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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna December 19th 2008

Geo: 4.47134, 118.605Salut tout le monde Nous allons bien.Commencons par hier soir. Nous avons eu la bonne idee de changer de chambre pour avoir un peu de tranquilite. He bien, a notre nouvelle "guest house", il y avait un party. Musique jusqu'a minuit. On etait tellement fatigue par contre que l'on s'est endormie pareille.Rejean a eu un coup de soleil hier aussi. Plainte nocture!Aujourd'hui on s'est lever a 7am, prit un bon dejeuner froid. Nous sommes embarque dans un autre bateau pour 1h30 pour l'ile de Sipadan. Un des 10 meilleurs site de plonge au monde.Nous devions nous faire passer pour d'autre. Moi, c'etait Lina Serrano de U.K. et Rejean c'etait, Marian Park , U.K.tout ca a cause d'histoire de permis. L'armee etait sur l'ile. On est pas sure si c'etait pour nous proteger ou nous ... read more
Sipadan 1
Sipadan 2
Sipadan 3

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna December 18th 2008

Geo: 4.47134, 118.605Salut tout le monde, Nous allons bien,Aujourd'hui nous avons passe la journee sur et sous l'eau. Rejean a fait du snokeling et moi j'ai fait 3 plonges. De merveilleux poissons et coraux. Un serpent de mer, des tortues et plein d'autre poissons multicolores.Nous avons du aller au ATM pour payer tout ca. 35 min d'attente. Ils ont seulement 1 guichet qui fonctionne dans toute la ville. 1 brise et l'autre pas d'argent dedans. Une ville pas belle. Des bonkers en decrepititude. On prefere l'ocean a la ville. Les gens sont gentils par contre.BisouxxxxxxxxxxFrance et Rejean... read more
Sibuan 2
Sibuan 3
Sibuan 4

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna December 17th 2008

Geo: 4.47134, 118.605Salut tout le monde, Nous allons bien.Une nuit memorable avec le kareoke juste a cote de notre chambre. C'est a dire musique jusqu'a 2 heures du matin. Bien entendu, en sortant du bar les gens parlaient et criaent dans la rue, juste sous notre fenetre. Le comble c'est que des 6 heures am les restos et les gens normaux sont sortie pour le travail ou autre. Donc une bien petite nuit.En me brossant les dents ce matin, le mur en ceramique m'a tombe sur le pied. Une bonne coupure sur le dessus du pied. Donc pas de montagne pour les prochains jours. Nous avons donc opter pour le bus de 8.00 ce matin. 1 iere bus passe, full. 2ieme bus passe, full. 2 autres pour une autre destination. Nous avons prit finalement un qui ... read more
En route pour Semporna 1a
En route pour Semporna 2
En route pour Semporna 3

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 24th 2008

For those of you who were expecting the breathtaking views of Malaysia and the Phillipines from Mount Kinabalu, sorry to let you down but because we are such blondes and didn't even think to book ourselves in for the climb, we missed out on even trying as all the climbs were fully booked. Doh! Feeling mightily disappointed at our lack of planning, we decided that if we weren't going to put ourselves through probably the most gruelling exertion of our lives we would grit our teeth and instead book ourselves in to visit a few of the islands around Semporna instead. Yes, its a tough one but someone had to. We took another cheap flight (and yes, Geen was charged another 30 ringgit for excess weight in her luggage - told her she shouldn't have packed ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 19th 2008

Klokka 1230 - siste time paa riggen Nok en tidlig morgen paa oss. Dro ut til oeya Sipadan samtidig som sola sto opp her paa nord-oestsiden av Borneo. Gjennomfoerte 3 dykk (Mid Reef, og til slutt Coral Gardens). Alle 3 dykkene var fantastiske paa hver sin maate. Det aller siste ble hoeydepunktet. Vi ble liggende 2-3m unna 3 white tip haier som kjempet mot et felles bytte (en stor morene aal som forsoekte aa komme seg unna). Kris tok en del bilder som vil bli lagt ut etter hvert. Naa er klokka 1240, og lunchtid. Saa blir det speedbaat inn til Semporna, og bil til hotellet i Tawau (hvor naermeste flyplass ligger). Blir der til 20.nov. Kan ikke fly foer 24t etter siste dykk, for aa unngaa dykkersyke. Nuvel, vi har det bra og er i ... read more
Moray eel - moreneaal
White tip shark

