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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba November 21st 2018

I wake up feeling good this morning after another cosy night's sleep. I am honestly in love with this hotel room – the bed is super comfy (a rival to any premier inn), it has great climate control to adjust the room temperature and the heated toilet seat is something I could definitely get used to. And the sound proofing is impeccable – you would literally think you were the only guest staying here and there's no cleaners shouting at the top of their lungs and scraping chairs around at 8 in the morning (we've since noticed from staying in other hotels that they all seem to do their cleaning between 10am and 3pm – what a sensible idea!). Unfortunately even though I am definitely sleeping better, I still wake up at 3am then 5am and ... read more
Hamarikyu gardens
A peaceful park in the city
New York? No, Odaiba

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba June 8th 2017

I’ve been waiting for someone to develop the transporter beam from Star Trek for decades now. Before you scoff, think about cell phones, especially the older flip phones, and how much they look like Star Trek communicators, and there are now thermometers that can take your temperature without touching you, just like a tricorder could. But I digress. Sadly, the Tokyo Teleport Station is far more mundane. It is a just a station on the Rinkai subway line, on the island of Odaiba. Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, which was made from six smaller man-made islands. The original six islands were built in 1853 to protect Tokyo – then called Edo – from an attack by sea, which primarily meant keeping Commodore Mathew Perry and his “black ships” at bay. It didn’t work; ... read more
Ferris wheel
the wheel's inner workings
AI customer service rep

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba September 6th 2013

Have you ever wondered what a futuristic city would look like? My first trip to Odaiba was in 2004, during my second visit to Tokyo. A smallish island just across from Tokyo bay, i still remember my first trip here. I took the Yurikamome monorail from Shidome (or Shimbashi) station to Daiba station to begin my journey. The trip took approximately 15 - 20 minutes and costs about ¥700 per person round trip. in 2004 when I first went across the rainbow bridge on the monorail it felt like something out of Astro boy or galaxy express. As the futuristic Fuju TV building comes into view you feel as if you are transported into another time. As you exit the station you can't help but be marvelled by the sheer grandness of the steel, glass and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba March 27th 2010

Most of you that know me are probably not surprised to see that I made it to an Anime Fair/Convention here in Japan. With it being so close by (well a few hours close) how could I NOT go?! And this trip was definitely an adventure... that started VERY early in the morning....... I went with two friends, and we decided that it would be best to get there as early as possible on Saturday to beat as much of the crowd/lines as possible. Unfortunately, that meant leaving the house at 5:30 to catch a 6am shinkansen. From Tokyo Station we made our way to the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba (getting there around 8). We saw about 100-200 people in line outside (the fair opened at 10) but we were so hungry we decided to ... read more
Toei Animation
1/10 Gundam Unicorn

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba March 27th 2010

To everyone that I have been writing emails to, I would love to respond individually and I will as to details of my day but if I do that, I won't want to write here and then things won't be centralized... which is the number one thing for Japanese people. Huh... either I ate really unhealthily (just cooked beef and rice) or it's really close to my bedtime! 8:26 PM... I got Teka and her roommate Katie, Patrick who invited Al Amanda and Will, and my roommate invited Leslie who got her roommate and Teka invited Elle and her roommate Yasmine. Ok, point is, half of IES was there today though we would split up but it was fun. We met up to go to the Anime convention. The first gaijin moment was when we saw ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba August 7th 2009

I should probably start this entry with a little explanation, I love the anime show Mobile Suit Gundam. I love the writing, the action, the message, political intrigue, characters, and the freakin awesome robots. There is nothing about that show that I don't like because it's so well thought out and put back together to tell a really good story and makes a strong statement about war. I know the primary reason why the show makes so much money is because they can sell robots to kids and make a lot of money from it, but these other parts make it a show that can be understood and played together perfectly. This year is the 30th anniversary of the original Mobile Suit Gundam and to celebrate this, there has been a giant Gundam built in Odaiba ... read more
Fuji TV station

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba August 4th 2009

YAY ODAIBA!!! So me and three of my friends decided to brave the train/subway system and head out to Odaiba to see the to-scale Gundam! (18 ft tall). So we left for Odaiba around 6:30 (originally intended to leave at 5:30 but things came up). We got directions from the front desk and instead of taking the subway which would take an hour to get there we took the JR which was supposed to take only 25 mins and cost just a bit more. Not surprisingly, as soon as we got into Shinjuku station we got very confused. A Japanese man was nice enough to ask if we needed help. (We actually managed to buy our ticket before he came around but then we didn't know which way to go!) So he kinda helped us.. but ... read more
Digimon anyone?
It's a gundam!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba July 8th 2009

Friday we spent in Odaiba, the man made island in Tokyo which as we found up you could easily spend a couple days here. After screwing up and taking the completely wrong train, we finally made it to the central part of the island. First place we stumbled on was the Fuji TV Station, a MASSIVE and amazingly cool building we went up and bought a few knickknacks from the store and some shots of the surrounding area. From there we explored the water front area and ran into some cool wildlife like birds, Jelly Fish, and even a snake which paid us no mind, thankfully. For some reason they have a relatively small Statue of Liberty there.. guess it goes with the Eiffel Tower reconstruction they have in Roppongi. From there we hit up our ... read more
Happy Potato or some such name
Closeup of some Flowers
BIG Beetle Thing

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba January 27th 2009

Tokyo is full of people and has extremely busy spots. We rented an apartment in Nishi-Shinjuku just 10 minutes walk to Shinjuku station. This station is a maze of underground shops, several department shops, open terraces, highway bus stations and of course many train lines. It is the busiest train station with around 1.6 million people passing by per day. Germany’s busiest station is the new central station in Berlin with around 30000 people per day. But Tokyo has surprisingly quiet areas with narrow lanes perfect to ride bicycle. One of this leisurable spots is Tokyo beach on Odaiba with a bay view towards Tokyo tower. We decided to walk to Odaiba using the land mark rainbow bridge. It takes 30 minutes to cross with the highest point being 53 meters over the sea. The view ... read more
Asimo in Innovation museum
Rainbow bridge and Tokyo view
View from rainbow bridge to Odaiba

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba November 15th 2008

Wer sich jetzt fragt, wer Mino ist, der/die sollte erst erfahren, dass es sich um eine analoge Spiegelreflex handelt, mein liebes altes Schaetzchen, die ich nur mitnehme, wenn ich besonders schoene Fotos machen will :) Also, heute war ich allein unterwegs in Odaiba, einer kuenstlich aufgeschuetteten Insel in der Bucht von Tokyo. Dort befindet sich unter anderem auch Fuji-TV. Nach Odaiba faehrt man am besten von Shimbashi aus mit der Yurikamome Linie. Die Bahn ist unbemannt, so dass man (falls nicht gerade besetzt) ganz vorne sitzen und die Aussicht geniessen kann. Mit dieser Bahn ich, nachdem wir die Rainbow Bridge ueberquert haben, die kleine Runde ueber die Insel gefahren, um einen Ueberblick zu bekommen. Man faehrt an den wichtigsten Sehenswuerdigkeit vorbei und mit einbisschen Glueck kann man von der Bahn aus bestimmt schoene Fotos machen. Ausgestiegen ... read more
Odaiba mit Riesenrad und Fuji TV
Tokyo Big Sight - Haupthalle
Tokyo Big Sight - Haupthalle1

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