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18th January 2011

Nice photos Lisa Legs, very cool. Where on earth are you going to dive when you live in stinky Melbourne??
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25th October 2010

last leg
Hi lisa, nice blog. Good to read now that i am going on holidays in less than 1 week's time i can read it without bitterness!! You make me want to go to Vietnam though, not boring Melbourne. Well thanks for the update, stay safe love Mia and Vegemite xxx
22nd October 2010

Hi lisa legs, halong bay sounds fantastic! vegemite would think so too if he wasn't unable to read this as he is fast asleep and snoring on the couch next to me. But i know he misses his auntie lisa. Well 1 more week of work and then jrad and i are off to melbourne and sydney!!! can't wait and apparently i really need a holiday as im cranky and nagging! well i can agree with that for once, bring on no work!!! when we get back from our trip you will be no long behind us and then it's foundu time!!! anyway, enjoy the rest of your travel time and live it up for those of us chained to a desk. lots a love mia xxx
15th October 2010

Hi Lisa I've been trying to email you for the last couple of weeks but can't seem to get around to it. These damn tourists keep coming in. I love reading your emails. Your trip is amazing. I don't think I would be brave enough to do it myself, especially the leech part (yuk !!). You will probably find it hard getting back into the hum drum of life when you come home. You will have to start saving for the next one. I have just returned from Victoria where I did a textile art course for five days. I had the best time. I wish I could do that sort of thing everyday of the week. My sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and had the cancer removed. She has to have radiation therapy for six weeks but is improving very quickly. So the moral to that story is 'make the most of everyday', just like you are doing. It's a shame about having to cancel your Gibbon experience but sounds like you made the right decision. Things aren't the same without you and Mel here. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Take care, have fun. Love from Jane xx
10th October 2010

im at work
Hi Lisa legs, this blog entry is funny : ) i will tell jrad about driving without a proper tyre on, i love their attitude to problems like these! i can't shake the vision of the Harry Potter sleeper bus whenever you and Chloe talk about the sleeper busses in Vietnam, although im sure they are slightly different...?! Your photos are funny too, ice cream in ship glass! Classic! Keep up the good work : ) Mia xxx
7th October 2010

good photos
Hi Lisa Legs! Great to read your blog and see all the wonderful photos; love the elephant ones! They really do look just like big Vegemites in some photos. You are looking very brown now and that makes me feel even whiter... : ( Hope to hear good things about your time with Carrie next blog, I'm jealous for missing out on it all. Vegemite misses you and is getting boring as he is living the high life now, just snoozing on the couch all day when Jarrad is home! I think he misses having his mummy around. Ok, gotta go, much love, take care and all the rest, Mia xxx
17th September 2010

daniel says hi
From Blog: Siem Reap Sagas
16th September 2010

Mia to Lisa
Hi Little Lisa, this blog was great to read, although i am a little behind i know, i promise to catch up one day soon!! It sounds interesting and gratifying and all that but most importantly, it makes me want to join you in the good work you do to impact upon other people's lives. i think this is a great thing you are doing for Vuon, but also for your peers who need some first hand info on what they have the power to achieve. Go on you girl, love ya, Mia xxx
5th September 2010

No entry
Haha, I took a photo of that no entry sign too. everyon just walks on past. Sounds like you covered alot of ground in a short amount of itme. Had a fab weekend in Mandurah catching up with everyone. Father's Day today, of course no rain in sight so Dad is pretty unimpressed. Hoping Laos is treating you well.
26th August 2010

controled woman!!
Mr Panda sounds like a bigger version of the woofy sleeping on my couch at home. At least Vegemite doesn't have a fat belly though. Chloe has talked numerous times about your reaction to the fortune teller's comments. I'm sorry I was not there to see your face, apparently it was priceless! Better get practicing on those massages Lisa! Was this the bus ride you compared to a scene from Macloud's Daughters??? He he.
26th August 2010

Hi lisa
Chloe stayed up all night...impressive from a "don't call after 9pm cause i'll be asleep" person.
From Blog: Full Moon Mania!
23rd August 2010

Love reading your blogs
Hi my darling Lisa It's wonderful to follow your journey. You should write a book, you emails are brilliant. Take care, have fun Love from Jane xx
From Blog: Pai in the Skie
21st August 2010

so cool
yay, so glad you had a good time. I am missing Cambodia so much reading your entires. Maybe next year we can make a return visit? We can practice our Khmer over Summer. JBT on Friday night, getting excited about that. Had an awesome time at the farm, very relaxing. Drank lots of red wine and toasted marshmallows by the campfire. The Corrigin Show is on the 11th September, spewing you're not here, would've been a fun farm weekend. Miss you lots, chloe xxx
17th August 2010

