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21st January 2016

My dream in Spain
Spain will always be special and will remain in my heart, I really worked and lived intensely in Barcelona for 14 years , was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my, today my travel experience is here
13th February 2014

Just to clarify...
Some points of clarification: 1. It wasn't "glazed over", it was a look of pure focus 2. I miss our make-shift cards 3. I am the undisputed card champion of the world! Blog w@nkers!
25th November 2013

Hubble bubble toil and trouble!
Had to read your story about the hotpot a few times as at first it seemed like you cooked yourself in the boiling water, haha! don't do it! things aren't that bad! ;-) xxx
2nd November 2013

Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time!! Can\'t believe that has been two months already! Look forward to next update!! Xxx
5th September 2013

Eating like a local ;)
Sometimes you just need home comforts but well impressed that you are giving some of the more 'exotic' dishes a go ;) The spiky fruits are durian which is hilariously called 'King of Fruits'. I've tried it and personally think it tastes like rotten onions with the consistency of custard. NOT good! Avoid! As for chickens feet.....I reckon its one of the most pointless dishes ever. The pork thing you liked sounds like pork belly which is yum :) Best of luck with starting your job :)
2nd September 2013

Always makes me laugh reading your blog entries. It certainly sounds like a crazy adventure so far. I\\\'m sure you will both settle in soon xx
2nd September 2013

Culture shock!
Glad you've arrived safely and are beginning to sample life in Shunde! We were thinking we might ask the hotel in Burntisland to put the beef balls on the menu, as they sound very appealing. Or maybe you could have them as nibbles at your wedding? Anyway, all the very best for what is going to be an amazing adventure. Hope you enjoy your work and get a chance to sample everything China has to offer (or almost everything!). Take care. Love Sheila and Brian xx
2nd September 2013

Great to hear from you!
Hey guys, Glad you arrived safely. Your flat looks nice! Best of luck with getting settled and starting work, looking forward to hearing more soon. Love and hugs, Cyril Xx
1st September 2013

Hey guys, So yeah it sounds like exactly as I expected of early experiences of China lol! You do get beef meatball dishes here but those ones you had do look a bit suss to me ;) Pished myself at the veins comment! As for the spitting thing.....not surprising and you will need to get used to poor manners I'm afraid. Bad enough here at times but any of our colleagues who have been to China say that it is definitely worse there! Man, you guys are going to have some belting stories and can't wait to read more.... Love you both, L x
4th January 2013

hotels near the Sydney Cricket Ground
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22nd May 2011

sounds like you guys had an amazing road trip! Just reading all about San Antonio makes me want to go back there. Stayed in the Ses Sevines hotel twice and loved it as right on the beach. Also it's next to some gorgeous bars & a burger king! Were you in the bar on the beach with the pillows outside? Xxx
18th May 2011

A brave man.
I'm not sure my fear is of heights but a fear of falling .....from heights. None the less. .... it was good he could brave it and go for the photo.
16th May 2011

Hey Nic and Greg, very much enjoyed reading your blog, I don't know how you find the time to compose such a wonderful detailed script of what you have been up to! you are very dedicated to the cause! Makes lots of fun reading, thats for sure missy! Well done Greg on the driving, I know I wouldn't be brave enough to drive in Paris! Glad you managed to find your way around Paris. I remember seeing the Moulin Rouge - quite magnificent, although you are spot on about the other surroundings! Still ... when in Paris, you absolutely have to check out all that is there!! take care and can't wait for your next installment! Where are the photo's from your party Nic Nac?? x
22nd February 2010

Hello! I just got back from a Tamanian vacation, and I saw the east coast only. I loved to see your pictures and perspective of the other parts of the island that I will hopefully one day visit!
From Blog: Tasmania
25th December 2009

Freedom Square???
Hey a Victorian here Freedom Square is actually called Federation Square, cheers:)
From Blog: Melbourne 2009
2nd July 2009

