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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 14th 2004

Well it has been one hell of a trip - I leave tmr at 10PM back to the mother land.  The 1st night in Koh San was a blur but I have to admit, I'm having a blast the last 3 days here in Bangkok.  Maybe it's b/c I am so carefree with no time table to worry about knowing I'm leavign in 3 days and just splurging. Speaking of splurging, I am on Koh San and I walked by this massage/healing/aromatherapy joint and basically went for the Platnium package.  I must of spent 3 hours in there getting every square inch of my body attended to.  I am such a huge bietch today, afterwards I am walking down Koh San smelling like a bed of flowers and feeling like a million bucks.  Okay it's the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 12th 2004

It was sad to leave Pai but I had to leave since I absolutely had no gear with me.  Headed back to Chang Mai to crappy SK guest house.  Got there and settled my bill and got the next flight back to Bangkok where I started.  The 3 hour wait at the airport really licked - I almost wish I had a rubix cube. So the plane ride was super sketchy - the plane shut down 3 times, yeah you heard man, it shut down 3 times when they tried to play the safety thing on the TV.  Hell I don't know about flying if they can't even power a few TV's.  I am pretty nervous and this close to freaking out and telling them to let me off the plane.  Finally after the 4th try, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 11th 2004

God damn it, I just erase my entirely entry b/c I did a control A and hit the damn c key and erased everything. Shyte shyte shyte...okay let me try to remember what I just typed for the pass 10 minutes.  Damn it.... So I think I lefted off going back to my guest wait..let me think for a sec...oh yeah...Pai is a pretty awesome place.  You can really lose yourself here completely.  I would of loved to stay for a few days but damn I lefted everything back at SK crappy guest house.  I pretty much have nothign on me except a bob marley man purse but hell i'm having a blast.  The place I'm staying at is swank, for $3 dollar canadian it doesn't get any better. I have grown to have this ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 7th 2004

Hello All, I have no idea where to start, so I might as well talk about food, as my never-ending struggle to find edible food consumes so much of my energy. My initial enthusiasm for Thai food has thoroughly dissipated as I confront the mind-numbing, or rather, stomach-numbing, lack of variety and lack of flavour available to me. I usually eat either rice with vegetables or rice noodles with vegetables for lunch and dinner. I can’t have soup because they use a meat-based broth. Every single street stall uses the same vegies - cauliflower, carrot, some lettucy thing. Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, I get asparagus or tomatoes or cucumber. There is no sauce. No sauce!! It’s an outrage. It’s a crime against foodmanity. Instead, the vegies are just really oily - eww - and I ... read more
View from our office balcony

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 5th 2004

Hello there! Once again it's greetings from Bangkok. We are back in this crazy city and we can't wait to get out of here. It's 35 degrees outside today, horribly humid and I am luxuriating in the air con in this internet caf. I am warning you now this is a pretty long email. That was especially for the the male recipients so they can decide now they won't read it. Sorry to those of you I may have emailed recently for any repitition. Over the past two weeks we've had a very chilled time in southern Thailand visiting one or two of the islands and doing absolultey nothing at all. We left Bangkok on an overnight train to Surat Thani around two weekends ago. Couldn't get first class tickets which are so cheap, so we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 28th 2004

Dear All, This weekend I moved out of one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in, and into my apartment. I’m living in a very Thai area, which I was really excited about - good for learning the language, should be more enriching than just hanging around other expats - but during my adventure in the supermarket, I fast realized that there are some disadvantages to staying in a Thai area - the only cheese they had was either New Zealand Mainland Tasty and these Kraft cheeses like the Laughing Cow (which I shamefully admit to buying and eating and feeling ill afterwards), tons and tons of condensed milk and powder milk but only these tiny bottles of real milk (which is still much sweeter than our milk), and no yoghurt with fruit, just flavoured ... read more
My apartment
My 'kitchen'
The market street near me

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 27th 2004

So we all managed to wake up at a reasonable hour and booked a 3 hour session with Lay to do some snorkelling. It was an amazing feeling seeing some corel and swimming with the fishes.  It's like you're their big brother and they jsut tag along with you for the ride.  Lay was pretty cool, we befriended him and he toke us cliff diving.  I was still hungover and the choppy water near the cliff made me want to hurl.  Ent and Bazooka Joe (Griff's new nickname in Thailand) climbed up the cliff with Lay and jumped off.  Ent of course wanted to climb higher and ended up buggering up his ear drum. Rest of the day has been recovery from the night before - I have no idea how I managed to snorkel with a hangover.  The experience is overwhelming how awesome it is to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 26th 2004

We stayed at Krabi or a place near it for 2 days.  It was a nice whine down but we ended up heading into town and just got super wasted at this local bar.  We met the DJ and dranked with her, she was pretty cool and probably the funkiest girl i have met so far.  After boozing it pretty hard, we toke it to another level and bought a bottle of brandy, ahh..well make that two bottles.  We didn't know you can buy a bottle and bring it into the club which was a bad idea when we found out we could.  We went from being drunk to being super wasted pretty quick.  So SQL Dan pretty much buys off this one cab driver and gave him 500 baut so he stuck to us like ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 20th 2004

So I woke up and you guys still haven't checked in.  I thought I take another swag at finding the Phuket hospital.  One thing for sure, you learn alot to have patience over here, you can't exactly multi-task. Zenning mode:  I am the first victim of blogging on the NET and having it dissapear, I think this usually happens when I use dial up, so if this is a repeat entry, ignore it. It toke me 2 hours to find a callign card, and then another hour to find an international phone.  These bad boys do not have one lick of ventilation because I was in the booth for 15 minutes talking to the international operator and was just soaked in sweat.  Felt like a steamed pork dumpling - and I think I started to mumble ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 19th 2004

well hello everybody - greeting from the land of England Football supporters - and that's just the Thais. Without fail every Thai man we have met knows all about Euro 2004 and loves english football. We got the seat with extra leg room on the flight out, sitting opposite Rachel from Dublin who was our air hostess (or whatever they are now) and across the aisle from a family of four vegetarians from Ireland. We checked into our hotel (36 stories right next to Patpong) and enjoyed the comfiest bed I have ever slept in - although it has one massive giants pillow and one normal pillow - when you sat up against the giant's pillow it pushed the bed away from the wall, and it was so large that you couldn't sleep with it under ... read more

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