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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna December 2nd 2006

Trace: After our time at Uncle Tan's we travelled south to the coastal town of Semporna, then over to Mabul Island where we stayed at "Uncle Chang's" diving lodge in the middle of a fishing village for four nights. We used this as a base to do some diving at Sipadan, an island famous for it's fantastic diving. I had the best six dives of my life here, Mat and I dived with huge turtles (about 1.5m in shell length), sharks (leopard and white tipped reef sharks), loads of coral and squillions of fish including bump-head parrot fish, unicorn fish etc etc. Absolutely fantastic. We also had Mat's 30th last night - a big party with a live local band ... pictures will follow shortly. The people from Sabah have all been so friendly, welcoming and ... read more
The door to our ensuite...
Baby turtle to be released that day
Uncle Chang is the man

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 20th 2006

Diving, in the deep blue (green at some places) sea. I took my diving certificate 3.5 years ago in Thailand and to be honest I didn't plan to do it again. However, Vincent who runs the Tropicana Lodge which has become our second (or first, since we don't actually have a home in Europe) is a dive fanatic. And he has been going on about Sipadan, said to be one of the best dive spots in the whole world. Since it's been a while since I last did dive I thought it would be good to do some rehersal first. I planned to do three dives outside Kota Kinabalu, maybe even two in the dark. Unfortunatly or fortunatly depending on your view I couldn't do the night dives so instead I signed up for day dives. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 30th 2006

I have officially fallen in love with the dirty, smelly, corrupted, beautiful country and it's beautiful people. Borneo is absolutely everything I imagined it would be, and more. From the villages to the markets, the Jungle to the ocean; it all has such life and vivality (is that a word?) to it. Every time I look out a window or down a street there is something there that amazes me and fills me with awe. Mostly I love the people here. They are always greeting me with a smile and a hello, and are more willing to laugh and smile than anyone I know back home. They seem to have a zest for life that is unparalleled back home. And considering that compared to western standards these people have so little, it is quite amazing. Maybe ... read more
Sepilok Jungle Resort
More Orangu Tan's
Baby Orangu Tan

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 24th 2006

Semporna/Tawau Trip - 06 Asia » Malaysia » Borneo » Sabah » Semporna By tongkyOctober 24th 2006Hi all, This is teh First Day of Raya Puasa and i'm heading from KK to Tawau with AK5835 which expected to torch down at 4.20pm. My buddy, Rusmin is picking me up at airport and later we will go to Semporna. At Semporna, i will visit my friend Din and we go visit navy base there. Meanwhile Rusmin will arrange some sight seeing place for me. Enjoy the rest of my exploration before going to Lahad Datu to meet another friend of mine. ... read more
DAY 1: Tawau Seafood
DAY 1: Tawau Seafood
DAY 1: Tawau Seafood

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 22nd 2006

Diving still incredible! Dived at different islands of Mabul and Kapalai yesterday, which was macro muck diving - very different from the pretty corals of Sipadan - lots of sand, wrecks, and random large objects and rocks to look under which was very fun. Saw completely different types of fish - crocodile fish, HUGE cuttlefish, massive groupers (literally twice the size of me) and the weird looking stonefish, frogfish, leaf fish and pipefish - very cool! Today was my last day of diving at Sipadan - was a fantastic day and one of the dives was the BEST dive I've done here so far - more sharks than I've ever seen in my life, they were literally everywhere! And turtles gliding around every direction you look, and even saw a big school of squid mating - ... read more
Oh I love him
In flight
Having a snooze

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 21st 2006

Am now in Semporna, on the east coast of Sabah (the Malaysian part of Borneo) diving at world famous Sipadan Island with my friend Mel, who has been working as a divemaster here for the last 6 weeks. First day of diving was on my birthday (great way to spend a birthday!) and the first dive was at the top dive site of Barracuda Point - in the first 10 minutes we were surrounded by a school of about 200 huge barracudas, circling in a frenzy, and next to them were about 8 huge grey reef sharks, with a hammerhead shark in the distance. Currents were strong and it was my first proper dive for ages, ended up diving very deep, so needless to say I was slightly pooing myself and breathing up my air pretty ... read more
Beautiful Sipadan Island
Advanced diver Ali!
Happy Birthday me!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna September 7th 2006

We're back in the steamy heat of Kuala Lumpur. After an extra day of not doing very much, we board a plane to somewhere which promises to be very special. We're flying to North Borneo, to the Malaysian province of Sabah. Here, right near the border with Indonesia, where the Sulu and Celebes Seas meet, is Pulau Sipadan, reputed to be one of the world's great dive sites. Pulau Sipadan and a wealth of other tiny islands are dotted around the coast between the towns of Tawau and Semporna. We fly (Air Asia again !) to Tawau from KL before hopping in a minibus (complete with chickens in the back - sadly one of them succumbed to heat exhaustion, poor thing) to Semporna. There followed two day of the most extraordinary diving we've ever done. There ... read more
Don't give me evils !
Juvenile batfish
Fish or alien ?

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