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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching May 27th 2014

Hej igen Så har vi fået den første smagsprøve på Borneo vilde natur. Vi tog en tur til Bako, nær Kuching, på en trekkingtur gennem junglen, og her fik vi at mærke hvordan temperaturen og luftfugtigheden tærer på én. Det er som at være i en dampovn! Vi var lige ved at miste modet, da vi ramlede ind i et lille vandfald med tilhørende basin, af med klunset og i. Helt fantastisk at ligge der og plaske rundt midt i junglen! Vi så en Probiscus abe komme svingende (dem hvor næsen ligner en .........) og forskellige kødædende planter. Det er fedt - men hårdt pga. varmen, det er svært at forestille sig det kan blive varmere, men en guide fortalte at i august sniger temp. op på 40c og luftfugtigheden rammer 99% - tag aldrig til ... read more
Med båd fra Bako
Probiscus i Bako

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak February 22nd 2014

We had a couple of nights at the Damai Puri Resort on the Santubong Peninsula about one hours drive from Kuching. When we arrived we were very impressed with the 4 star hotel but we quickly began to realise it was desperately in need of some care and attention and the staff a few training courses - could that be why, including us, there are only about 30 people here in a hotel that could accommodate hundreds? There are a few shops about a 5 minute walk away and a couple of restaurants. These shops are opposite the Sarawak Cultural Village, and probably owe their existence to it. We visited the Sarawak Cultural Village in the pouring rain on our second day. I was expecting it to be really naff but it was surprisingly well done. ... read more
Sarawak Cultural Village
Performer at Sarawak Cultural Village
sword maker at SCV

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak February 16th 2014

We left the Sabah region by plane from Kota Kinabalu to fly to Mulu in the north of the region of Sarawak and not far from the border with Brunei. The plane stopped en route at Miri on the coast and we had to get off briefly to clear immigration into Sarawak and whilst we were off the plane they decided it was broken. After a few hours it could not be fixed and there were no more flights so we were put up and fed curtsy of Malaysian Airways in a 4 star hotel on the beach at Miri - a result!!! Miri looked very prosperous on the route in from the airport but the town was described to us by one of our party who went to see it as a dump - glad ... read more
long shadows on the beach at Miri
view from our surprise stop hotel in Miri
Sian paddling in the South China Sea

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park February 3rd 2014

Another early start. Boat ride and landing on the beach to do some trekking in Bako National Park to hopefully see more monkeys including the proboscis monkey, which is indigenous to Borneo, and other wildlife. If the OUs were awesome yesterday this was doubly awesome and probably the best day of the trip so far, unbelievable! Trekking in the rain forest at 30+ degrees C was challenging but so rewarding, seeing so much wild life in the natural environment – wild pigs, a venomous viper snake, a flying lemur and some close encounters with proboscis, silver leaf and macaque monkeys, what a day. The quick dip in the South China Sea was a well needed break before heading back and a well earned Tiger beer! Our time in Borneo was coming to an end but with ... read more
Beach landing
Flying lemur

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 3rd 2014

Early start to head back to Kuching today and again visit Semenggok on the way – would we see some Orang Utans this time? Saffi, our guide was hopeful provided the weather held good………..only one word for it – awesome – mission accomplished, we have had some fantastic days but difficult to better that. What a way to celebrate the Luner New Year!... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Betong February 3rd 2014

Bantang Ai Longhouse – accessed only by boat this was such a peaceful setting overlooking the lake. A longboat ride down the Lemanak river took us to a traditional Iban longhouse. The Ibans were a fearsome tribe of head-hunters in days gone by but fortunately are farmers today! We were greeted with the ceremonial Ngajat dance followed by lunch, rice wine, whiskey and unexpectedly a bit of an Iban party! The whiskey was flowing a bit too freely with our longboat crew. To say we were pleased to arrive back at the hotel without the long boat capsizing was an understatement! A bit more of an adventure than we were expecting! The day finished with a short rain forest nature walk and the dip in the pool. We are trying our luck with the Orang Utans ... read more
Ngajat (2)
Batang view

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 3rd 2014

Off to Semenggok today to track some Orang Utan. Big day and the main reason for visiting Borneo. There are only two places in the world where Orang Utans can be found – Borneo and Sumatra. Semenggok occupies 740 acres and is a temporary home for displaced Orang Utans before they are let back into the wild. It’s essentially wild rainforest where they relearn the skills needed to survive in the wild. Saffi our guide picked us up after an early breakfast to arrive for feeding time at 9am. Feeding time lasts for an hour – we waited, and waited and waited but no hungry OUs – what a disappointment! Travelled to Batang Ai, a bit of fishing and a visit to a tribe of head-hunters to look forward to tomorrow though!... read more
Gone fishing

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 2nd 2014

Day 22 Kuching city tour today with Eddie. If Top Spot was a must do yesterday, the Cat Museum is a must not do – they must be having a laugh! A whole museum dedicated to cats, including cat food! More interestingly we think we met an important soldier, the Chief of The Malaysian Armed forces this morning at our hotel, a very nice man trained at Sandhurst, also had two daughters and wanted to chat! Off in search of orang utan tomorrow - v exciting.... read more
Cool for cats!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 2nd 2014

Early breakfast and speedboat to catch a flight to Kuching in southern Borneo to go in search of Orang-utans! We are leaving a hot sunny morning behind……….Flight to Kuching was good with stopover at Bintulu. If you are ever in Kuching you must go to the Top Spot, fantastic sea food for 111 ringgits (£22). Don’t be put off by the lift to the top of a car park! Also time for a haircut - 8 ringgits (£1.60) - and with a scary cut throat razor!... read more
After haircut!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching January 2nd 2014

After the mandatory visit to Malaysia's capital, it was off to neighbouring Borneo (or put simply the east island of Malaysia). We chose Kuching (a 90 minute flight from KL) in the largest Malaysian state of Sarawak as the reviews of all of the Orang Utan sanctuaries seemed to be more focused on keeping the animals wild and away from humans, rather than kept in cages as a tourist venture. You can only imagine my delight when Matt told me Kuching meant 'cat' in the Malay dialect - and what's more, there was cat statues all across the city (even the world's only Cat Museum). After seeing hardly any ACTUAL cats in the city (and mentioning it to our lovely taxi driver Hamitaf) we actually found out the city was more likely named from the Chinese ... read more
Cat Statues
Top Spot
Ling Loon at Top Spot

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