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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna June 19th 2009

June 18th Today's dive sites were at the reefs surrounding Bohayan, an island about an hour east of Semporna. Rumour has it that there is about 25 Pygmy Seahorses hiding amongst more than 200 sea-fans. We hoped we could find at least one. The first dive was at Pygmy Point and it was a drift dive next to a wall of coral. We saw Scorpionfish, Clown and Titan Triggerfish, Bluespotted Stingray, different Nudies, all against a gorgeous backdrop of lush sea plants and corals. The site did suffer from a severe absence of Pygmy Seahorses. These little guys are about 1cm high and look just like the sea-fans they call home. There's not much chance of spotting one without spending a lot of time staring at various fans. The second dive site was called Green Marker. ... read more
Love the Nudi
Playing in the current
Soft flower coral

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna June 15th 2009

June 13th We had the day off but were woken early by the singing, wait... no... howling of someone thinking he/she (we couldn't even guess the sex of the vocalist) is Pavarotti or someone. After breakfast, feeling very lethargic, we caught up with the ton of correspondence we got while on Mabul. Thanks for all the pics and news from home! It was fun to catch up with all you guys. We were delighted to hear from Reefers Diving in Koh Pha-Ngan. They had stumbled upon our blog and really liked some of our pics. They also used a picture of us diving for their new brochure. We're almost famous! The heat and lack of a breeze quickly had us exhausted and we had a nap before lunch. When Talita finally managed to drag Ferdi out ... read more
Gigantor Giant Moray Eel

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna June 5th 2009

June 5th After breakfast we said goodbye to Jorn & Claudia because they're flying back to KL today. We then set out on our first dive trip in Borneo. We were very excited! We've heard good things about the area and we were about to test dive our new camera. Our DM (Dive Master) said that a few people he knew (himself included) had lost their "waterproof" Olympus cameras from just a little water in the dive case or plain old snorkeling, so he advised us not to trust the waterproof claim and treat the camera as if it wasn't "waterproof". He asked if we'd tested our case without the camera inside and Ferdi said yes, even though we'd done no such thing. On all the other dive boats we've been there was always a bucket ... read more
Talita with the rare Black Coral
Soft Coral

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna June 4th 2009

June 3rd We spent the day watching DVDs and waiting expectantly to hear if our friends Rian and Jolene had their little boy, Seth. We were delighted when Rian phoned to tell us that Seth was born last night (early this morning for us). Congratulations you guys! May Seth be a blessing to you and to all who know him. May he grow up to be a strong and righteous man. Later we were very happy to receive an email with some pictures of Seth and his proud parents. What a cute little guy and what head of hair he has! On days like today we really miss being home, but we realized that being apart has actually brought us closer to our family and friends. Through the wonder of the internet (and Travelblog) we share ... read more
Smallest orange juices ever!
It's small but it'll do.
Dragon Inn

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna March 15th 2009

Ross: We arrived at Tawau Airport in the southeast corner of Sabah at about 6pm. We'd arranged a transfer to Semporna through the Scuba Junkies dive centre but, much to my dismay, there was no grinning chauffeur at the Arrivals exit waving our names on a board. Sure enough however, a big jovial local by the name of Abdul arrived shortly afterwards and escorted us to his pick-up truck for the hour and a half journey north. Although night had just fallen, we could make out endless miles of palm oil plantations along the route, every so often passing one of the processing plants. Palm oil is one of Malaysia's biggest industries and a lot of native jungle has been sacrificed in preference for neatly aligned rows of palm trees, both in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia. ... read more
Lunch at Sibuan
Polly aboard the dive boat
Local kids splashing about

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna February 19th 2009

Thursday 19th February 09: 1st day of Scuba School. Caught an early bus to Semporna where we were to embark on our PADI course. Spent the afternoon in the classroom watching DVDs and taking 1-4 module tests. Went to the Semporna Scuba Cafe for dinner where we had an enormous platter of freshly caught and cooked sea food - marlin steak, calamari, prawns, stuffed crab, rice, garlic bread, potato wedges and salad - all for £4!! Bloody bargain!! Friday 20th February 09: Day 2 of Scuba School: Mabul Island Today we went to the Island of Mabul to the crystal clear waters to do our skills training. Spent the morning in the shallow water doing our skills then had lunch on the pier where we watched acouple of highly venomous black and white striped sea snakes ... read more
Sea Snake
Toby at Scuba shop
On the boat to Sibuan

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna February 10th 2009

Hej Saa har vi faaet vores dykkercertificat. De sidste par dage har vaeret rigtig fede. Foerste dag havde vi en masse teori og nogle tests, det var ikke specielt spaendende, men nogle mener at det skal til. den 8. skulle vi afsted til Sibuan til vores foerste dykkerlektioner. Foerst skulle vores instruktoer lige se om vi kunne svoemme ordentlig foerst, saa vi blev bedt om at svoemme 200 meter i vandet rundt om oen. Ikke noget problem, vi undrede os dog over, hvem der mon ville tilmelde sig et dykkerkursus uden at kunne svoemme. Foerste dyk brugte vi paa at lave en masse basis oevelser, hvor man skulle tage mundstykket ud og saette det i igen. Herefter tog vi en lille tur rundt i vandet og naede da egentlig at komme ret dybt ned, hvor der ... read more
Dejlig oe
Dykkerdrengene i Wetsuits

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna February 4th 2009

NOTE: I know it has been over a month since my last entry, but when last I wanted to write the internet became elusive, and then I spent the last 18 days on an island with no internet at all. I'm going to have 2 separate entries, and I've added pictures to the last few entries that previously had none, so check it out. Overall, Borneo was a bit of a let down. Normally, I refrain from forming any expectation or am just plain ignorant, but it is hard not to imagine adventure and wild things when you hear "Borneo." It was more than a challenge to find wild without comforts (which translates to pay a lot of money and we'll take care of everything for you). I was traveling with a guy I met in ... read more
Poring Hot Springs
Proboscis Monkey
Long-tail Macaque

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna January 27th 2009

We have arrived to our last destination... after this, it will be back to Singapore to catch the plane back to Europe... Sabah is humid; we arrived in Sandakan during the rainy season... and it rains; and when it doesn't, the humidity is so high that it feels as if it's raining. But people here are very friendly and seem really interested in you as a person and not a wallet. We didn't want to get a taxi from the airport to town, so we started walking: many people were greeting us on the road and the bus driver charged us a local fare and not a "tourist" one... I like Sabah... During our stay in Sandakan, Dax was ill with fever, so we spent 4 days, pretty much watching tv and only going out to ... read more
Dax and barracudas
us again
shark!!!!   /   tiburon!!!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna January 15th 2009

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