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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna November 8th 2009

Ihan vallan meinaa karata kasista taa blogin paivittaminen :D Lahdin tanaan aamulla Sandakanista bussilla Sempornaan. Bussit ja tiet Borneolla on erinomaisia verrattuna moneen muuhun paikkaan maailmassa. Ilmastointi oli niin tehokas, etta meinasi vallan vilu tulla. Bussilta menin suoraan varaamaan reissun laheiselle Mabul-saarelle. 10 eurolla saa paikan dormista ja kolme ateriaa paivassa. Ei kovin paha. Muut huvit ovatkin sitten huomattavasti kalliimpia. Esim jos haluaa snorklaamaan Sipadanille, joutuu pulittamaan 400 ringittia eli sellaiset 80 euroa paivareissusta. Ehka liian tyyrista minulle, mutta katsotaan. Mabulin rannikolla snorklaaminen maksaa sentaan vain 115 ringittia. Ehkapa se riittaa. Sukeltaminenkin houkuttaisi, mutta taitaa taasen jaada hamaan tulevaisuuteen se padin suorittaminen. Tuskin taalta edes loytyisi sen kokoista markapukua, etta meikalainen siihen saisi ahtaudu... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna October 5th 2009

Une promesse à tenir Incontestablement, il est des promesses plus faciles à tenir que d'autres. Celle que je m'étais faite il y a un an et demi en revenant de Malaisie – retourner à Bornéo si mes pas venaient à me conduire à nouveau en Asie du sud-est – fait partie de celles-là. J'avais à l'époque passé dix jours sur l'île, dans l'État du Sabah, les meilleurs de mon séjour, contrairement à ce que je prévoyais initialement. J'étais parti avec le regret de ne pas disposer de plus de temps pour explorer également le Sarawak voisin. Aujourd'hui, j'ai tout mon temps (ou presque) ; c'est donc l'occasion idéale d'honorer cette promesse comme il se doit. Les joyaux de la Mer des Célèbes Aaah les voici les mots et les images au fort potentiel déprimant pour l'esprit ... read more
Aah ce coup-ci je l'ai pas loupée !
Un "Batfish" a Mantabuan
Mabul - Apres deux plongées, un peu de repos sur le spot

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna September 25th 2009

Grunden til vi var saa lang tid paa Borneo (i alt omkring 5 uger), var at vi gerne ville dykke paa Sipadan, som skulle vaere et helt fantastisk sted at dykke. Der er begraensninger paa hvor mange der maa dykke der om dagen, og derfor er det en god ide at bestille i god tid i forvejen. Vi bestilte da vi ankom til Borneo i slutningen af august og kunne foerst faa en plads d. 26 september. Men det var noget vi begge gerne ville og saa maatte vi jo paent vente. Sipandan oe ligger paa en vulkanstilk som straekker sig 600 m fra havbund til havoverflade. Det mest beroemte dyk er en naermest lodret vaeg hvor der bl.a. kan opleves en mangfoldighed af fisk, skildpadder og revhajer og tider ogsaa store flokke af barracudaer. Byen ... read more
Sibuan oe
Turtle paa vej ned
Haj haj

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna September 8th 2009

Part 3: When Joe, Justin and Jenny enter the other worldly realm of underwater exploration. Semporna and the surrounding islands, are some of the best dive spots in the world. In fact, Sipidan, and island an hours ride away on boat is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It is home to so many underwater creatures and marine life that it is impossible not see at least a dozen turtles and sharks in one dive. This would have been great to experience, but alas we are not dive certified, and weren’t on the waiting list to dive there. This last leg of the trip was our need or want for ocean and beach. Simple as that. We had decided even before leaving that the last few days of the trip would be ... read more
On the streets of Sandakan

