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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 5th 2003

Yes, I have arrived, and am loving it. I've got no idea about much, am out of my comfort zone, excellent. Quite a mad place Bangkok compared to Clevedon... Although it’s surprising how familiar the place seems when you are sitting in a bar with a big beer. Its hot. I walked out of the plane and thought "hell its hot for 11pm" but didn't realise the airport was air-conditioned... We arrived into Bangkok at 11pm local time, and went with a mad Thai woman who was on the plane next to us to a hotel in the middle of the business district. Shower, air con, TV, fridge, for $14 each. Dodgy-looking though. First priority today was massage. Had an awesome Thai massage for an hour for $6. The little Thai massage girls loved us and ... read more
Mat and Chang
Our first morning

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 10th 2003

vel, saa er jeg tilbake i Thailand da... har tilbragt de siste to doegnene paa aa sove i hytt og pine... jeg vet at jeg har jetlag, men jeg sover jo ikke etter norsk tid heller da... naaja... men, i gaar fikk jeg krabbet meg ut av senga til 20:00, og dermed rakk jeg Calypso Cabaret... det er et transevitteshow, og det var veldig bra. danserne hadde kanskje ikke de beste ferdighetene, men de gjorde de opp for med fantastiske kostymer, og masser av entusiasme... naa skal det nevnes at med transeshow saa var det baade homofile, halvtranser, og heltranser som opptredde... og noen av de som hadde tydeligvis gaatt igjenom alle operasjonene var saa utrolige vakre... det er litt leit naar man innser at gutter som har blitt damer kan utkonkurere damer som alltid har ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 10th 2003

I take the Bangkok Post and its international reportage make it perfect reading for the 12 hour bus journey from Krabi to Bangkok. It's sports coverage is excellent providing comprehensive cover of both the FA Cup 3rd round and the Ashes. It's ‘around-the-world’ anecdoture leads one to believe that everyday in Manilla someone kills their best friend after some sort clandestine tragic/comic turn of events. Honour seems to be a serious thing in the Philippines. When you get to Bangkok at six in the morning you would think it would be relatively quiet. Instead it's populated with a smorgasbord of revellers, freaks and busy locals. It could be because you're stone cold sober but there seems to be a total absence of any style or purpose. Ah, Bangkok. You forget how off the wall it is ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 10th 2003

Geo: 13.7234, 100.476test... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 16th 2002

On arrival in Bangkok things were very westernized in comparison to where I had been in India. I got a room on Khao San road after a while since it was very full of travellers there and had to wait for some people to check out. Khao San road was very crazy - so many people all heading to different places from the travel mecca of Asia. On my first day there I realised it was friday, and took a very hard journey by taxi to the other side of the city to get a Laos Visa. The first taxi I took dropped me about 6km away from the embassey and then no-one knew where it was. I managed to get there at 3pm, and had the VISA before 4pm! - great deal. I didn't want ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 1st 2002

Day Two - December 1, 2002: Bangkok After only four hours sleep I awoke to the noisy rattle of the air conditioner above my head, the first motorcyclists of the day starting up their shitbox bikes, and the locals down at street level deciding that the crack of dawn was the perfect time to wake the dead by clanging their pots and pans together. The pumping dance tunes from the swanky nightclub only 30 metres from my window had finally subsided and it was time to drag myself out of bed, limp into the bathroom, and try to make myself look like I hadn't just spent the past 48 hours in a coffin, even though it felt like it. Tony bashed on the door on his way past to yelled out that he would meet me ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 1st 2002

Mark Meyer and I are travelling to the countries of South East Asia I was bumped to another domestic flight but we will meet up in Sydney for the international portion of our journey to Thailand. The flight took nine hours and Mark didn’t like anything about the trip I can’t see him flying British Airways again in a hurry. The terminal was modern and clean so the walk outside was a shock to the system as the humidity was high and the noise pollution high. This is mark’s first trip to Asia so it must be a bit of a culture shock for him. We caught the airport bus to Sukamvit Road from where it was a short walk to our accommodation in Soi 11. My first impressions are of a hodgepodge of modern skyscrapers, ... read more
Riverside architecture
Chao Phraya
Chao Phraya

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 21st 2002

Vel, saa sitter jeg her paa flyplassen i Bangkok og venter paa flyet mitt til Hanoi. Det er merkelig hvor mye tid som egentlig gaar med paa aa vente naar man er ute aa reiser... Man tror at man er ute aa reiser, men egentlig sitter man bare paa forskjellige flyplasser, togstasjoner, buss-stasjoner, kaier, cafeer-cum-holdeplasser, og venter paa at noe skal komme, eller at noe skal gaa. Vel, ankom Bangkok i gaar (eller i dag) to timer forsinket. Skulle ha ankommet 23:15, men landet heller 01:00. En noe forvirret flykaptein annonserte at lokal tid var onsdag den 21ste november (jeg visste ikke at Bangkok hadde et annet tidssystem enn resten av verden, for saa langt jeg vet saa var det i resten av verden torsdag 21ste november). Men, men. Var veldig troett, og fikk lastet av ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 15th 2002

Bangkok is a beast of a city. It resembles the sprawling metropolis from the computer game "Grand Theft Auto", only if Hounslow Borough council had been given the job of maintaining it for the last 30 years. This is to say that a lot of the low rise buildings have been poorly maintained giving way to dirty concrete fascia's - although to be fair, unlike the jewel of Middlesex, in Bangkok litter is kept to a minimum. Amongst the rudimentary construction the city is regularly punctuated with pristine monuments and temples. The airport is nice too which is most welcome as the last thing you need after a 10 hour flight is chaotic architecture. I guess it's a question of priorities. The Thai people are very polite. They pay you the honourable compliment of not staring ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 18th 2002

Maandag Formuliertje, formuliertje... Thailand in gewandeld. Snel naar het station van Sengai Kolok. Niet geheel verrassend, de trein ging die dag niet meer. Dus maar op zoek naar een hotel. De goedkope hotels zagen er erg smerig uit, dus maar een luxe hotel opgezocht. Voor die 7 euro p.p. hadden we dan ook een erg riante kamer. Maar wat bleek 's avonds... de vriendelijke dames in onze straat die constant onze aandacht trokken deden het licht aan. Roze licht. O ja, Thailand. Omdat we nog niet helemaal verwilderd zijn, zijn we ook maar eens op zoek naar een kapper. Voor E1,25 waren we weer het mannetje. En de vriendelijke man had ook nog heel andere dienstverlening, waar we verder maar niet op in zijn gegaan. Een biertje drinken bleek hier ook wat aangenamer geprijsd, dus dat ... read more

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