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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda December 15th 2022

24 hours in Japan and I'm so glad to share its been lovely. I am traveling with a colleague/ friend and we were able to book a direct flight from Dallas to Tokyo. After a brief stint hunkered down in the DFW bathroom to hide from a possible tornado, we made it on flight and over here. These long flights are getting tougher and tougher! We have been using the monorail to get around the city and have visited the Shibuya scramble - apparently the biggest crossing in the world, walked around the city a bit and had Ichiban style Ramen. Many restaurants here run on a vending machine type system which makes it all very easy. The Ichiban style was interesting because you go into these small cramped spaces and sit up against a partition ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda June 28th 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 13. Thursday. After sleeping like a log we needed a more European breakfast so had a egg and bacon tea cake at Cafe Delice before a trip on the Ginza underground line to Asakusa. Whilst this is a big tourist destination it is well worth the visit, full of tourist stalls down both sides of the street with the exquisite Senso-Ji shrine at the end with people milling around everywhere. There are several shops selling and renting out kimonos so there are girls and ladies parading the streets wearing them - very nice. The restaurants are good too if you get away from the main area selling traditional Japanese fare and Italian etc. From there a walk to Ueno Park is possible where you will find a zoo and several shrines of Shinto ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda May 9th 2019

At 9am we were met in the lobby of the hotel by our tour guide for the day Mr Kiyoshi Mori for a sightseeing tour around Tokyo emphasising Japanese history and culture. Mr Mori sat with us for a few moments with a map of Tokyo showing us where we would be going today. We set off in a taxi for the Hama-Riku Gardens. En route we passed various parks and green family spaces. The population of Japan is 126 million of which about 13 million are within Tokyo and 36 million in its greater metropolitan area. However, the population started to decline in 2011 and this is expected to decline to 107 million by 2040. Unemployment is running at 3% and so workers are difficult to find. As a result the government recently passed a ... read more
Teahouse in Hama-rikyu Garden
Duck Blind in the Garden
Chuo-ohashi Bridge over Sumida River

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda November 27th 2018

We get up at 8.45am today (positively a lie in for us these days lol) so we can make a disgrace of the free breakfast this morning at the Comfort Inn hotel. The selection is rather eclectic with a mix of japanese and (a token attempt at) a western breakfast. Even though breakfast doesn't finish for another 45 minutes, the only server isn't replenishing anything and just moving things about in the bowls instead, so its first come first serve. I manage to grab some scrambled eggs which have ran out by the time Greg gets there. But Greg is just ecstatic they have cereal as its the first time in 10 days he's had some (when he usually lives on the stuff). We also have a salad and then yoghurt with some mango and blueberries. ... read more
Akihabara at night

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda May 10th 2018

Issy gets a call from reception at the hotel to tell us that because we've made a complaint about the hotel on one of the well known booking sites, they are giving us a free session at the hotel's fitness centre. They tell her that the voucher will be delivered to our room in a few minutes. She sounds very excited, and tells me that she will be using the voucher to get a foot scrub. I tell her that this all sounds great, except that we haven't made any complaints on any hotel booking sites, and can't see why we would, as the service and facilities at the hotel have all been excellent. We start to worry that someone might be impersonating us. We wonder why they might do this, if we're the ones who ... read more
The toilet in our bathroom at the hotel
War museum, Yasukuni Shrine
Mini submarine, war museum, Yasukuni Shrine

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda September 23rd 2017

Saturday 23rd September 2017 Today marked my final morning in Japan before my afternoon flight back to Singapore. Since I still had some "unfinished" business to complete in Tokyo, I got up especially early this morning. I started out at JR Nippori Station where I was staying and headed to Otsuka Station where I had my breakfast at Royal Host. Dining at Royal Host is a must-do affair whenever I'm in Japan and I particularly enjoyed their western breakfast set where my sunny-side-ups were cooked to perfection. Few places in Japan opened their doors at 6am for breakfast. Royal Host is one such place where I could get my early morning fix. Otsuka Station is special since it is one of the last few places in Tokyo where I could capture some nice pictures of the ... read more
A Royal Host Breakfast
My favorite breakfast place in Japan
The last surviving tramway in Tokyo, Toden Arakawa Line

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda September 24th 2016

Tym razem w samolocie nie udało się nam zasnąć ani na chwilę. No dobra może na 10 minutek. Trudno powiedzieć czy powodem była wczesna pora wylotu, czy mała ilość miejsca. W zasadzie w Dreamlinerze miejsca na nogi jest tak mało, że aby zmieścić i wyprostować nogi musiałem udawać ofiarę wypadku komunikacyjnego, przejechanego przez fotel sąsiada, siedzącgo przede mną. Tak wiem, moje skarpetki wystawały sod jego siedzenia, ale były totalnie neutralne pod względem wonnym. Nikomu nie zespułem podróży. Co można jeszcze napisać o samolotach LOTu? Jedzenie mają nienajgorsze, poziom skwaszenia min pań stwardess mieści się w normie wschodnioeuropejskiej. Jednak bardzo pozytywnym zaskoczeniem było to, że przynajmniej jedna z nich mówiła po japońsku. Pewnie dlatego lubią oni (japończycy) latać naszą linią bo stanowili ok 40% objętości foteli. Nieco gorzej sprawa si... read more
Mój wybór.
Nieustająco i równomiernie pada.
Straszny pająk na Roppongi.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda July 4th 2016

Venir à Tokyo par soi-même c'est déjà une idée audacieuse, je l'avoue. Déjà, il faut apprivoiser le métro, car il peut être intimidant c'est certain. On doit d'abord comprendre son système de numérotation des stations mais une fois arrivées à destination, nous ne sommes pas au bout de nos peines! Nous qui pensions pouvoir nous y retrouver à travers tous ces signes et symboles!....détrompez-vous: impossible de lire les plans de quartiers, encore moins les repères des 5 ou 7 sorties possibles pour remonter à la surface, peu importe la station...Où est le nord, où est l'ouest? Tokyo grouille et ne dort pas! Les quelque 13 millions de tokyoites qui en majorité ne comprennent pas l'anglais n'ont pourtant aucun mal à trouver leur chemin. Mais nous, pauvres touristes, comment faire pour trouver le petit bar à sushi ... read more
Le magnifique escalier menant au temple Hie
Le mur de prières

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda March 16th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I slept like dead during the night, though before falling asleep my feet did indeed get licked by one of the dogs, but I didn't mind, it reminded me of one of my parents' dogs who used to do that and whom I was very fond of. This day started easy with me and Ryosuke taking a walk together with the dogs, it's something that I promised I would help him with as a thanks for letting me stay with him and I'm enjoying every second of it as his dogs are very nice. On the walk I also visited the small local shrine Mukōjima Akiba Jinja. After the walk me and Ryosuke split up and I headed to the metro to go to Chiyoda. From Tōkyō Eki, the main station, it's ... read more
Tatsumi Yagura

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda December 16th 2015

20 hours later, I finally made it to the Royal Park Hotel in Tokyo. The 12.5 hour plane ride was pretty rough as I sat in the middle seat of the middle row between my friend and this spawn Satan of a child that couldn't sit still, kicked and punched everything that moved. No wonder her mother was nowhere to be found, she probably was like "Allison, you sit right here, but Mommy is in First Class cabin if you need me." It was about 11:30PM after getting out of the airport and we still had about a 30 minute train ride to get to the hotel. First thing that I noticed about Japan is how clean it is. There is absolutely zero trash on the streets, no overfilled trash cans, let alone gum stains on ... read more
Royal Park Hotel

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