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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan June 8th 2018

It was a foggy morning when I woke up, but still no rain though and the river is getting quite low. It’s much, much lower than it was when I first arrived and at the river swimming area, there’s now a huge sandy beach exposed that was entirely underwater when I got here. It was quite a quiet morning birding, although I did see a Lesser Mousedeer from the boardwalk and a nice view of a male fireback pheasant just sitting quietly on the boardwalk. I’ve still not managed any pictures of the mouse deer though, they just run away too quickly. The forest also seems to be overrun today with a mixture of Low’s and Slender Squirrels with large numbers that seem to just have appeared out of nowhere. I also got an unexpected fly ... read more
Green Broadbill
Prettily Patterned Lizard
Asiatic Brush-tailed porcupine

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan June 7th 2018

Has it really been six days already? I was a bit slow off the mark this morning as you might expect, and I left the hostel just after 8 rather than just before 7 as I had been doing. I decided that I would spend the morning going to Tabing Hide which is 3.1km each way from the entrance with about the first km boardwalked and the rest on trails though it wasn’t a bad trail, it was certainly rather better than the one going to Kumbang Hide. I think I’ve said it already, but I really like the woodpeckers around in Taman Negara. There’s lots of diversity and a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours, and woodpeckers are really cool birds generally. The top mammal is obviously the Malayan Tapir but for birds ... read more
View of the Liana Hostel
Fly-covered Mushrooms
Ginger Flower and Bee in Flight

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan June 3rd 2018

I got the first boat across the river to go into the national park at 7. Around the headquarters there was a tame argus pheasant roaming around. It would be really cool to see a wild one and I’ve heard the calls around, but this one doesn’t count. I also found out that I had forgotten to get my camera battery out of the charger. I have a spare non-official one which I put in and the camera didn’t really like it very much and wouldn’t stay on for very long and then decided to die completely which was annoying. It wasn’t too long after walking around that I found another of the big targets for the area, a Crested Fireback Pheasant. This was an absolutely stunning male so I was really kicking myself for not ... read more
Crested Fireback Pair
Crested Fireback
Checker-throated Woodpecker

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan June 2nd 2018

I had intended to get the normal public bus from Jerantut to Kuala Tahan. I decided not to do the boat at first because it doesn't actually leave from Jerantut but from a jetty that is a fair distance away, and it is much more expensive and I would have to do a boat to the tapir hide anway. I can always take the boat back if I regret not doing it, but the bus is not bad anyway. So as I was leaving the accommodation in the morning, the person there asked if I was going to take the bus to Kuala Tahan and if I wanted to go with his private minibus directly for the same price as the bus at RM7. It turned out, that day he was conning a family into paying ... read more
Male Peacock Pheasant Displaying
Peacock Pheasant Displaying

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan May 19th 2018

Konecne noc bez stipancov. Rano smer hlavna ulica, opat otvorene len jedno jedlo. Objednal som si povodne hribovu omeletu ale po rychlom navrate kucharky z obchodu mi oznamuje, ze hriby nemaju, tak alternativa rajcinova. Nasadnutie na lodku a smer lata berkoh. Na odbocke na prirodny chodnik lepim nalepku ked uz dnes oslavujeme ten titul. Kurnik fakt ma to tak sere, ze som neni pri tom. Cul clovek moze cakat dalsich 45 rokov. Cesticka v pohode, zvacsa rovina, okolo dzungla. Na troch razcestiach smerovniky, neda sa zabludit. Prekracujem jeden most, neskor dalsi. Vzdy ako jeden prekonam som blizsie k divocine. Fakticky, viac vtactva, neskor opice a rozne zvuky. V jednom useku mi zacina aj lepit. Chodnik pekne vyslapany, obcas blato. Chytam prvu pijavicu. Uplne len taka mala tenka biela. Nastasti skoncila svoju put iba na topanke. Neskor ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan May 18th 2018

V noci ma furt volaco stipalo. Ale tentoraz to boli fakt riadne bodnutia, uplne ma to palilo. Reku asi je volaka kurva v deke, tak som ju odhodil na zem, v tom to ale nebolo. Potom mi neskor bola zima. Amik spal nadomnou. Som myslel, ze spi dole na druhej poschodovej posteli, bo ta bola rozhadzana. Po hygiene a rozlucke s amikom smer mini hlavna ulicka. Otvorene len jedno jedlo. Nasi lemak nemali, tak davam predrazenu bananovu palacinku. Bananu minimum. Vidim tu stat bus. Tak tetula vravi, ze do jerantut chodi o 10.00 a 17.00. Na cenu som sa zabudol spytat ale podla netu 7rm + bus z jerantut do kl za cca 19rm = 26rm vs minibus za 75rm z kt. Takze uz viem ako idem do kl, to este ale asi skusim dostopovat do ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan November 20th 2017

Nous avons quitté l'auberge de jeunesse vers 8h et avons pris un Uber jusqu'à la gare routière. Pour aller à Taman Negara (Parc National en Malais), nous devons prendre un bus jusqu'à Jerantut, puis un ferry ou un autre bus. Shaun avait regardé les horaires de bus et il y avait un bus à 9h30. Lorsque nous sommes arrivés à la gare routière, nous nous sommes rendus compte que la compagnie que nous voulions utiliser était fermée : adieu bus à 9h30... Le bus suivant, d'une autre compagnie, était à 12h30... Un peu déprimés à l'idée de passer 4 heures sous cette chaleur, Shaun est allé acheter une carte SIM pour utiliser internet. Nous avons vérifié si nous pouvions prendre un Uber directement jusqu'à Jerantut plutôt que le bus, mais c'était bien trop cher ! Nous ... read more
View from Teresek Hill
Boat trip!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan October 12th 2014

Geo: 4.37691, 102.406... read more
Co by to bylo za deštný prales bez pořádného deště

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan October 11th 2014

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuala Tahan December 26th 2013

Up early and checked out with Wayne and I madly searching for baby formula and towels (the things that our guide had mentioned by email I should try to bring along to the Elephant Santuary). No luck with the formula (it turns out this was not a problem as the sanctuary had plenty and they are beginning to wean some of elephants off it) and Wayne managed to grab towels from a hardware store (many shops and stalls do not open till after 10am so this was a win). Our driver Mr Zul arrived and we began our drive out to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary (drive to sanctuary, storing our bags all day and getting us to the airport on time MYR600). Mr Zali had given instructions for us to stop at a petrol station and ... read more
Some serious poop-scooping
Jesse feeding one of the younger elephants
Wayne placing sugar can right in this young lady's mouth

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