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July 8th 2009
Published: July 8th 2009
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Friday we spent in Odaiba, the man made island in Tokyo which as we found up you could easily spend a couple days here. After screwing up and taking the completely wrong train, we finally made it to the central part of the island. First place we stumbled on was the Fuji TV Station, a MASSIVE and amazingly cool building we went up and bought a few knickknacks from the store and some shots of the surrounding area. From there we explored the water front area and ran into some cool wildlife like birds, Jelly Fish, and even a snake which paid us no mind, thankfully. For some reason they have a relatively small Statue of Liberty there.. guess it goes with the Eiffel Tower reconstruction they have in Roppongi. From there we hit up our main destination.. the Gundam Statue.

Gundam is several Japanese Cartoons and Graphic Novels going way back to the 70s and still going strong. Was never really something I was into, but quite a bit are, especially in Japan. The statue is MASSIVE.. probably not quite to scale but quite huge, and apparently at night even lights up and moves it's arms or something like
Happy Potato or some such nameHappy Potato or some such nameHappy Potato or some such name

Very cool Retro Gaming store, consoles going back to the 80s!
that. The attention to detail on it was extremely well done. It's only up for a few months, so we were fortunate to catch it when we did. Lots of people were there, none of them kids... only in Japan would you see business women using their cellphones to take pictures of a giant robot standing in a park. In the background they had the dramatic theme song playing, adding to the experience. One of the highlights of the trip thats for sure.

Our final destination was Akiba again, to pick up a few souvenirs. And from there after grabbing a bite to eat we headed home to get an early start on (what we thought) would have been our final day.

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