Your photo's of the village people are just beautiful....It captures so much about them :-)
From Blog: Siem Reap Sagas
16th August 2010

oh you sound like you are having so much fun! Reading your blog makes it all come back to me like seeing the photo of the school kids in their uniforms! ohh I do miss Cambodia. Your sunnies look great by the way! Glad you are having a ball. My roast was delicious and the sun came out over the weekend so we headed to the Left Bank for a few red wines in the sun. Today I got my YF needle and started the process of insurance claims! Yuky. Think of you often x Fish
From Blog: Siem Reap Sagas
12th August 2010

Ok, I made it home safely and on time but it was a close call. Karma/ God/ Mother Earth above looked after me and I met a Chinese/ american family who did me a huge favour and got me onto a train in time to catch my flight. I am thrilled that your visit to the village was such a highlight, It sounds like you had a day that will stay with you forever. I am still jealous of you being in Cambodia. Just reading your blog brings it all back to me. Things like meanings of words- eg srey means girl. It is raining here but I am enjoying being warm and cosy inside. I had vegemite on multigrain toast for breakfast and i put the toilet paper down the bowl today- thrilling! All of our stuff from Chang mai is here so I will take it down to Lorelle next week. I WONDER WHERE YOU ARE TODAY. i HOPE THAT YOU ARE FINDING LOTS OF FUN TRAVEL BUDDIES. (Sorry, just looked up to see caps on you know how shit i am at these things). What is the American girl like? I will write a travel blog about China maybe tomorrow. China was such hard work. I really thought visiting the bigger cities would be a piece of cake but in general they have very little english skills. I had to get the staff at the Gh to write down instructions in chinese just to get from place to place. I don't think il be going back there alone any time soon. ok, sorry i keep writing about me. I know you won't have time to write me personally so il just keep up with you over FB but it would be great to skype sometime. Let me know if you wanna make a time so i can tell you all the crazy cina stories. take care and havefun. xxx
11th August 2010

Thanks for the comments
Hi guys, thanks everyone for your comments its fantastic to get feedback and know someone is reading, lol! Can I ask that you put your name on the comments tho because I have a few here that I don't know who they are from???? Thanks again, love Lisa xx
11th August 2010

Lisa... Fantasic ..... You are an inspiratation Lisa Maree Burge, when I grow up I want to be just like you. Miss you heaps Love Rel oooxxx
11th August 2010

Hi Lissyy Reading you blogs is fantastic your adventure sound like great fun. I read them to the kids they think you are awesome. Glad you having great time.I rang the International Mail Centre and paid for your little parcel to get treated. All is good here, mum still here Simon and I heading to Busselton on the weekend am looking forward to that. Went to the Visitor Info Centre, it was really sad it felt really cold they have nothing in there at all. Just lame brochures no atmosphere at all. Boys just about finished footy last game this weekend, thank goodness mum says she has been the footy taxi..lol Take care sweets xxxooo Love Goodies and mum xxx
11th August 2010

aawww Lisa, that almost made me cry. The photos are beautiful...he is gorgeous. I'm so glad that you got to meet him and his family. Meeting you will be something he will remember for the rest of his life :-) xx
1st August 2010

'In the jungle, the MIGHTY jungle, the lion sleeps tonight....' nothing about that song is QUIET!!!! Mel called you a twit (insult of the year I know lol). White water rafting sounds like quite an adventure....meanwhile Mel and I sit here side by side on our own computers on facebook quoting The Hangover :-) We are too cool. Must skype soon xx
From Blog: Pai in the Skie
16th July 2010

aww this almost made me cry. We really do take what we have for granted. Pone Pone sounds like such an inspirational lady....I would love to meet her myself. It sounds like you have settled into the rhythm of travelling easily and are enjoying all the experiences on on offer (good and bad). Back from my little stint in QLD...loved playing Aunty Carrie for the week to little Izzy Bean (Daddy's nickname for her...soooo cute). Can't believe hols are over already...arrghh. Lotsa love xxxx Be safe
5th July 2010

Ok, so rather late with the blog response- but better late than never I have to aggree with Carrie when i reac FB about the ticket i had a little giggle but could not believe that they made you pay for another ticket. Singapore sounds full of interesting stuff....... Great to hear you got there safely and that the journey can only get bigger and better x0x0
4th July 2010

Fun Fun Fun
Hi honey....Glad your having a top time....sounds great...... funny about the moped thing we should of practiced that one at home...lol :) Stay safe xxxxxooo Rel
From Blog: Full Moon Mania!
26th June 2010

the fun begins!
Hi Lisa Loved reading the first instalment. sorry you had a bad experience at Changi - I LOVE that place and always enjoy stopovers there (yes even at the airport - we stayed at the hotel there once as Ric had a bad back and couldn't make it to our planned hotel. I spent a wonderful evening shopping while he rested!) This time last year we were in Singy en route to Europe - magic memories which I am reliving as I finally get around to labelling our photos! Looking forward to reading more. have fun and stay safe Love Cathy xx

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