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Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park October 3rd 2011

Serengeti je bio prva stanica na nasem tronedeljnom stranstvovanju po Tanzaniji. Putovali smo „light“, sa torbom od po 9 kila svako, da ih ne bi izgubili pri silnim presedanjima. Posle 28 sati puta, Beograd-Rim-Adis Abeba-Dar Es Salam-Arusha, obreli smo se, preumorni, u udobnom smestaju u Outpost Lodge odakle je program pocinjao narednog jutra u 5h ujutru. Preko agencije Lasi Tours & Safaris organizovali smo karte za lokalne letove (Dar-Arusha i Arusha-Stone Town), prenociste u Arushi u dolasku i odlasku i 7-dnevni kamping safari (Serengeti-Ngorongoro-Lake Manyara-Mto wa Mbu-Tarangire). Ne volimo agencije ali je to u ovom slucaju bila nuznost. Usluga je bila korektna prema standardima u ovom delu sveta (za koje smo saznali tek kasnije, ali koje nikada nismo shvatili ni prihvatili), ako zanemarimo preplacene pilule protiv malarije i cinjenice da su dzip i kamp oprema bili ... read more
Nepregledna ravnica

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada November 24th 2009

Giftun Island can be reached by many tourist boats taking off from Hurgada in less then an hour. The sand is really white and water magic. And we did lot of snorkeling along the coral reefs too. The area is protected and construction forbidden, but there are too many tourists for my taste. Luckily the stay on the Island is limited so they don’t manage to disperse and make more damage, but being here alone must be something special.... read more
Washed up
Getting ready

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea November 24th 2009

El Gouna is a resort 22km north of Hurgada. It is actually a hotel - town owned by an orthodox Copt Samih Sawiris, one of the richest people in Egypt. It is striking and very artificial, real Truman’s Show. The beauty is in a system of canals that cut into the sand and make up private beaches to colourful, low, traditionally designed houses. Desert is transformed into oasis by using irrigation device made of dented tubes encircling each tree (supposedly invented by a Serbian engineer, as we were told by a Kontiki tourist guide). We picked up Tamara in El Dahar and took a public bus transporting El Gouna hotel staff. The buss was full of cheerful children who were excited about getting photographed. They humoured us singing in English. Besides guests, only locals working on ... read more
Model of El Gouna
Kid in a bus
Schoolkids who were singing

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada November 23rd 2009

Hurgada is 36km long seashore resort on the Red Sea. It seamed rather new and boring so nothing attracted us except prospect of snorkeling in the famous waters and visiting our friends Tamara and Marko who worked in El Gouna. We decided to go over agency because it was impossible to get to charter flight from Belgrade to Hurgada otherwise. Joca lost a wallet on the plane and a friendly guy found it. Good start of a journey. The airport was like a large tent. The group was greeted by charming Ali Salama. We arrived late at night and the cold desert wind was merciless and didn’t promise much fun. But later the weather was better and rather hot during the day (till 3p.m.). The night was falling sharp and hard at this time of the ... read more
Hotel swimming pools
Me and the pools
Hotel restaurant

Europe » Serbia » East October 21st 2009

Oplenac is located 80km south-east from Belgrade. It is the historic place of the mausoleum of the Serbian Karađorđević Royal Family. It is known for the St. George Church. Karađorđe had settled here in 19st century, built vineyards and orchards, and established the defence of the nearby Topola town. The church interior is decorated with mosaics, which depict reproductions of the prettiest frescoes of the Serbian medieval arts. The entire mosaic has 725 painted compositions (in the temple and in the crypt), on which there are 1500 figures. The entire area of the mosaic is 3,500 square metres; with 40 million various coloured pieces of glass, making the most vivid artistic impression. ... read more
Church 1
Church 2

Europe October 21st 2009

Thassos is definitely a very green island. From distant past it was known for its honey, marble and wood. Thassos has variety of beach types with clear and warm water and a number of hill villages to make it an interesting and relaxing destination. And most conveniently, it can easily be reached by car from Serbia. We settled in a mountain village Potamia, with an amazing view, and just 15 minutes drive from the Panagia beach. It made a quiet and cool place to sleep, and there were fewer mosquitoes then by the coast. We would eat some traditional Greek dish (stifado was great), and then treat ourselves with Nirvana ice-cream on a bench at the main square where natives are gathering - mostly elderly locals with grandchildren on summer break. ... read more
Stone roof tiles
View from our hill nest
An old church

Europe » Serbia » West » Uzice October 19th 2009

In April 2005 Joca and I went to Mokra Gora over weekend. Close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, this mountain if famous for the Šargan Eight (Serbian: Шарганска осмица), a narrow heritage scenic railway, running from the village of Mokra Gora to Šargan Vitasi station. It was build after the World War I as part of the line Belgrade-Sarajevo. The climb over the mountain was an engineering masterpiece: from Uzice to the summit the height difference was 240 metres; it was 3.5 km direct line but by rail it was 15.4 km; the average gradient was 18% and there were 20 tunnels. Steam trains are the main attraction but we preferred to walk. We visited locations where Kusturica’s 2004 film “Life is a miracle” was made. There is a small hotel “Mokra Gora”, where ... read more
Hotel we staid in

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui December 27th 2005

Travelling in Thailand is so easy, even if you are underage and drunk - loads of teenage tourists just pay, get sticker for themselves and their luggage in colour corresponding to their destination and get shovelled from one vehicle to another (being it train, boat, bus or tuc-tuc). That is how we ended up in legendary Ko Samui Island, on Lamai Beach. Despite recent tsunami, finding lodging was an adventure. Finally we settled in a windowless room on the beach, but with a garden full of butterflies. And finally, I could swim. It was white sand and some waves so water was murky (no snorkelling) but perfect anyway. We lay lazy in worm shallows hugging floating coconuts. We rented a bike again and explored island up and down - waterfalls, butterfly garden, temples, Muslim village. Hat ... read more
Beach sale with a big smile
Funny plants on the beach

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo November 28th 2005

The most impressive feature in Cairo is crowd - its noise, movements and purposefulness, dirty rags, dusty roads, innovative vehicles, bright smiles, suspicious glances. We would just get out of agency buss after some tour and get lost in the masses. A fellow passenger once asked us “seriously, what you do when you leave the group?” Enjoying the freedom to roam on our own was not something any of them understood. Especially after the warning we got that even crossing the street was easier done by taking taxi then trying ourselves, unless we rely only on eye contact and sound of horns. We were told that between 20 and 25 million people reside in Cairo and that daily oscillations including commuters result in 30 million people. Luckily we had very competent guides because we came completely ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi December 23rd 2004

Form Bangkok we took an overnight train to Surat Thani and then bus to Ao Nang. Air-conditioner was freezing cold, but on the way back we got smarter and sealed all air-con openings with plastic bags and silo tape. Ao-Nang beach is long and shallow, sleepy and cozy, with steep rocks in the background. There are some restaurants and bars on the beach where locals are selling massage and boat trips to the islands. We took a tree bungalow in the “Green Park”, luckily just slightly up-hill from the water line. Basic, just a bed with mosquito net and small bathroom attached (plus one gecko as a guard). We were there for one lazy day when I luckily got my period so we also luckily went on an inland canoe trip to Bor Thor instead ... read more
Local bus
Tree house
Ao Nang beach

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