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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman July 2nd 2019

The past month has been a fun, a bit food focused and social month for us. We traveled overland from Myanmar to Thailand where we would meet two friends for 48hrs in Bangkok and then we would fly to Kuala Lumpur to meet two other friends with whom we would spend almost three weeks exploring Malaysia. We had a great laugh, some tears were shed, we had plenty of drinks and enjoyed a lot of the best food ranging from Michelin star dumplings to the best Laksa of the world (according to the locals that is…). From the border we first went to Kanchanaburi, a pleasant town in Thailand, where we could get used to this part of the world, being very touristy, modern and everything available in abundance. We adjusted quite well, we had great ... read more
Kanchanaburi and River Khwae
Kanchanaburi and River Khwae
Kanchanaburi and River Khwae

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman March 17th 2016

Malaysia has always been one of my favorite Asian destinations - and I have long and hard wondered why. When people ask me what I like about this country in particular, I mostly just stumbled something related to food and access, but being a little more introspective, this can't be the whole story. It is especially strange for me to like a destination like Malaysia, because my usual travel interests are heavily related to history, culture and food. Malaysia - if looked at closely - has for long struggled to promote its culture to the outside world. The country is pretty much a mix of native Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, whereas the Chinese and Indian Malays are mostly living in the major cities. Attraction wise, most places will have some mosques, Chinese pagodas and South ... read more
Pulau Tioman
Pulau Tioman
Pulau Tioman

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman August 26th 2014

Hey you lot We have had the most relaxing week on Tioman Island, it really is a beautiful place to be. The island is tiny and only has a couple of small roads, most places are still only accessed by boats as there is no other way of getting there. We stayed a couple of nights in a village called Tekek a really cute chalet surrounded by a beautifully kept garden. Other than a snorkel trip out to Coral Island for the day we havent done much other than hang in hammocks, relax and eat the freshest fish you can imagine bbq'd to our liking, this has been perfect for us after all that travelling around. Although Im not the bravest snorkeler around I did give it a go and saw some of the most beautiful ... read more
The "wine not" gang
Joe and Coyin

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman February 28th 2013

I crossed the country to the East coast and ferried to the island of Pulau Tiomin. Some footage of it is claimed to have been filmed here for South Pacific (1958!!!!). Well for me it has been spoiled. If you were going to the super resorts at super prices I am sure it is lovely. Many young people come to get their PADI open water certificates - I would tell them to go to Tobago - it was nicer there! I was spoilt by by stay on the beach in Thailand... I swam every day out to the pontoon and had a very relaxing time. It also happened to be to be the worst accommodation I had stayed in the whole trip, so left a couple of days early to go to Singapore, so travelled on ... read more
7 am
My accommodation
Where I normally ate

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman July 24th 2012

Day 1 We went to Palau Tioman by taking a long taxi ride from the causeway at Johor Bahru. From Johor Bahru we took the 3 to Mersing. Since it was early in the morning there was lots of fog patches in the palm tree plantations and rainforest outside of Johor Bahru. After a while all we saw were miles of palm trees going towards the horizon, After two hours we reached the ferry terminal in Mersing. Once we got to Mersing we had to wait an hour. From Mersing we took a one hour and fifteen minute ferry ride to Kampong Genting, the first stop on the ferry ride, then Paya and then to the main ferry terminal at Tekek. We got off at Tekek and took a little bridge over a river that looked ... read more
Parrot fish and other fish
tioman 072

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman March 29th 2012

After a very pleasant 2 and a half weeks back in Australia visiting family and friends I caught a flight yet again to Malaysia. I arrived early in the morning, caught the bus into KL and then made my way to Bukit Bintang and found some accommodation. I had a quick shower and then caught a taxi to the Chinese visa centre to apply for a tourist visa. After a bit of confusion I eventually lodged my application and was told to return the following morning for an interview. The next morning I arrived early and after a 1 minute, 2 question interview I was told to come back a few days later to pick up my passport hopefullly with a 90 day visa in it. Seeing it was still early in the morning I decided ... read more
Beach on the way to Berjaya Resort
Jan and Vale on the dive boat

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman October 22nd 2011

I just completed my Open Water Dive course last week at Tioman. This is my 2nd trip to Tioman Island. Basically, there's not much things to see on the island itself. You must explore the underwater world to make Tioman worth the visit. We departed from Singapore at around 7pm on Friday and reached at Mersing around 12 midnight. The ferry to Tioman departed at 8am in the morning, so we stayed at a local hotel (Timotel Hotel) for the night. The room was very spacious. It can accommodate up to 4 people. The next morning after breakfast, we took the ferry to Tioman and headed to our hotel, Berjaya Tioman, once we arrived at Tioman (which took about 3 hours). Before we began with our first dive, we had our lunch in the hotel. The ... read more
View from ferry

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman September 28th 2011

Hello everyone, I just spent 5 days in paradise! Let me tell you how the paradise is. So last time I was leaving Melaka. I took a bus to Mersing (roughly 5 hours). Mersing is a really little town with nothing to visit. There are 2 main streets and…. That’s it. This is just the stop over to go to Pulau Tioman (Tioman island). So obviously to go there, you have to take a boat (that’s an island after all!) and that’s already really great. On the way, you can see some beautiful landscapes, feel the wind in your hair… You know what I’m talking about. Then the island: this is a 39 km long and 12 km wide and is a paradise for scuba diving and snorkelling. The particularity of this island is there are ... read more
2-...between sea and jungle - Entre mer et jungle
3- My house for a few days - Ma maison pour quelques jours
4-Where working is not too difficult - Ou travailler n'est pas trop difficile

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman May 15th 2011

I almost missed my 12.45pm bus to Mersing thanks to some bad information from my hotel, but I got there just as it was about to leave. The trip was supposed to take four and a half hours, but we got caught in a traffic jam due to a head on collision between three trucks. Once in Mersing it took my a while to find accommodation, but eventually settled on an aircon room with bathroom for $13. Had a quick look around town before getting dinner next door at a chinese restaurant, then surfed the net and watched a movie. Tuesday I caught the ferry for Palau Tioman at the very reasonable hour of 11.30am. The two hour crossing went very quick, mainly due to the fact that I spent most of the time talking to ... read more
Panuba Bay
ABC Beach - Burning off

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman August 23rd 2010

Singapore-Mersing lähtö klo 06.00 aamulla. Onneksi ihana ystävämme Frank lupautui varmistamaan toivottomien unikekojen herättämisen, ja koputteli huoneen oveen virkeänä viideltä aamulla. Matkaan siis hurjan bussikuskin kyydillä kohti rentoutumista, turkoosia merta ja hiekkarantoja. Perille päästiin pomppuisen kyydin jälkeen ja lauttamatka saattoi alkaa. Lauttamatka kului huokaillessa ihastuksesta, oltiin saapumassa todelliseen paratiisiin Tiomanin saarelle! Lautalla tutustuttiin kahteen espanjalaismieheen ja Eve pääsi käyttämään kielitaitoaan. Toinen miehistä oli vanhempaa ikäluokkaa ja toinen oli saavuttamassa kolmeakymmentä. Lauttamatkan aikana päätettiin vaihtaa alkuperäistä suunnitelmaa ja liittyä espanjalaisten seuraan Salangille. Muutama päivä Tiomaneilla kuluikin espanjalaisten seurassa puhuen välillä espanjaa ja välillä englantia Hannan yritt... read more

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