East Coast Road Trip - Day 14 - Mackay
Really your East Coast Road Trip was fantastic! When i read your story i feel that I should be there for enjoying with you. In summer i always prefer to go on beaches.
14th February 2009

Wow Nikki - it looks amazing - apart from the fly, japanese tourists and the intense heat it sounds amazing! Nowhere like that nearby in Cumbie to visit! Keep on havin an amazin time dolly - a once in a lifetime experience xxx Miss ya xx
14th February 2009

aw nikki your blogs never fail to have me laughing out loud. The blue mountains look fantastic, glad you're enjoying yourself - tell greg to stop flinging his trainer at flies hahaha
13th February 2009

Hey Nikki and Greg! Looks like you continue to have an awesome trip! The Blue Mountains look stunning. I'm a bit of a sucker for waterfalls too so I am witcha Greg ;) xxxxx
8th January 2009

Happy New Year
Happy New Year! Glad to hear you're settled and everything's going well, and that you're getting sorted out work-wise. Your flat sounds great and the beach looks lovely. Much like the beach here, apart from the sunshine and the Sh**ks. You'll just have to learn to swim without waggling your feet, or at least remember not to go into the water carrying raw meat! Brian, who is a feartie, has suggested that he would regress to practicing swimming on top of a stool on the beach, rather than going into the water. An image to conjure with! Have a great start to 2009, and we'll look forward to hearing how it's going as the year goes on. Love Sheila and Brian
2nd December 2008

G'dday again
Hi both Good to hear that you're out of your cell and have found some work and somewhere to live that has everything you need (hope it's the flat with the beach, good company, cider in the fridge etc etc) - sounds like it's getting to be more like home (at least for a while). If it wasn't for the pictures of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the zoo (with, co-incidentally, all of these animals called Sydney) it could almost be home ... (well, we have a beach here too, and a can of Woodpecker in the fridge, so we can pretend!!). Anyway, we have e-mailed you the Cumbernauld song separately which contains the immortal lines "I hear the way they say your days of what's it called, are numbered Cum-ber-nauld". Merry Christmas, and try to contain whichever emotions seem most appropriate when you hear it! Love S and B
1st December 2008

Alright sis (and Greg) Bebo still won't let me write a comment on your page cause it says I still need to verify my account. Typical. Anyway, wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you and getting a smile from your blog. Just think, I'll only be a quarter of a world away from you come 17th Dec, since that's when I'll be in Las Vegas. Glad things sound like they are pretty sorted and you've at least got a roof over your heads. Well toodle pip for now and don't take it personally if I'm rubbish at keeping in touch regularly. A x PS. Don't let mum and dad know if you plan to do anything crazy like bunji jumping!
From Blog: Perth
25th November 2008

i would love a copy of the cumbernauld song- that can be my christmas present hehe. life in sydney is good, we've got a flat sorted and started work in a restaurant. so not much change from my life back home then! speak to you soon, nic
From Blog: Perth
15th November 2008

Hope the sun is shining now
Hi Nikki and Greg Here we are writing this from Burntisland, where, ironically it is not drizzly and cold, but sunny and warm (well, warm for November). However, we suspect that this won't be how it stays over the winter, and your strange and unusual weather won't either! You can always use the tights as a bandana when it warms up. By now you're probably well into life in Oz, and down in Sydney, where you'll no doubt be meeting people from Clarkston, Cumbernauld etc. Weird! We read in the paper yesterday that someone has released a love song to Cumbernauld because they felt that it needed some tlc - would you like us to send a copy, or will it make you too homesick?? Glad you've discovered some gluggable local grog. By now you probably don't give a Castlemaine xxxx about life back home! All the best to both of you - keep us posted with your adventures as we are still very very jealous. Sheila and Brian
From Blog: Perth
9th November 2008

I've already laughed out loud 3 times at your blog and its hardly even started. I'm looking forward to this, its like reading a wee novel!!
From Blog: We've arrived

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