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Konichiwa! This blog page will detail my travels through my trips to Japan. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Please feel free to leave a comment or message, any problems with the blog let me know. Thanks!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu July 8th 2009

Last entry.. Internet aint working too well so most of the videos never uploaded. The first few of these pictures are of the HIlton in Narita... not quite as nice as the one in Shinjuku, but still pretty good. Much more western in style too, larger rooms. A few pictures of Terminal 1 Narita, this was my first time there (JAL flies out of the nicer Terminal 2), but wasn't too bad. The flight itself was pretty good, lots of room to spread out which was nice. Also while waiting for the other guys to board the plane I ended up killing time chatting up this rather beautiful Chinese girl, Michelle, who happened to miss the same flight we did. Her final stop was Seattle, but after hearing the horror story of our 38 hour trip ... read more
Hilton Narita Lobby, rather nice
Terrace club - complete with live Jazz Music
Waiting area inside Terminal 2

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba July 8th 2009

Friday we spent in Odaiba, the man made island in Tokyo which as we found up you could easily spend a couple days here. After screwing up and taking the completely wrong train, we finally made it to the central part of the island. First place we stumbled on was the Fuji TV Station, a MASSIVE and amazingly cool building we went up and bought a few knickknacks from the store and some shots of the surrounding area. From there we explored the water front area and ran into some cool wildlife like birds, Jelly Fish, and even a snake which paid us no mind, thankfully. For some reason they have a relatively small Statue of Liberty there.. guess it goes with the Eiffel Tower reconstruction they have in Roppongi. From there we hit up our ... read more
Happy Potato or some such name
Closeup of some Flowers
BIG Beetle Thing

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya July 7th 2009

I believe I have some catching up to do. Breaking this up to limit the pictures per entry... mind is a bit hazy still from Jet Lag, consider yourself warned! Wednesday we spent out checking the two "Fashionable" areas, Shibuya and Harajuku. Ended up having a pretty good time checking out the stores and such in the 109 Building (bought a T-Shirt I liked) before heading over to Harajuku. Checked out an extremely high end shopping mall, as well as some flagship stores for Tokyo like Nike and some other Japan specific places. The evening we all met up with Jason, another friend of Aaron's, and checked out a few of the bars in Shinjuku. On Thursday my original plan was to take the Shinkansen to Kyoto or some such place while the other guys checked ... read more
Misused Rolls
Weird Clothing
Big ol Ice Cube

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 5th 2009

We ended up staying at the Hilton in Narita... about $70 a person and free shuttle. Wasn't too bad, a lot more "western" style then the one in Tokyo. Thanks to Aaron's Hilton membership we got to check out at 3pm instead of 11, which is great since today's flight doesn't leave until 9:20pm. The place here has an amazingly nice lobby and the one lounge had live jazz music here (just poked my head in). Rooms themselves are decent, but nothing that special. Tiny TV. The flight to Honolulu is about 7 hours we figure, and hopefully can check out the island a bit.. none of us have ever been there before. The flight to Minneapolis is almost as long, and the layover there will be epic in length. Not sure how far the Mall ... read more

Asia July 4th 2009

Well my flight left a few hours ago... and I'm still in Japan. Yup, that is exactlly what it sounds like. Issue with the timing of the flight and so now we had to rebook. Cost an extra $250 per person (plus $70 per person for the extra night now in Narita Airport). Initially the next available flight from Seattle (where we originally were connecting through) was on July 12th. We had them dig more, and found us a flight tomorrow. tomorrowISH. Here's the scoop (all times are local to that city): Leave Japan at 21:20, arrive in HONOLULU at 9:30AM. leave Honolulu at 17:15 (8 hour lay over) and arrive at 6:05 _AM_ in Minneapolis Leave Minneapolis at 21:40 (18 HOUR LAY OVER!!!!!) and arrive in Edmonton 23:34 (Thats Monday) Really not capable of saying ... read more

Asia July 1st 2009

Havent had much of a chance to get on the net with the Hiltons outrageous internet costs. Got about an your for uploading a few more pics. Met up with Aaron, Matt, and Ronnie at Shinjuku after a bit of a wait and after checking in wandered about Shinjuku a bit. Went to a rather interesting little spot for food where you choose your order from a vending machine then take your order to the counter where they take it and give you food. interesting system. The next day we started off in Akiba, checked out the little shops and computer places. Checked out an arcade, its absolutely amazing the games they have there. Its basically as impressive as youd expect. Watched guys in a tournament (you have cards you use to sign in) go at ... read more
Us eating at a Yakitori stall
Antec Storefront
Ameyoko Arcade-2

Asia » Japan June 28th 2009

Well, turns out although the Hilton DOES offer internet, it's at an amazingly expensive price of 48 Yen per MINUTE, thats about 50 cents. Suffice to say other then a VERY quick check of email and such I never really got the chance to do any uploading of these last few entries. Other then that the hotel was great, I've stayed in better but not many. Helpful English speaking staff, large bed and good location can't be beat. The night in Nagoya was much needed, I didn't really do much after arriving. I headed into the downtown for a bit, checked out an Australian Bar and watched some Rugby. Nagoya's a great city, can't really put my finger on what but I've always enjoyed my time here. It's very foreigner friendly, lots of English folks around. ... read more
Market in Nagoya
the Canada Leather Company
Cool structures in Nagoya

Asia » Japan June 26th 2009

For Rod's final day in Japan we made the day trip to Kamakura, it's rated right up there with Nikko for Shrines, Temples, and other cultural "stuffs". Could have started off better, the instructions on how to get there was pretty bad. We got the Kamakura JR Pass, but everything was in Japanese and no instructions provided. After much wandering we figured out the proper track AND proper train, and were on our way. Kamakura is a small village, small being a relative term. Our first stop was at a Zen Buddhist Temple, Kencho-ji. Never been to a Zen temple before. It's quite an impressive and active Temple, with people meditating and a beautiful Zen Garden. Unfortunately it was a 15 minute walk up hill in the heat and sun, so at the end of it ... read more
Kenchoji Zen Temple
Zen Temple
Walkway to main complex

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 25th 2009

Note - in a rush to enter these before their plane lands so the pics might be outa order... Writing this from the Hikari Super Express 517. Left Tokyo for the night, heading into Nagoya before returning to Tokyo to meet up with Aaron and his friends. Rod departed for Edmonton, thankfully all of our return flights go through Seattle, cuts 3 hours off the flight time roughly. Leaving off from where I last wrote, the following day we started off in Shinjuku. Needed to get the lay of the land for meeting up with Aaron there, as well we checked out the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices. These two (at least) towers house the people that keep Tokyo running. The one we went into had at around 50 floors. The observatory was on the 45th and ... read more
Small Park area outside the towers
The Pier area of Tokyo - Plane in background
Building under Construction

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akihabara June 24th 2009

Short update for today, bit wiped. Day three was back to just me and Rod - Pablo and Yoshiko were wanting to hit the fish market around 5am, something neither of us were interested in. First stop was Akihabara to check out some of the smaller locale's. Some of the stores are quite interesting, very otaku-ish (otaku = geek). Lots of Computers, Electronics, and enough parts to build your own if you wanted to. Some of the shops are nothing but a small nook in the side of a building while others span 8 floors. Probably going to buy something here towards the end of week two, but don't feel like lugging anything extra around for now. We were feelin pretty wiped out at this point so headed back to the coffee shop we were at ... read more
Massive shop in Akiba
More of Akihabara
Cool water wall in Roppongi Hills

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