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 1st 2008

Hi everyone, Friday morning we were up early again! At 6.40am we got a taxi to the bus station to get the 7.30am bus to Semporna, a journey which should take 5 and a half hours (not too bad). The bus was a little bit past its best with a window smashed at the back and a few broken seats, but this is nothing new for Asia. We set off on time (which is quite rare) and the journey seemed to be going well when we stopped at a cafe at around 10.30am for what we thought was a rest stop. After half an hour we were told that they were fixing the bus - great! Anyway, we set off again and thought nothing more of it..... Until 45 minutes later when the bus stopped again! ... read more
our little boat for the day
a clam

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 27th 2008

I remember (when I was a boy) sitting at home watching David Attenborough doing documentries on the wildlife in Borneo and remember thinking it was a world away from our own and somewhere totally inaccessible!!!! BUT thanks to Air Asia they make it possible for Budget folk like us to explore these far wild reaches. Our main reason for coming here was the diving (we saw a picture of the marine life at Sipadan way before we began saving to come away and decided it would be one place we would love to visit!) Nic - We arrived, totally exhausted at 4am after a momouth journey. It began with our night in the airport, followed by a day of walking in circles to kill time, before an overnight bus which arrived in the empty and scruffy ... read more
Nudibranch.....Nic loves these
Reef shark!!
Up close and personal!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 11th 2008

Just a quick blog from south Eastern Sabah in Borneo, Becky will add another blog today or tomorrow, after leaving Sandakan and Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation centre, we heading down to the town of Semporna so i could do some diving, I had read alot about the diving here, especially at the acclaimed island of Sipadan, regarded by many as one of the best dives in the world, I had also read alot about the small harbour town of Semporna, much of it none too complimentary, and 5 Km's out of town with palm trees on either side of the road i was thinking maybe people had been slightly harsh, upon arriving I take it all back..... Semporna is a hole and probably ranked alongside the Cambodian border with Thailand in terms of prettyness..... The towns residents ... read more
Spiny LionFish

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna September 29th 2008

Saa er det vist paa tide I hoerer lidt mere fra os i varmen. Siden sidst har vi leget Tarzan og Jane i junglen, og vaeret ude at svoemme med Nemo og alle havskildpadderne. Junglen var for fed! Vi tog bussen fra Kota Kinabalu til Sukau, og efter de havde vist Rambo 1 og 2 glaedede vi os til at se 3'ern, men det blev der ikke noget af, for bussens motor satte af, og vi blev noedt til at vente paa den naeste bus. Da vi naaede frem til Sukau, blev vi koert et godt stykke ud in the wild, og da vi ikke kunne komme laengere blev vi fragtet det sidste stykke ud med baad ned af floden. Vi saa mange dyr paa diverse river cruises og jungle gaature: Krokodiller, varaner, korthalet marekat, langhalet ... read more
longtailed macaque
le knald-hyt

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna September 13th 2008

From Sakau to Semporna was uneventful, only 3 minibuses and just a bit of roadside waiting. The only attraction in Semporna is the diving; nestled off their coast they have dozens of little islands with beautiful reefs, and steep drop offs, ideal for marine life and coral gardens. The town itself is a complete dump. (See the picture). I ended up staying uptown, and out of laziness didn’t move down to the docks area, which would have been a much more convenient and nicer place to stay. Once there I started looking into the diving and costs. The main attraction is Paula Sipadan, a small island approx 30 km offshore, it is now a protected park that only allows 120 visitors a day, whether they be diving, snorkeling, or simply a guide or the boat driver. ... read more
Semporna Waterfront
First dive location

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