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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna July 5th 2011

Leaving Uncle Tans i took the bus to Lahan Datu and onto Semporna, first impressions - o my GOD - this place is much worse than everyone said, its a complete and utter dump! But when you get into the main street where the dive shops are and hostels its just a dump and not as bad. Checking in to Scuba Junkie backpackers they had lost my booking but by the time i headed over to fill out the paperwork for my dive it was all organised i and checked into my room. There are loads of local cheap cafe's and a very good western cafe attached to the hostel, for the first night i headed to the cheap cafes. And after been at Uncle Tans for three days where there are no showers had an ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna March 31st 2011

Leaving Korea was difficult. A year may seem small in a lifetime, but it's huge when living abroad, because the people you form relationships with become your family away from family. Everyone is living far from home, in a foreign land, having similar experiences and emotions; we come to rely on one another more than we realize, that is until one leaves. I started to realize before leaving that it would be tough, which played into my decision to head straight to Borneo to start my Divemaster course. I'd pondered taking a couple of weeks off to travel first, but thought I might be having a tough time leaving Korea, so being alone somewhere in Malaysia could potentially be more lonely than relaxing. I figured, if I head straight to Borneo for a month-long stay to ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 2nd 2010

Well the adventure is over, in some ways its sad but in others I am ready to go home. I am looking forward to some of the small comforts of home but I know I will miss the freedom and anonimity of the road. My last 8 days have been spent on Mabul Island in the Semporna Archipelago, Borneo. After saying a final farewell to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City I flew to Tawau, Borneo via Kuala Lumpur, where a local man chatted to me whilst waiting for our baggage and then insisted on having a photo with me, questionable??? I spent that first night in the Skuba Junkie hostel on the mainland, I have to say the port town of Semporna does little to prepare you for what awaits you on ... read more
Local dogs hangin out under my lounger
Local kids make the most of island life
Snorkelling on the house reef

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 7th 2010

Zwischenhalt in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia Flug nach Tawau, dann Bus nach Semporna. Diving Mabul, Kapalai, SIPADAN und Mantabuan. Dann 3 Tage / 2 Naechte in Uncle Tan Jungle Camp am Kinabatang River... etwas Dschungel zur Abwechslung. Tauchen um Mabul und Sempoerna herum war gut, allerdings sieht man die krassen Schaeden von der ehemaligen (der heutigen illegalen Dynamithfischerei) - ein guter Tauchplatz ist wo ca. 50% der Korallen noch intakt sind oder sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten wieder einigermassen erholt hat - traurig aber wahr. Sipadan war dafuer umso besser - eben keine Fischer, da Nationalpark und das sieht man ueberdeutlich. Es hat Haie, unzaehlige Schildkroeten und wir sahen eine Schule von Barracudas und eine Schule Jacks - die sind immer am gleichen Ort... am Barracuda Point. Die Korallengaerten sind der Hammer, eben so die Waende. Geniale ... read more
Clown Fish
Lion Fish.. hier was spezielles..

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna September 15th 2010

I made it to Semporna and slept for most of the day nursing my painful body feeling like a wimp.. Next morning though I got in the water and felt amazing again! Out of Semporna I dived the northern islands - Sibuan, Mantabuan, Sabangkat etc..and it was lovely! I also did a night dive at Semporna jetty. So much rubbish and scary stuff in the water but the creatures under the water there were amazing!!!! On my 4th day I went out to Mabul and stayed there for 5 nights and dived for 6 days. It was a lovely paradise island with superb diving. I went all round Mabul as well as Kapalai, Sipidan and my favourite - Siamil! I saw so many beautiful things! My first sea horse, and another 30 or so! Over 50 ... read more
bubble coral shrimp
Photo 6

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna March 29th 2010

Semporna - the gateway to great dives! Ok, Semporna, how can we describe it: Lush palm trees covering a boulevard, some sunny beaches (good for snorkeling), some eating places and couple of dive shops. So we arrive there with good hopes. But alas, reality is not the way as we just described it. The description was the imagination we had before arriving. Reality is a bit different: no palm trees, garbage floating in the water. Haven't seen a beach for miles and there are no dive shops.... Instead a small market under a concrete cover, some lego-style blocks of buildings and some dive operators who REALLY suggest you to go to a resort island: Not our budget. So we're at a rat invested floating resort right next to Semporna's shore where the showers are not ... read more
Kids on the beach
ERA Plongee here you go!
On the diving boat

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna March 12th 2010

Well I believe I left you all at Kuching - what a journey since then, and what a place I’m in! Borneo is … well let me see, it is diverse, full of mediocre food (not nearly as good as india or Thailand) but full of a variety of animals and fish that I have spent the past three weeks trying to see! So. Let me start where i left you, which i believe was hitch hiking back to Kuching from the weird Jong's Crocodile Farm! Well after arriving safely back in Kuching i took a flight to Mulu National Park (and World heritage site) THe flight was amausing as the plane probably only had 40 seats and only about a third of them were occupied and when we disembarked we just strolled across the runway ... read more
the bats at Deer Cave
Outside Lang's Cave
Lang's Cave

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna March 8th 2010

From the bus station near the Naval base in Sandakan waterfront I took a local bus to Bus Express station, arriving there touts competed for me, I ignored them and went straight to the buses, I asked the time table one leaving at 7:30 am another at 8am, I took the 7:30 bus cause it's nicer and for 30 ringgits. I asked the ticket lady if she could let me borrow her phone so I can call and tell Singamata about the bus arrival time in Semporna. I got in touch with them and they will be at the bus station waiting for me. 5 1/2 hours later we arrived in Semporna, the Singamata shuttle is there and also gave rides to 3 other tourists to town who was contemplating on staying there too but in ... read more
Sibuan island

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 30th 2009

As we headed for the bus station as the sun rose over the mosque my head was full of questions. Most pertaining to our destination of Semporna. Would we find a place to sleep? Would we find a place to take us snorkeling? Would we see a shark? More importantly I thought, would a shark see us? We headed out for our long hot trip to Semporna. As we set off down the dirt road on our way back the highway we passed several raised longhouses, one of which our driver stopped at to pick up his jacket. Why he needed a jacket in searing equatorial heat is beyond me. Maybe he was used to it and feeling a bit chilly. The three of us however were rapidly filling a swimming pool in his car. As ... read more
Day at the office

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 16th 2009

Ensinnakin - Sipadan on todellakin 80 euron arvoinen. Voisinpa vaittaa, etta siella kaytyani olisin valmis maksamaan jopa puolet enemman. Aivan mielettoman upea paikka vaikka tyytyisikin vain snorklaamaan kuten mina. Aika Mabulilla venahti sitten lopulta kuuden yon mittaiseksi. Kaksi ensimmaista Uncle Changin jokseenkin vaatimattomassa (mutta edulisessa) majassa ja nelja seuraavaa Scuba Junkien luksus huoneessa. Sipadanilla kavin Uncle Changin poppoon mukana, silla heidan kauttaan vapaa paikka loytyi nopeammin. Tein varauksen edellisena paivana. Ja kuten sanottua, Sipadan oli todella upea vaikka en edes sukella. Snorklatessakin nakyvyys oli todella hyva ja nahtavaa riitti haista ja kilppareista lukuisiin kaloihin ja kauniisiin koralleihin. Onnistuin ottamaan jopa n. 250 kuvaa veden alla :) Sipadanin jalkeen Mabulin ihan hienot vedet eivat kylla tuntuneet juurikaan miltaan. Silti v... read more

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