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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 10th 2004

So the last I lefted off was at Koh San Road this morning.  Had some breakfast and then waited around to pick up the tickets to Chang Mai at this travel agent somewhere in Bangkok.  That is an understatement - "somewhere", because literally we had no idea where it was.  We asked a bunch of cabbies and they had no idea where it was even though we had the address.  We finally attempted to get there anyways, which probably wasn't smart because it toke us 1.5 hours to find this place and our flight was at 1PM. I was still pretty hungover from the night before but what's worst was the damn sweaty dirty smog that just clings to your face.  Pretty much 1 day in Bangkok was all I wanted to stay.  I was getting abit ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 9th 2004

What a crazy 2 days it has been.  First of all after watching Harry Potter with you guys, I ended up doing a last minute pack job because I fell asleep at home and didn't wake up till 4AM (had like an hour to get to the airport). Funny thing happen to me on the way to the airport, Mike the cab driver gave me a long ass surmon on the way there.  He was quite religous and insisted I prey to Jesus for a sign.  So in the lineup checking my bags at US Customs, I was approached by a priest.  How weird is that? Anyways, the flight from Vancouver to Seattle was alright.  It was quick but the Seattle airport licks cow balls.  Nothing to do and everything was expensive.  Everyone wasn't that friendly ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 9th 2004

Pretty sweet day - slepted only 2 hours but had a killer breakfast at this pretty cool hangout, which I think opens 24hours.  We did some shopping on Kho San and finally gave in to the Tuk Tuk driver.  Talk about giving us a ride - we wanted to goto MGK (i think) mall but we ended up going to 4 other places.  Which was fine I guess because we got to do alot of site seeing and picture taking.  Damn I even ended up buying some jewelry, talk about the will power of a snail, I just can't seem to say no.  So after all that mayhem, which toke about 3 hours we met this guy Pon who works in the mall at this seafood restaurant.  Dim Sum was like $1 A DISH.  I am in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 6th 2004

So it hasn't really hit me yet that I'm about to fly over the Pacific in about 15 hours. Have I packed? Nope. I think I'll watch Harry Potter tonight. I have found denial was the best way to ease the post travel stress which everyone I know seem to go through. Nothing like 2 nights in a row at Gorgo-mish to take your mind away from the trip. There will be a few things I will miss leaving Vancouver. 1. Waiting in line at Gorgomish while sketchmaster T gets ahead of me. 2. Lights at Lotus coming on "come on, one last song" I'm sure I'll find some comfort at the Fullmoon party. :) Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to find this wedding I have to be in Vietnam without ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 3rd 2004

How kewl is this, my very first Blog on the NET.  I figure it's probably easier to use this channel of communication then to try email everyone.  I hear Internet is expensive, so that money can go to something more important like Redbull and WMD. *** This message is for Griffo, Ent, and SQL Daniel - I will be posting up as much as possible where I am so we can meet up, that and in case I party too hard and end up in some circus, you guys can come save me or better yet join me.  On a serious note, I will see you guys at Havana's to go over the travel details this Friday  ****    ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 3rd 2004

It's Thurs and I have a few more days to go till the "trip".  Interesting how that word can be used to describe my narcotic state after a party or a pleasant journey I'm about to take to the far East. How do i feel at the moment?  MIx feelings of excitement and alittle bit nervous.  The first week I'll be in Vietnam where I will rendez vous with my  parents.  I haven't been back here since I Ieft 26 years ago.  Apparently I have alot of relatives I have never met before, and my early childhood was a blur with only glimpses of what my parents described to me.  This will be interesting to see everything for myself and answer all the questions I kept with me up until now. Like whether or not they serve Mojitos and Sangria here. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 17th 2004

Hello all, Writing from the lovely island of Koh Phangnan where we have spent three relaxing and painful days. But let me start in Bangkok Bangkok sure lived up to it's phallic name. As Vianne had said to every western traveller that we met, she finally hit the sex show with her kids. It really hasn't been a lifelong ambition to go to a sex show with your mother and law but I realize now that I have a hit reality television show in the making. TRAVELLING TO A THIRD WORLD NATION WITH YOUR MOTHER IN LAW. It will be huge and since I will be unemployed when I get back, I will be happy to star with Vianne on some other adventure. Imagine the fireworks of the sequel, TRAVELLING TO IRAQ WITH YOUR MOTHER IN ... read more
This girl has more necklace than Mr. T
Yes, this man is smoking a friggin' huge pipe

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 21st 2004

Goodbye Bangkok, Goodbye Thailand Checked out of Merry V early and went to collect our tickets at the agency. He charged us some extras for the airport taxes and transport fees to the airport. We felt slightly cheated, cos he didn't mention any of these yesterday. At the airport, I remembered about the stupid 'Passenger Service Charge' we have to pay. Vivi noted that the staffs at the airport hardly give any service to deserve the THB500, plus they were quite rude and unfriendly. A few smiles might be nice! On the plane, we felt the old man at the travel agency really had us. He told us the flight was fully-booked, but the plane was more than half-empty! Still, we were really glad we made it home in time for the Lunar New Year reunion ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 20th 2004

Day 4 in Bangkok Supposed to wake up about 8am, but we were tired and overslept till 9am plus. We wanted to have an early start, to check out the prices for bus/train or flight home. Asked around a bit and found the cheapest option at Triad Travel Agency (weird name, sounds like some black market travel agency). *Triad Travel Agency - situated along Soi Chana Songkram in a small office next to a small eatery, just opposite Pain Thai Massage. The agency is run by this Thai old man himself and that's maybe why he can get the prices down so much more than the others. He managed to get us some cancelled seats off a flight heading for Singapore tomorrow. It's the Lunar New Year and most flights were packed to the brim (or ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 19th 2004

Day 3 in Bangkok We got woken up by the guesthouse staff at around 1pm plus. She must be wondering why we haven't paid our rent for the day yet. Tsk... Can't even let us sleep awhile more. Yawnnnn... *Directions to Mae Boon Kong (MBK) shopping centre - bus no. 15 at the bus stop across the road from our guesthouse. We waited for a damned hour plus for the bus. We were both quite frustrated and had another minor row (one of our many!) over which bus we should have taken in the first place. There was a huge traffic jam and it took quite some time for us to reach MBK. *Mae Boon Kong (MBK) - one of the biggest shopping centres around. It is as big as I had remembered. Think they must ... read more

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