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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan December 15th 2007

Dreaming of an adventure like ours? Find out how we did it at Trois jours au bout du monde Mon cousin Benji nous rejoint à la fin de notre séjour dans la capitale et nous partons en direction du centre de la Malaisie célèbre pour sa jungle équatoriale et son parc national « Taman Negara ». Trois jours au bout du monde comme je le disais, au bord d’un fleuve dont la crue due aux pluies incessantes depuis notre arrivée fera monter les maisons flottantes de près de trois mètres le long de la berge pendant notre séjour ! Nous voulions de l’aventure, de l’adrénaline et des conditions à la dure et bien nous avons été servis ! Après trois heures de remontée sur ce fleuve turbulent à bord d’une barque en bois équipée d’un ... read more
Portrait microscopique de la petite bete
Traversée du village des Orang Asli.
Ca se complique, va falloir nager pr traverser la riviere !!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan December 15th 2007

Dreaming of an adventure like ours? Find out how we did it at We left KL in search of an adventure on a trip to Taman Negara National Park with one of the two backpacker-style tour companies that operate out of Kuala Tahan, the park's remote 'gateway' resort village. Although we only stayed there 2 nights (14-15 Dec), there was lot to talk about. Taman Negara is Malaysia's largest National Park and is in the mountainous centre of the Malaysian Penninsula. To get to Kuala Tahan we took a bus from KL for 4 hours, followed by a 3 hour longboat ride (against the raging current). Here we spent the time doing organised activities with our tour company, which cost all up around AUD$140 each. The village was very basic but had all the essentials, ... read more
Floating restaurants
Aerial ropeway
Tight squeeze

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan November 11th 2007

spent the last few days around the cameron highlands, really nice chilled out cool place, home to all the tea plantations so enjoyed sipping some fine brew, passionfruit is my new fav tea, even managed to stock up on a few boxes when we went to visit the plantation :) stayed in a place called daniels lodge which was ace, the dorms were a bit crappy but for a pound a night whos complaining. they have a bonfire out back everynight outside there own bar called the jungle bar,, which is a really chilled spot, met another raft of cool people, thomas the tazmanian hes a linguist so he speaks loads of languages and it was his birthday on fri so we had a right old piss up on the night, met a danish couple called ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan October 13th 2007

Hello there my lovely people, as you can see i am now in the lovely land of the Malaysian people and am in one of their national parks called Taman Nagara, this is a wonderful jungle from many years ago...the locals says that the jungle date back from over one million years ago and are the oldest rain forest in the world...either way it is very impressive...i got got the cheep Air Asia flight over from Hanoi to Bangkok, was sad to be saying goodbye to Eliza and Kristen who went to Sapa and then China!!! and are now getting a train into Tibet!~!! Where is the justice there??? I want to be getting a train to Tibet, but BKK was great i managed to find Ms Sara H are arrivals and we both had to ... read more
Sara and Robin enjoying a beer Laos
Sara at the Karoke shop
blending in with the locals

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan October 9th 2007

well we caught the jungle train before the mezuin even got going and that is before the chooks crow so you know how early that was and terry who doesnt do early did a wonderful job. the train was freezing at first so we were hauling out our warm gear, socks, jumpers, and an airline blanket that terry has to keep warm. what a great way to see the jungle scenery and rivers. trains are magcial you sit back and it all goes past your window. we only had one bread roll with us which was a bit of a mistake. as its ramadan no one is selling food on the trains as there is no one to buy it. so remember if you are travelling at this time keep some snacks handy for the long ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan September 19th 2007

After decending the hills of the Cameron Highlands and taking off a few layers, we were back in the heat of Malaysia. After a day of travelling we reached Tamara Negara, which has the world's oldest tropical rainforest. It covers 1,677 square miles of jungle and the park contains lots of different animals, insects and plant communities (Mark was not very interested in the latter!) As we arrived at the park quite late a lot of the accommodation was full but we eventually managed to find somewhere to stay even though it was quite expensive and had the worst designed bathroom ever, who builds a shower over the toilet? Oh well at least it killed two birds with one stone! The night we arrived we decided to do a night safari with two really nice people ... read more
Yep..... i know i have a big mouth....... i was so bored on this trip as we had seen nothing! Spent most of the trip discussing football!
Map of our walks
River crossing

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan September 17th 2007

We caught a bus from KL to a small port which was a 3 hour long boat trip into the jungle. We only had 2 full days in the jungle, but we managed to do the Canopy walk which is basically a some rickety walkway 45metres above the jungle floor which was scary. We went on another boat trip up the river and through some rapids which was absolutly soaked! On the same trip we stopped at a village which was abit shit!...Basically loads of tourists walking around there homes whilst they watch..crap! We had a go on one of their blowpipes though which was cool. We done a couple of day/night treks though the jungle so saw a few animals and stuff. Oh yeah and some local guy tried stealing this guys wallet in ... read more
Floating Restaurant
Canopy walk

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan August 27th 2007

Nothing better to start the day then a long stroll through the humid rainforest. Encountering insects and birds in abundance around the dense vegetation. Our guide for the day gave a very naturist view of the forest from flora and fauna unique to Malaysia alone to the seasonal affects that bearly change all year round. First task was to climb up to Bukit Teresik about 344m up to see some spectacular views of the forest afar. Then proceeded to the canopy walk, which made me tremble to just to imagine being that high up. Low and behold in the sweaty state I was in I climb the tower to the start, the first bridge all good only 10m max up, then began the second this time almost 50m.... To think all that was standing between me ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan August 26th 2007

I wake to the worst hangover I've had in years and to think I have the next 9ish hours on a bus. Struggling to pack and get to the reception I fall asleep to be woken up by a German girl asking if i'm alright, I look in the mirror to my horror I see blazing red eyes and a pale complextion. The bus finally arrives and its off to Gua Musang the first drop off point where I was transfering to my next bus to complete the journey. A quick lunch with the Britta (the same German girl) before moving over our stuff and off to the next stop in Jerantut where we aquire our park and camera permits. Also book our accomadation somewhere with airconditioning, that proveed later to be useless. Finally around 8 ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan August 19th 2007

The guesthouse , Zeck Traveller's, we had planned to meet Sharon at in Kota Bahru turned out to be full. We had chosen it because the Lonely Planet guide book had said the owner was a mine of information and very helpful. He pointed us in the direction of a very expensive looking hotel 100 yards across the road. We decided to give it a try as we were anxious to get settled somewhere and then e-mail Sharon so she would know where we were. At that moment in time she was travelling on the overnight train from Bangkok (or at least we hoped she was!) To our suprise the hotel wasn't too expensive at all and it turned out that it had only opened that day and we were the very first customers.(Where was the ... read more
Dining Car, Jungle Railway
Rocks at the Side of the Track
Ramshakled Buildings

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