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Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama September 10th 2016

After Kev, Ross and I glammed up, Sappy and Takuya's wedding day started for us when 'Sappy's Wedding Ceremony' coach arrived outside our hotel. We were the only three passengers in the coach and by 8.45am were on our way to Bayside Geihinkan where it was all to take place. We were greeted by Sappy's mum Masako and, along with other guests, looked after by the many very attentive staff. There was a beautifully set up entrance space where guest books were signed which was soon filled by the eighty guests. This including three bridesmaids who, it turned out, weren't actually part of the wedding ceremony itself. The entrance hall lead to stairs at the top of which was the chapel, the central aisle strewn with pink rose petals. With the ceremony due to start at ... read more
Kev, Michelle & Ross are going to a wedding!
Masako is there to greet us.
Ross, Michelle, Masako & Kev

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama September 9th 2016

This time, as well as staying with Ross in Tokyo, we've travelled to Matsuyama for a wedding of Saeko Hino; always known to us as Sappy. But more of that later. On Wednesday 7 September we flew from Sydney to Narita, via Cairns, arriving just after 7pm. As on all our travels to Japan we gave Jetstar the job of getting us from A to B as they've always offered such great deals so they're too good to knock back! Because we had a morning flight the following day we spent our first night at the Excel airport hotel which offered a free shuttle bus both there and back. So bright and early on Thursday we were back at Narita's Terminal Three for our flight to Matsuyam, once again with Jetstar. With the tail end of ... read more
Kev at Narita ready to join the 'City in the Sky'.
Michelle with a few robots at Narita's Terminal Three
Masako meets us off the plane at Matsuyama.

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama April 13th 2015

Ein Besuch in einem traditionellen Ryokan mit Onsen - heißen japanischen Quellen zum Baden und Entspannen.... read more
Japanisches Frühstück
Isaniwa Schrein

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama October 7th 2013

Monday was my last day trip from Takamatsu and I headed over to the west of Shikoku to Matsuyama. When I left the hotel it was bright and sunny. However, by the end of the 2 and a half hour train trip, dark clouds were rolling in. The trip itself was quite nice though because the train line runs along the north coast of Shikoku, sometimes right alongside the water. I grabbed a map from the tourist information centre in Matsuyama. The fellow there, who I think said he lived in Australia at some point, recommended I catch the streetcar (tram) to the entrance that has a cable car running halfway up the hill. I had been planning on walking there, but that sounded like a better idea. I jumped on what I thought was the ... read more
Chairlift and Cable Car
Long Way To the Top
Matsuyama Castle

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama April 17th 2011

Op de 10e dag zijn we naar Matsuyama gegaan. We deden dit per veerboot. Er zijn veel snellere boten, die binnen een uur op de plaats van bestemming zijn, maar onze boot was een van de tragere soort. De reis duurde 3 uur waardoor we in alle rust om ons heen konden kijken en ook nog een beetje konden bijkomen van de afgelopen dagen. Eenmaal aangekomen pakten we een bus en een tram om al vrij snel aan te komen bij ons hotel, welke zo'n beetje in het centrum van Matsuyama zat. Vanuit hier gingen we al vrij vlot met de groep aan de wandel om de belangrijkste punten van de stad te zien en ons te kunnen oriënteren. Patrick liet ons een tram-dagkaart kopen. Normaal is dit niet nodig, omdat je de kosten van de ... read more
Het kasteel
Lekker eten

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama September 28th 2009

Konnichiwa, von Kyushu aus sind wir nach Hiroshima gefahren und haben von Natur auf Geschichte umgeschaltet. Mit Hiroshima verbindet jeder unmittelbar den Abwurf der ersten Atombombe 1945, und in der Tat steht Hiroshima ganz im Zeichen dieses furchtbaren Ereignisses. Das heisst aber nicht, dass die Stadt ein furchtbarer Ort waere und nur Truebsal geblasen wird. Tatsaechlich ist neben dem Gedenken Frieden das alles bestimmende Thema; das Beduerfnis nach Frieden ist in Hiroshima besonders gross, und es gibt viele Aktionen dazu. Von Hiroshima aus haben wir einen Ausflug auf die sehr huebsche huegelige kleine Insel Miya-jima gemacht. Auf dem Gelaende des bekanntesten Schreins hat gerade eine traditionelle Hochzeit einschliesslich traditioneller Tanzdarbietung stattgefunden. Nach dieser faszinierenden Darbietung haben wir die hoechste Erhebung erklommen und eine phantastische Aussicht... read more
Taenzer im Schrein von Mija-jima
Eingangstor zum Schrein

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama October 2nd 2008

I'm currently on my final night here on Shikoku Island. I ended the day soaking in the very renowned hot spring onsen, Dogo-Onsen. This is the oldest one in Japan, about 3000 years old. The structure now was recently built but it's done in the traditional style, very tastefully done. It's got about 6 actual bath areas spread over three floors, not including the private bath for the Emperor and his family (although no Emperor has been here since about 1951). I took the most expensive option, about $13, which includes a tour of the facility, the bath itself, and a chance to relax in a private room overlooking the area below, sipping on green tea and sweets. The bath area is a stone, and the waters have minerals in them said to cure diseases (of ... read more
Dogo Onsen
Yukata wearing patrons

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama September 1st 2008

i was so busy concentrating on not getting lost in its suburbs that i forgot to glance behind me at the castle, and at the cute little city uwajima had been. another place passed through and left behind. we'd shared an existence for about a day and a half, but now i'd probably never see it again in my life. for several miles i walked uphill along a stream into which yellow leaves were falling from the trees. a buddhist would regard it as a symbol of transcience. the henro signs pointed me across a bright yellow field where i surprised a gold snake with a lime green head. they dont scare me but i scare them. (later, i almost trod on a black one in the forest. i can just see my parents reading this ... read more
tenshean garden
uchiko street

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama July 7th 2008

Ehime is the most populated prefecture on Shikoku. Kagawa (the one I live in), Ehime, Tokushima and Kochi divide the tiny island into four (unequal) parts. Five months into my stay in Japan and I never visited the other three prefectures. _ One afternoon at work in early July my manager asked me to go to the Niihama School’s since that school had suddenly lost its teacher. I agreed and caught a train early to Iyo Saijo in Ehime that Sunday completely clueless as to what exactly I was doing when I got there. The ride took a little over an hour and I saw some more of the Shikoku countryside. At the station I was greeted by very friendly co-workers and students. Everyone piled into cars and drove through the quaint town up into the ... read more
Splishing and splashing
Cool mountain water

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama March 28th 2008

Hittin' the books Its hard to say how or why most traditional practices were formed or if what they began as still resembles what that have involved into now, but its fair to say that the Japanese festival, or matsuri could only be nurtured on the cut of islands of Japan, and could have only become what they have without outsiders to gawp and cry “what the hell is going on here!?” for 400 hundred years or so. I write this currently comatosed by the depths of an early spring fever, as my body finally shut down after 2 of the busiest (and possibly most stressful) months of my life. They included my school shutting down, the changing of teachers, graduation ceremonies, my parents visiting me, cycling from my house to Kyushu over 600km, running a ... read more
white gloves in the air
capn cool

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