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Asia » Singapore » Changi July 7th 2015

I found the serenity I have been looking for at the Changi Beach Park in Pasir Ris. At the Marina Bay, I was not refreshed by its water and the blowing wind and cannot think of anything significant to write because things around me were man-made - their giant trees, rainforest falls, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and mall. What I really don't appreciate coming there was the heat doesn't suit me and I wasn't up to the heat today. I was so relieved today, finally, I reached the beach park. I went the wrong way yesterday boarding a wrong bus going to Changi Road, thought that it would lead me to it and discovered that it was a different place. Aside from the park, I also explored the Changi Village which was a few bus ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi June 24th 2015

We arrived at 6 am we were going to go straight to the Whitau's house but we had a room at the transit lounge and we were all shattered, I don't think Lexie would have made it out customs let alone 20min taxi ride as well, we went to the room and within 20mins were all sound asleep. I woke at 11am we left at midday, sneaked in a look at the butterfly house then went to customs, of course there was a huge queue and it took us till 1.30 to get through, we got a taxi to Wendy's we had to pick up the suitcase that we had left there, she couldn't stay long (dentist appointment) which was a bit sad as it would have been great to have a longer catch up, I ... read more
Look at what is sitting right next to me
So hot in here
Not sure if it is hotter in here or outside

Asia » Singapore » Changi June 23rd 2015

Lexie and I arrived at the airport at 8am, Mal had to drop the car off he arrived just before 9am we checked in with no extra charges for the overweight, and we are able to leave the airport in Singapore and pick up our other bag and check it through, so that's all good. We looked at some shops but they were way too expensive did get a couple of souvenirs from Rome as we had no time when we actually visited Rome. We boarded at 11.20 half of the airport was closed because of the fire a few weeks ago you could still smell it in the air. We didn't find Rome airport too bad, we had heard a lot of bad things about getting around there but we were so early that it ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 2nd 2015

Saturday, 2nd May 2015 I was happy to land myself on the Agoda Mystery Deal for a nice weekend staycation at Changi Cove Hotel. What we really liked about Changi Cove was the peaceful and leafy surroundings which was a premium in urban Singapore. The bright and welcoming lobby was very nicely done up considering the high ceilings and spacious interiors. About 5 minutes from where we stayed were the 2.2km Changi Boardwalk which we took that evening on our way for dinner at Changi Village. We settled for western cuisine at Jacob's Café, a homely place at the heart of town. Frankly speaking, I was seeking for some design inspirations for my new house. And I really liked the simplicity of the bedrooms at Changi Cove. It was nothing closed to luxurious but comfortable for ... read more
Sleek & comfortable bedrooms
Changi Cove Hotel
For your creativity

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2015

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 2nd 2015

Hi Followers and bloggers, I some how managed to get up and watch the Super Bowl which was at our 6am!!! I was shattered but had a few beers and chicken wings while watching it with some American lads!! I was gutted as it was the last quarter and we had to head off for our bus to the airport :( I missed the worst play in Super Bowl history gutted!!! So we got on the bus to the airport which was good as it was quicker than the taxis and a lot cheaper!!! Bangkok airport is quite nice and offered free wifi which is a bonus!!! We grabbed some lunch there which was not the best but wanted to get rid of the baht we had left over!!! So the flight into Singapore was good ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi January 25th 2015

No one has a taste for alcohol, it surely develops overtime.. And once you develop it, you are an addict..! That's Singapore to me... My Whiskey..! Hello Folks! I still remember when I first entered Singapore (December 3rd, 2013) from "Oh so pretty Sydney", I was cranky.. Cranky to the core..! The weather was on the hot and humid side, we faced a little tough time finding the cab with luggage, we were charged for incoming calls.. I was a complaint-full soul.. My friends were on the verge of disowning me.. Thank God they did not! What I was not noticing then was how much more the place had to offer, and I realized this over the period of time.. and so I went back again, and again.. and am sure the latest was not the ... read more
Dragon Boat

Asia » Singapore » Changi December 7th 2014

Mamma Mia! Singapore! Saturday…Off the ship and into a cab (actually a beautifully leather encased “tricked out” van ;-) headed to Changi Airport in Singapore. The airport here in Singapore is a destination resort, not just an airport! We checked in to the Crown Plaza, and found ourselves in fabulous, very airy, lots of windows spacious room, overlooking the rainy runways. According to our driver, the monsoon season is in full swing. After getting settled, we wandered over out of the Crown Plaza, which is in terminal three, to look for some lunch and see of the facilities at the airport. What a gorgeous, lofty space with all kinds of light, no sound at all of aircraft. We found a food court on B-2 and had Singaporean special, chicken rice, for lunch. On this level, there ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi November 20th 2013

Mam niewiele czasu bo samolot niestety musi odlecieć o wyznaczonej porze, więc będę się dziś streszczał i nie zanudzę towarzystwa tak jak co dzień. Właśnie, samolot, lotnisko. Dziś mieliśmy nieco więcej czasu na pochodzenie po Changi Airport w Singapurze i ilość atrakcji jaką za darmo oferują na lotnisku jest... nie do wypróbowania podczas paru godzin. Darmowe kino, sale gier komputerowych, wygodne loże dla dłużej oczekujących, nie wspomnę już o niesamowitych ogrodach i darmowym, na każdym kroku internecie, z którego zresztą właśnie korzystam. Żyć nie odlatywać. Lotnisko stworzone dla oczekujących, a nie tylko po to aby ich wyrzucić z samolotu, lub do niego wrzucić. Tajowie muszą się jeszcze wiele nauczyć w kwestii podejścia do klienta. Nie wiem tylko czy wyraziliby ochotę. To co napisałem o lotnisku było doświadczeniem dziś ... read more
Pole Position to może nie jest ale zawsze miejsce w pierwszej 30tce...
Singapore Flyer.
Gardens By The Bay.

Asia » Singapore » Changi November 17th 2013

Just a quick update. Flight to Singapore was good. Changi airport is huge. It makes Tulla look like a bush terminal, albiet the shops and outrageous prices are the same. I suppose that's the case with all airports. It is such a guilty pleasure to fly up the pointy end. You could almost fit 4 people in the same space ( and they probably do down the back). The seat folds down into a bed ( photos to follow ) and you can tell the frequent travelers in that class because as soon as the seat belt sign goes off they jump up, convert the seat to bed format, press the "do not disturb" sign and sleep for the entire flight. I had to get the hostess to make my bed up. I think I managed ... read more

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