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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 30th 2014

Hey everyone For the last part of our journey we left the sleepy island of Tioman and headed over to Melaka, took us ages to get there on the bus but it was well worth the journey, its a lovely place full of different cultures and lovely things to see. We stayed in a lovely hotel right on the river and got to know our neighbour quite well, he was the biggest monitor lizard that we have ever seen and liked to sunbathe in the private garden a couple of doors down. Melaka was definitely the place to do some final shopping and boy did we we shop! Treated ourselves to some lovely things. In between shopping, eating lovely Nonya food and having a beer or two by the river we had a river cruise at ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman August 26th 2014

Hey you lot We have had the most relaxing week on Tioman Island, it really is a beautiful place to be. The island is tiny and only has a couple of small roads, most places are still only accessed by boats as there is no other way of getting there. We stayed a couple of nights in a village called Tekek a really cute chalet surrounded by a beautifully kept garden. Other than a snorkel trip out to Coral Island for the day we havent done much other than hang in hammocks, relax and eat the freshest fish you can imagine bbq'd to our liking, this has been perfect for us after all that travelling around. Although Im not the bravest snorkeler around I did give it a go and saw some of the most beautiful ... read more
The "wine not" gang
Joe and Coyin

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 21st 2014

Hey you guys!!!! Well, our fourth flight of the trip took us from Borneo to Singapore and all was fine with the flight :) We are staying in Chinatown (we always seem to be drawn to a Chinatown when in Asia?...) and it was such a good place to be based. Now, Singapore is famous for a few things, so we are told.... and boy!! Was those things true! Its known for being a "fine"city, we managed to avoid any fines.......what we did get was a massive dent in our bank account! Its bloody expensive! We knew it was going to be expensive based on what we paid for a room (and believe us when we say that was at the cheap end of the scale) but not that expensive! Anyway we did what any English ... read more
Tooth relic buddhist temple
The monks chanting
Inside the relic temple

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah August 17th 2014

Borneo! Borneo! Borneo! What more can we say, truly amazing place and we have loved our time here. Hired a car as we knew we would be covering serious miles here if we wanted to see what we wanted. First stop was Mount Kinabulu, well at least half way up (2000mtrs) above sea level, the summit is at 4000mtrs. Stayed in a beautiful nature resort right in the rain forest. Views was spectacular and so was the wildlife around us, so soothing at nighttime to listen to the jungle do its thing (rain and animal chorus). We walked a couple of the trails, very hard going as the only direction is up the mountain, think Himalayas/Everest....... Saw a few of the beautiful pitcher plant, different species from in the Cameron Highlands, this one was the largest. ... read more
The place where only good things happen

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town August 11th 2014

Well kids after the Cameron Highlands we took the very long bus trip to Penang. Lovely busting city and our home for the next few days was to be Georgetown. Our guest house was on Love Lane which is a really nice place to be based and full of really cook street art, Adam was in heaven! After dumping our bags and asking our host for an authentic food recommendation, she sent us armed with a map to a veggie indian place. Food was immense to say the least! Everyone says that Penang is famed for its food, they was NOT wrong! Meat really had no place in this meal....soz all you carnivores..... After food we walked to the clan jetties to have a look at an ancient chinese settlement of families who live amongst the ... read more
Jeez! come all ths way to get away from Trafford (soz work peeps)
Little India
Adam and his groupies

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata August 9th 2014

We have just had the most fabulous 3 days up here in the cool Cameron Highlands. We have been staying in a little town called Tanah Rata, which has such a lovely vibe to it. The first day we just mooched a bit, ate good food and got to know the place. The second day we booked ourselves on an all day trip with a brilliant company called Eco Cameron, they specialise in all things nature with an environmentally friendly approach. Our guide turned out to be somewhat of a legend with all things nature and botanical, Francis you were da man! Our day of adventure started out with a 2 hour trek through the rainforest in search of the famous Rafflesia flower, these things are so rare and only grow in certain parts of Asia. ... read more
Wild ginger flower
The 5 strong Rafflesia gang
Our fav breakfast spot, ran by a deaf couple. Best pancakes in town!

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur August 6th 2014

Hey guess what.......we made it and the flight was fine! bits of turbulence here and there but thanks to Captain Ross I didnt worry about it like I normally would. Adam was still on veggie food though............ We are staying right in the heart of Chinatown which seems a good place to be based and already we have walked miles. Done our usual "shall we just mooch over there"..... We have been up in the Petronas Towers, which was amazing and the view from up there is something else. I visited here 10 years ago and alot has changed since then, including the amount of security things in place now when going to the top. Shame really that this is what our world has become, even visiting such a fabulous building is not without its risks ... read more
leaving home
Petronas Towers
View looking down

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara August 4th 2014

Well here we are sat in Istanbul airport drinking Turkish coffee and having wandered aimlessly around duty free for a while we have attempted to get into the Turkish Airlines lounge but was turned away due to being in the cheap seats.....ah well you gotta try these things! (Julie even with our posh new rucksacs we couldnt pull that one off) GO LIMP............. First flight was fine and bizzarely enough I'm feeling ok about the big one next......for anyone that's been in a cave for the last couple of weeks I've had a bit (or a lot) of a meltdown about this flight. Stupid I know but it's an irrational fear that got out of control, anyway I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway and have stuck two fingers up to it, with the help ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 28th 2013

Well this is it you lovely lot! After 6 weeks of travelling through thailand, laos and cambodia we are making our way home. Sadly didnt have time for vietnam that will be another trip for sure. So we have had a couple of "sketchy" land border crossings where the rules are "there are no rules", bribery and corruption seems to be how it goes........ We have slept in 15 beds, most lovely, a couple with "extra guests" and a horrendous one which im struggling to erase from my memory! I have not worn make up the whole time, which i have loved! I have barely managed to style my hair either, the heat and humidity took care of that for me! I have an impressive collection of mossie/insect bites to bring home despite covering myself in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang August 25th 2013

Koh chang has been all about the relax and what a beautiful island to have picked. Its very laid back with lots of cute little towns to explore, we defo needed a motorbike to do this as the taxi service is very expensive and seen no sign of a local bus service? Most of the island is jungle and remains untouched and the waters are a marine national park, the scenery is stunning! Remember the cute little stray dog i mentioned?.....well, this has turned into a 3 strong pack of 2 females and 1 male. We have given them very "original" names and they are blacky the male, sandy and blondie the females. When you see the pics you will see how they got their names! Not entirely sure if they are completely stray though as ... read more

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