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna August 26th 2009

Only just arrived here, so will be a very short blog entry. After my wonderful adventures in Mulu I flew down to Tawau (Sabah, Malaysia) and was picked up at the airport - rather nice for a change. I then had the hours drive (along with a friend from Mulu that was on the same flight) past so very many palm oil plantations to Sempourna - all so very sad. Its such a profitable harvest I don't know how the huge destruction can be stopped as palm oil is in everything ranging from margarine to cosmetics and under huge demand. I certainly once I return will be trying my very best to only use things with no palm oil in (it also goes under other names on the ingredients so difficult to avoid but very possible) ... read more
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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna July 26th 2009

Malasia, 26 de Julio. Despertamos de nuevo en la jungla de Sabah y desayunamos por última vez en el Paganakan Retreat. Tostadas, café y luego pasamos cuentas con ellos. Pagamos poco más de RM 300 por las tres noches en el albergue y los desayunos. Un muy buen precio teniendo en cuenta la calidad del sitio, ¡el mejor en el que estuvimos sin duda! Seguidamente, Anton nos lleva con sus 4x4 a la rotonda que lleva a Sepilok para coger el autocar hacia Semporna, nuestro próximo destino. Esperando el autobús conocemos unos parisinos que pretenden subir y bajar el Monte Kinabalu (pico más alto entre el Himalaya y Nueva Guinea con 4095 metros!) en un día. Bonne chance ! Finalmente cogemos el autocar a Semporna que nos cuesta RM 80 por persona y que tarda unas ... read more
Silvia y Mantabuan

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna July 12th 2009

Semporna ist für Malaysiareisende 'the end of the road', der östlichste Zipfel Borneos, nur einen Steinwurf entfernt von den philippinischen Suluinseln, was bedeutet, dass früher oder später jeder Weg zurück nach Kota Kinabalu führt, eine mehr als zehnstündige Busfahrt. Deshalb war ich froh, dass ich eine Strecke sehr günstig fliegen konnte. Obwohl ich nur einige Tage im voraus gebucht hatte, kostete der Flug mit MAS von KK nach Tawau lediglich 79 RM, kaum mehr als die Busfahrt. Am Flughafen in Tawau nahm ich den Airport Bus in die Stadt hinein, wo ich direkt Anschluss nach Semporna bekam, mit dem lokalen Minibus (20 RM) weitere zwei Stunden östlich von Tawau gelegen. Semporna selber ist keine attraktive Stadt. Während ein Großteil des überwiegend muslimischen Ortes zwar noch von traditionellen Wasserdörfern geprägt ist, besteht das recht schmuddelige Zentrum aus ... read more
Mantabuan Island

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna June 21st 2009

June 20th We apologize in advance for the boring blog that follows. If you're not diving there's nothing else to do here. We did some research about Malaria and the threat of infection in Indonesia. The symptoms are almost exactly the same as flu, so we were worried that our recent illness and exhaustion might be more than just a simple case of the flu. You see, we hadn't planned on being in Asia this long and ran out of Anti-Malaria medication a couple weeks ago. We decided to visit the local clinic just to be sure. After a short wait the doc could see us but he couldn't do a malaria test. Since neither of us were currently running a fever he wasn't too worried about it being malaria and gave us some pills for ... read more
In the clinic
Streets of Semporna
Nice ice Milo

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna June 19th 2009

June 15th Talita woke feeling very queasy and Ferdi's cold wasn't getting much better. We felt a little used up and exhausted. Diving three times a day takes its toll and we're definitely not diving fit yet (yes, were surprised about that too). We felt we need a vacation from our trip. Maybe we're suffering from a bit of "Travel Fatigue". We were scheduled to go diving again but after a small breakfast, consisting only of fruit, Talita felt too sick and we canceled the dive. Scuba Junkie is amazingly flexible and we had no problem moving the dive to another day. We spent the morning indoors and later moved (again!) to another room. We'd had enough with the relentless shuffling (we're not a deck of cards after all) so Ferdi went to book us into ... read more
Packing out
Feels like honeymoon again!
View from our room

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