Lisa Burge


Lisa Burge

I'm hitting the South East Asian trail with 4 months, a map and vague plans. I can't wait to see where the road takes me.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and I'll try to make them interesting!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 2nd 2010

Well the adventure is over, in some ways its sad but in others I am ready to go home. I am looking forward to some of the small comforts of home but I know I will miss the freedom and anonimity of the road. My last 8 days have been spent on Mabul Island in the Semporna Archipelago, Borneo. After saying a final farewell to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City I flew to Tawau, Borneo via Kuala Lumpur, where a local man chatted to me whilst waiting for our baggage and then insisted on having a photo with me, questionable??? I spent that first night in the Skuba Junkie hostel on the mainland, I have to say the port town of Semporna does little to prepare you for what awaits you on ... read more
Local dogs hangin out under my lounger
Local kids make the most of island life
Snorkelling on the house reef

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An October 15th 2010

Well my time in Vietnam is drawing to a close, I have to say I am getting a little travel weary and the chaotic pace of life in Vietnam has taken its toll. But still it has been great and I have been especially glad that I had Carrie and then Terrie meet up with me, it's made the maddness more bearable! The four days I spent in Hanoi waiting for Terrie to arrive were not very active at all. I needed some chill time and also I desperately needed to catch up on my blog! The gorgeous little hotel I stayed in Rendevous was fabulous, serving a huge choice of breakfast and including much needed A/C and cable TV in the room! However after 4 days of lounging and minimal exploration I was ready to ... read more
Cyclo's all dressed up for a wedding
Traffic on our last night in Hanoi
I really loved the fanciness of our Hoi An hotel!

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa October 14th 2010

Arriving into Hanoi after Halong was a bit of a wake up call and unfortunately for Carrie I was feeling very much under the weather so she ventured out on her own on friday to explore the city and do some shopping. She came back to the room at about lunch time hot and bothered but triumphantly clutching more than one bag of goodies. I on the other hand spent the day in bed watching cable tv in the airconditioned room - nice. Friday night we were booked on the night train to Sapa, I was a little uncertain about the train having heard a few horror stories. However we were both pleasantly surprised by the standard of the cabin and we luckily were sharing with an older australian gentleman and his tour guide who spoke ... read more
These ladies are relentless in their pursuit of a sale!
Colourful Flower Hmong woman
Beating the rice grains out

Asia October 8th 2010

Ok you've all heard of Halong Bay and you've all seen the pictures but really I don't think you can appreciate the full extent of it's heavenlyness until you actually see it in person. There are so many companies offering trips to Halong Bay that Carrie and I found it a little overwhelming trying to choose the right one. Our backpacker place offered one but it was called the 'Rock long rock hard tour' so we were a little concerned that it would be party, party 24/7. As you well know I am partial to a wee drop but I think I have passed the stage in my life when I need to spend everynight drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Therefore we opted for a company called Oriental Sails, recommended by Courtney & Andi and it ... read more
View from the Amazing Cave
Our boat
Carrie demonstrating her superior kayaking skills!

Asia » Laos » North September 25th 2010

After spending my birthday whiling away the day alone in Muon Khua I was definitely ready to head out of Laos and into Vietnam where I was to meet Carrie in Hanoi. I was a little aprehensive about the bus journey from Muong Khua in Laos to Dien Bien in Vietnam as the Tourist Office info stated that it was 100km but would take 7hrs! Talk about out of your comfort zone, comfort didn't even come into it! So in the wee hours of the 25th I prepared myself for the worst. I was told to wait at the boat dock at 4am for a boat the short distance across river in order to meet my bus. Me being me I was there at 3.45am diligently sitting atop my backpack and waiting for my ride. It ... read more
Our roadworks delay
Fully loaded, definitely NOT four wheel drive vehicle
Trying to get the wheel nuts off

Asia » Laos » North September 20th 2010

With 5 days to kill before I could enter Vietnam I bravely boarded the slow boat from Muong Ngoi to Muong Khua hoping to find something to do in the tiny Lao town to pass the time. My travel companions were a lovely couple from New York, Diego & Claudia and an aussie doctor from Melb, Paul. Diego assured me that a tour leader in Luang Prabang had assured him that there were trekking options from Muong Khua and that's what he and Claudia were hoping to find. I figured trekking was as good way to pass the time as anything else so decided to tag along with them. Its funny how a completely unplanned side trip can turn out to be the highlight of your trip. You see the reason I had so much time ... read more
Traditional bamboo bong - don't worry they only smoke tobacco!
Yep that's my blood folks!
The kids of Sbor peering in on us in the house

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang September 12th 2010

Wow! It's been so long since an installment that I almost don't know where to start but alas I will do my best! So upon the recommendation of Chloe the three of us girls headed off on a 2 day Mahout Course to learn the fine art of Elephant training. Really what this entailed was us riding around on Elephants for two days pretending like they were listening to what we said when really they ignored us! lol It was a fantastic way to get close to the elephants without it being an overly touristed excercise and we could tell that these elephants were well cared for. After travelling around asia for so long I have seen a fair share of sad looking elephants that really don't seem to be enjoying life. These guys were living ... read more
That's me behind all that spray!
Ridin High
Prepare for dismount!

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det September 10th 2010

I have been in Laos for almost a week now and have enjoyed every minute! This country is stunning. I crossed into Laos in the south after spending 10 hours on a bus from Phnom Penh we crossed the border and because it was Sunday apparently that meant that the 'Stamp Fee' on either side of the border was increased from $1 to $2, therefore costing me an additional $4 on top of the visa cost of $35. What can you hey, you can't really blame the guys for wanting to make some cash on the side! To be honest though it wasn't much of a border crossing, just a wooden hut and a manual boom gate essentially. First stop for me was the 4000 Islands - Don Det to be exact. Unfortunately the storm that ... read more
Local kids having a ball playing marbles
Waterfall on Don Kone
Gorgeous view from Tea Plantation

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot August 28th 2010

Well after almost a month its time to say goodbye to Cambodia. I have definitely enjoyed my stay. After finally leaving Siem Reap I headed to Phnom Penh for a couple of days. I did my duty and voted in the Federal Election (not sure what good it has done) and FINALLY secured the refund from Bangkok Airways for my Singapore-Samui flight. I have to say it was nice to see my credit card balance back at a big fat ZERO! Phnom Penh is a fairly big city and coming from Siem Reap it was a hard to get used to having to pay a tuk tuk to get anywhere but for what it is I enjoyed it. I visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and then headed out to the Killing Fields. These were both ... read more
Monks off to the Temple
The Killing Fields
At Royal Palace in PP

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap August 18th 2010

I extended my stay in Siem Reap so that I could do 3 days volunteering at the Cambodian Children's House of Peace or as it's known in Cambodian Santepheap. I only heard about this place on Friday night as I sat writing in my journal at the local outdoor food markets a guy sitting at the next table saw me with the journal and asked if 'I was a serious traveller' lol! Turns out Marco was volunteering at Santepheap and when he saw my journal he figured I might be someone with a bit of extra time. So he invited me to go and watch the children perform in their weekly dance show on Sunday night. The kids perform traditional Khmer Aspara dances as well as folk dances. As I was originally planning to leave Siem ... read more
Learning new words
The front of the house
Srey Mom & I

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