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November 11th 2007
Published: November 11th 2007
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spent the last few days around the cameron highlands, really nice chilled out cool place, home to all the tea plantations so enjoyed sipping some fine brew, passionfruit is my new fav tea, even managed to stock up on a few boxes when we went to visit the plantation 😊 stayed in a place called daniels lodge which was ace, the dorms were a bit crappy but for a pound a night whos complaining. they have a bonfire out back everynight outside there own bar called the jungle bar,, which is a really chilled spot, met another raft of cool people, thomas the tazmanian hes a linguist so he speaks loads of languages and it was his birthday on fri so we had a right old piss up on the night, met a danish couple called amina and dennis, both really sweet, they've been travelling around thailand for the last month and we're hoping to meet up with them again when we get to penang and langkawi, pete from england was in our dorm and even though him and sarah kept me up talking on the first night i had a few games of pool with him (and lost) and he seems like a decent bloke, hes been travelling for a year so hes been giving me tips on laos and vietnam. everyone keeps asking if me and sarah are a couple which is getting really annoying, i wish we were a couple and its doing my head in cus its a huge case of wanting what i cant have, still resisting the urge to hold her hand and kiss her all the time and would love to be snuggled up with her. think im fighting a loosing battle though to be honest, i still really do love her but i think shes moved on with her life now, so it might be time for me to move on with mine, hurts so bad though, she says theres still a chance and we'll see how it goes but i get the feeling thats just her being nice to me, shes moved on and i get the feeling that im just in the way now, maybe she met somebody else in these two months who knows, i dont think she would ever tell me even if she did.
anyways we're in taman negara now which is a huge rainforest national park, took all day to get here but its amazing, looks like something out of jurassic park, we went on jungle safari last night, saw some cool animals like snakes and birds, saw a wild bore aswell and on the way back saw a small monkey, cant remembert the name lorien or something like that, which sarah had wanted to see so that made her day i think, which was cool i like seeing here happy and smiling 😊 i had a dodgy burger last night so felt awful this morning, missed out on going into the rainforest and doing the canopy walk kind of annoying but the thought of boat trips and trekking on that stomach was not that exciting.
back off to daniels lodge 2mo then up to penang and langkawi hopefully to meet amina and dennis, would be cool to see them again, think sarahs going to see one of her friends on the way so i might just carry on ahead, would feel like a bit of a third wheel to be honest, maybe its for the best to spend a day or so apart just to try and get my head straight, we'l see though. and then my main man liam should be out by the end of the week, gonna be fucking ace to see him, might take my mind of sarah for a bit aswell.

peace out


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