhausted by the time I arrived there but noo, I had to go to the local for a few hours and this happened the who time in Cork. I also did manage to see some of the sites though which was good. The old city jail was properly my favorite and they had a really good audio tour of the jail giving ... read more
St Anne's Church
King Johns Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 21st 2007

I'm in Kilkenny now, which is a nice small little town with about 25,000 people living here. It has been absolutely freezing though everyday, there is snow all on the hills surrounding the place so a fair bit of time has been spent in the pubs, just to keep warm though! This place is like a real old town with the main streets barely wide enough to fit two cars along with the building still the same as they were a few hundred years ago. The main thing to see here is the Kilkenny Castle overlooking the city and it is quite impressive. It was built around the 1300's I think and was ruled by the powerful Butler family for 600 years or so. This town also used to be the capital of Ireland back ... read more
St Mary's Cathedral
Butler's House
Dunmore Cave Enterance

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin March 18th 2007

St Paddy’s was yesterday as really feeling the effect of the night at the moment, well actually feeling the effects of the whole 5 days I've been here. I have found out it really is true, it is impossible to walk past an Irish pub and not feel the welcome feeling they give out. And with a pub every twenty meters or so can take a long time to get from a to b. The luck of the Irish has rubbed of on me the past few days I think as well been very lucky with the time I have been here! It started over in London when I was checking in for my flight over here to Dublin and for some reason they couldn't find my ticket on the screen so that was a disaster ... read more
St Paddy's Day
St Paddy's Day
Christ Church

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman March 12th 2007

Well not exactly walking but floating more to be exact. Today I went and visited the very salty Dead Sea which is the lowest point in the world at 1300 feet beolw sea level. It is such a weird feeling when entering the water you naturally expect to sink but instead your flapping your arms around for no point and just floating there. It took some getting used to but was very nice to just lay back and watch the day pass floating around. And yes it is very salty as I found out when I had a eye itch and decided to give it a rub, stupid me! The water when wading through looks like oil kinda around your legs like a mirky look it is that salty. I had to do the mud thing ... read more
Roman Therter
Dead Sea
Donkey At Petra

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo March 10th 2007

Well it has been awhile since I've updated this and there has been so much happening but I'll give a brief description of what has been going on sine last time and the places I've been to. First of we went to the Valley Of The Kings after a donkey ride up the valley. Those things are so uncomfortable and 40 minutes on the back of it I had enough! The Valley Of The Kings is a huge place and didn't expect it to be near that size, as long with everything else in Egypt. We were able to go into three tombs the first was for Ramsses IV and the tomb is 60m long underground but most of the colors has faded over time but had engravings all the way down and was interesting. The ... read more
Nile River
Temple Of Isis
Temple Of Hatshepsur

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 2nd 2007

G'day guys, Have been here for 6 brillient days now and what an amazing time it has been!! I'll start with our first day when we went and saw the famous Pyramids and Sphinx and what a sight it is when half way through Cairo you see the peaks of the Pyramids sticking above the city. It was quite surprising to see how close they are to the city actually just on the boundry. There are three main and several small ones at the base of each for there respective wife, parents and children. We were able to go into the second one but would have liked to go into the great Pyramid but only the first 300 people get to go in so need to get there early. The one we went into was is ... read more
Sunset at White Desert
How Cute
White Desert

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 23rd 2007

Firstly made it to Mumbai ok on a 14 hour bus ride and now my time in India has come to an end and the 15 days here have just flown by. Now looking at it I would have like to stay for longer and head up north to Kashmir as I think Im just finally starting to get into the swing of things over here in this wonderful place. If there is a next time back here Ill be a lot more prepared!! Nothing in the world could have braced me for the India delivers you when you first arrive in this place. The first couple of days I was just in shock I think of the poverty, theway people were living, the animals everywhere, the rubbish and the general smell of the place. Im ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 21st 2007

Well I'd better finish off from where the last blog ended after the train ride from hell.... So I arrived in Jodphur at 4.30am still feeling not near 100% Went and found a rickshaw guy to take me to the hostel that I booked.. I couldn't say the name so showed him my diary with the address in it and he said oh yes I know.. So of we headed down the road dodging cows, camels and pigs the usual and arrived at a hostel. I go up to reception and show diary they say, "yes yes here here". I asked if they knew that I was coming or not and again they said yes yes again so I paid them the money (where I booked on net you pay on arrival which you shouldn't do ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 19th 2007

From where I left off in Jaipur I've had a very good day and properly the worst day of the trip by far. Firstly the good day, was a little nervous about getting a 13 hour night train and didn't know what to expect and have heard some bad thing about them like things getting stolen etc The train was delayed by 2 hours which is the norm apparently so started talking to a couple from Switzerland. The were going to the same place but the poor girl had got a bug that day and wasn't looking to good at all.. I'm still not sure if they made that train because the last I saw them just as I was hopping on she was on hands and knees being sick over railway track. I remember thinking ... read more

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