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Asia » Singapore » Changi April 21st 2021

Long, meaning long enough to be bored, and short enough to keep me at the airport. I have spent the better part of a full day in a Singapore Airlines lounge, well worth it, but 8 hours is too long to be anywhere but home. The ideal layover, when I am in a hurry, is an hour. If I have two long flights, a two hour layover is perfect, if I have airline lounge access. And if I have been upgraded to Business or First, I usually have lounge access.For those of you unfamiliar, the Lounge might be the Holy Grail of International travel. It has less importance domestically, at least for me, as a retired traveler, than a business traveler, who needs to use a laptop and cell phone simultaneously. Nonetheless. it ... read more
Singapore lounge
Hot food options

Asia » Singapore » Changi December 21st 2019

Saturday, 21st December 2019 It was the final weekend before Christmas for our staycation at Village Hotel Changi. It preluded with a colonial-style brunch at the atmospheric Coastal Settlement where it was meant as a birthday treat for our December baby, KW. Good people, good brunch and good company, it was a good dining experience to remember and worth checking out again in future. Checking-in to our Club Room at Village Hotel was a familiar affair for me having stayed no less than 5 times over the past couple of years. I loved its location at rustic Changi Coast with the beach and the coastal boardwalk within striking distance. Day and night, there were also plenty of food options at the nearby Changi Village. Upon checking-in, we headed to the Club Lounge to grab some afternoon ... read more
Coastal Settlement, Changi Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 28th 2019

I woke up a little bit late, well a little bit too early for my parents but I got up and went to look if my cousin Kaia was still in bed or getting ready for school, she was getting ready for her ''Big Girl School'' or as I would call it UWCSEA primary school!so i got up and she was having her breakfast already so I joined in with having breakie and got changed. We really did nothing so the photos are a recap on what we did before we left and JEWEL at the airport. Just after getting dropped of at the airport we watched the light show then realised we had to half rush to get to gate K13. After the 12hr flight to Germany we had a transfer flight strait to France ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 27th 2019

We had quite a normal start to the day then went to gardens by the bay to go to the water park but when we got there it was closed 8( sad. Then we went to the Domes they were closed, we then went to satay by the bay for lunch and then went back for a swim.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 26th 2019

THE 10 HOUR FLIGHT TO SINGAPORE! Photo no. 1 = Hanging out with my new best friends on the flight from Auckland to Singapore and got to where the children's air hostess outfit and got to hand out lollies. I watched many movies. DAY 1 AT SINGAORE! Photo no. 2 = On the river safari in the Singapore with my Aunty Mel and my cousin Kaia, We saw so many animals such as, Monkeys, Ant Eaters, Pandas and red pandas, and lastly the Leopards hiding in the back of their enclousure. Photo no. 3 = Going to the zoo after the river safari and seeing a Wolverine, My favourite the White Tiger and many more.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 26th 2019

On our 2nd day at Singapore we got up early and went for a quick swim with my cousins in the 34 degree weather because we were going to Sentosa Island! When we had driven to the island I found out that we couldn't swim in the ocean thanks to an oil spill and their water park was closed we all thought we were going to die of the weather! but we didn't thankfully. my Aunty and uncle were part of a club that had a one side glass pool so we went there. After that my cousins, aunty and uncle went back to their house for a swim an we caught a taxi back to the place on sentosa with the oil spill and me, my brother and my mum did the zip line over ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 22nd 2019

Our travel friends Mary and David had planned to do a P & O relocation cruise Singapore to Brisbane and invited Marg and I to travel with them. However, I (Rob) had a bowel cancer screening test that was too close to the departure date to risk a booking. The good news was that the report cam back no pullups, no cancer, all clear. Having contacted a local cruise specialist agent, I found we were able to get a reasonable cabin right at the last minute. Several attempts to get accommodation and flight details from David proved evasive and fruitless, so in the end I just had to ask more directly advising that we had been able to book a two berth cabin. They had booked a Singapore Airline flight, but we got a great deal ... read more
Emirates 777ER
Final Approch
Orchids in the arrivals hall.

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 23rd 2019

It seems we have been planning the BBA-V4 for ages and that we would never get it underway. But today was D-Day and the Great South African Adventure is on its way. A typical, beautiful, sunny morning greeted us after less sleep than usual as we woke early in anticipation of the day ahead. Our daughter Erin with grandson Brayden arrived ahead of time and we loaded up and headed for Tauranga airport and the first flight of the day, a short 25 minute hop to Auckland. After a tearful goodbye it was time to board and let the all women crew wing us to Auckland. It is a well marked walking route between the Domestic and International terminals at Auckland. The green line twisted and turned with most of the route under at least half ... read more
Singapre Airlines serves Kapiti Ice Cream(even in economy) !

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 26th 2018

If it was not Sunday when we arrived in Dubai (I think it was, just) it was definitely Sunday (local time) when we departed Dubai at 2.40am Unlike on our journey over we were not able to walk from our arrival gate to our departure gate, we needed to take the train between terminals. Even after the time spent travelling between terminals we were able to spend a little bit of time in the Emirates Lounge. We took the opportunity to drink plenty of free mineral water and walk around a bit before facing up to the longest sector of our journey, the 13’15” leg from Dubai to Melbourne. During the night? I’m not really sure that it actually was night because we were flying towards the sun, but all the shutters were down and the ... read more
Left turn at approx 100° Longitude

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 5th 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018 Awake at just after 7am feeling refreshed after yesterday’s marathon around Singapore. Just so much to see and do. Sarah went off to put the laundry in the machine.....leaves less to sort when we get home. Then it was showered and dressed and off out again. Today will be a day at Singapore Zoo.......we don’t usually visit a zoo but this one is world famous for the way it’s set up, the research they are involved in and the way the animals are treated and looked after. Firstly we called in at the money changers at Little India and then headed out of the city on the MRT to Ang Mo Kio, then it was hop onto the number 73 bus which takes you to the front door of the Zoo. Singapore ... read more
White tiger
Asian elephant

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