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November 27th 2018
Published: December 5th 2018
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We get up at 8.45am today (positively a lie in for us these days lol) so we can make a disgrace of the free breakfast this morning at the Comfort Inn hotel. The selection is rather eclectic with a mix of japanese and (a token attempt at) a western breakfast. Even though breakfast doesn't finish for another 45 minutes, the only server isn't replenishing anything and just moving things about in the bowls instead, so its first come first serve. I manage to grab some scrambled eggs which have ran out by the time Greg gets there. But Greg is just ecstatic they have cereal as its the first time in 10 days he's had some (when he usually lives on the stuff). We also have a salad and then yoghurt with some mango and blueberries. I wouldn't say it was the most amazing breakfast we've had but certainly not the worst by a long shot, and it fills us up for the long day ahead. Just as we are leaving, a young australian couple enter and we can see by their faces they are not overly enamored with their choices. They quickly pick up a plate of croissants and pastries making it the most carby, beige breakfast I have ever seen. Good old western diet!

As usual the bullet trains are easy to manouvre and we get back to Tokyo without much drama, even though it is a long 5 hours and we are starting to get hungry. We are in awe of a business man sat across from us who darts off the train when the train stops at the stations so he can pop in and buy some food and drinks from the little kiosks. The trains don't stop longer than a minute or two max at each stop and he has left his briefcase, phone and jacket on his seat, so we keep thinking he is going to get caught out but at the last minute he always manages to dart back on. Kudos to that man! Once we get to Tokyo, we manage to navigate to the subway nearest to our hotel and that's when things get more interesting as neither of us have saved exact directions even though we have a rough idea of the location. It is one of the only times we have been floundered the whole trip and end up walking round in circles for a good 15 minutes before we eventually get our bearings. The hotel is literally about 3 minutes from the station but we kept heading in the wrong direction and that's what has got us confused. We're both exhausted from pulling the cases and hungry, so its a wonder a nuclear argument has not reared its ugly head for a change... We do our usual and just dump our cases and head out in search of food as quick as we can. On the way along the road, Greg spots what looks like a wallet on the road but then on closer inspection realises it is his glasses case and sunglasses which must have fallen from his bag on the way to the hotel – que suerte!

There are loads of food options around te area, but we end up in one of our favourite little japanese fast food restaurants and I order a plate of delicious gyozas whilst Greg opts for a bowl of ramen noodles. When the waiter brings his food over, he also gives Greg a side plate with an egg on it, still in the shell. At first we think it's raw but then when Greg cracks it, it is soft boiled and comes out in a oner. Its the weirdest things we've seen for a while! Refueled, we head to Sudiobashi so Greg can visit his Japanese wrestling shop which he has been hankering after. Once again it's like travelling with a 12 year old as Greg gets super excited when we find the shop and he treats himself to a few souvenirs. Then we head on to Akihabara so we can spend the rest of our money that we have left over. Its darker than the the last time we visited and all the lights and noises from the buildings are amazing, it's almost like a mini New York. And all the maid cafes have girls outside giggling trying to get new punters in which he hadn't seen before.

We're both gutted its our final night and after doing a final pack of the suitcases and finishing off a few final Japanese beers in the hotel room (standard), we head out one last time for some delicious cuisine. I'm really in the mood for a katsu curry again as I know it's probably one of the last times I'll get to have one and it is as delicious as the last one we had. I'm really going to miss japanese cuisine 😞


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