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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 4th 2017

The next morning we were all very excited to get to our Air bnb place we would have all to ourselves in Ubud. After asking the locals where the villa was we were in awe of it! We had a short walk from the main road down a small alley surrounded by flowers to find a house on a river bank with a balcony overlooking the rice paddy fields. The bathroom was enormous with an open plan feel including 2 showers (one outside) and a mega bath. Awesome! We stocked up the fridge with the essentials of beer and chocolate and chilled enjoying the views and sounds of the countryside. We headed out for some decent grub and spent the night listening to the bull frogs and insects whilst playing card games. The second day we ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 18th 2017

Być w Azji 6 raz i nie mieć na rozkładzie słynnego, cuchnącego duriana. Nie mogliśmy tego tak pozostawić i na 1 dzień po przylocie, spontanicznie spróbowaliśmy tego specjału. Okoliczności były także bardzo spontaniczne. Ranek po pierwszej nocy rozpoczął się nadspodziewanie raźnym dźwignięciem się do pozycji pionowej, po równie niespodziewanie dobrze przespanej nocy. Do tego dla całej trójki. Czyżbyśmy uodpornili się na jetlaga? Przecież w Azji , leżacej w strefie 6 h na wschód od Polski występuje on w formie szczególnie zjadliwej. W tym roku przybrał on u nas postać poronną. Po bardzo smacznym śniadaniu w hotelowej restauracji wypożyczyliśmy w hotelowej wypożyczalni skutery i... nieświadomi niebezpieczeństwa wyruszyliśmy naszymi ''chopperami'' na podbój dróg Ubud. Jazda motocyklem po Indonezji to wyższy stopień ryzyka i wtajemniczenia... read more
Centrum Ubud to korek, korek, korek....
Co tam, ze włosy w nieładzie
Durian fever...

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 17th 2017

Basia stwierdziła, że chyba żadne z małżeństw z 15 letni stażem nie zmienia tak często pozycji jak my w samolocie zeszłej nocy. Tych, którzy zdażyli już pomyśleć o jakichś swiństwach muszę zmartwić. Ani w tytule ani w poprzednim zdaniu nie chodzi o sex. Wstydzcie sie. Rozpieszczeni przez LOT, który dowiózł nas w zeszłym roku z Warszawy do Tokio w 10 godzin, przygotowaliśmy się na długą i męczacą podróż bez szans na prysznic przez 24 h. Bo z Gdańska wylecieliśmy w sobote o 12.00. Od razu zastrzegłem, że Basia ma trzymać ciepłe napoje z dala od miejsca gdzie łączą mi sie nogawki. Zdecydowanie nie chciałem powtórki sprzed 2 lat, gdy już podczas dolotu do Warszawy moje spodnie zostały zanieczyszczone w dość charakterystycznym i nie pozostawiajacym złudzeń, co do kondycji moich zwieraczy, miejscu na spodniach. Nasze ubrania miały ... read more
Pierwsza kolacja
Na lotnisku Denpasar.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 18th 2017

Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better. Every day, in every way, you're getting better and better. So chanted the yoga instructor during shivasana (the time when you lie down at the end of a yoga session) as she clanged on her Tibetan healing bowls. My thought bubble pops: "Oh my god. I'm turning into an Eat, Pray, Love cliche. And I don't even like EPL. Jeff is going to have a field day when I tell him about this. Oh, what the heck. Ommmmmm....." The decision to go to Bali wasn't as quite easy as I made it out to be in the closing paragraphs of my last entry from Flores. I had to ask myself a few questions. Am I retreating to the familiar? Was Bali too easy, and ... read more
Santra Putra
Blanco Museum

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 18th 2017

I got up early to replicate yesterday's solo walk on beach, and again enjoyed the seclusion of having the beach all to myself, although unfortunately, the tide was well and truly in and I was unable to go anywhere near as far as I had the day before. Not wanting to travel with wet clothes, I headed back to the hotel, where we packed and jumped in the minibus for the last journey we would take as a group. It was a long journey to Ubud, but was made bearable by the amazing scenery we passed on the way. Because of the mountainous landscape, Balinese farmers found it difficult to find space to grow crops, and thus used the ingenious method of growing rice on terraces, cut perfectly and uniformly into the hillsides. Due to these ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 3rd 2017

We arrived at Ubud and when you saw the amount of people you wanted to live in a country like Norway. The heat made it even worse but at least we found our hotel and we all fell asleep. Then we went to eat curry and Indonesian food. We didn't do much in Ubud apart from the best bike tour with a guide I ever had! It wasn't only for us but it didn't ruin anything. Our guide was a good joker and he explained everything clearly. First the minibus drove us to a terrace which had a view on a volcano SEE IMAGES! The guide explained us about Bali family life. He told us the four names of the four kids. Normally the parents had four kids ( and the four kids will have to ... read more
Rain forest
Working in the rice fields

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 21st 2017

My husband and I are often asked by friends at home "What is the favorite place that we have travelled to?" It is a question for which we have only one response: "There is no one special place; every place we have travelled to, particularly in Southeast Asia, has offered something unique, something interesting, something memorable." We frequently return to this question in conversation, and have yet to find an answer, always responding instead with our own question "How do you explain this to someone who has never been here?" This has, in fact, become somewhat of a daily meditation that presents itself every time we are gazing upon, or experiencing, another small miracle or more evidence of the beauty that surrounds us. So, even though it is inexplicable, I will attempt to offer a few ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 21st 2017

As a final assignment for this year's Bahasa Language study, my teacher asked me to write a composition which applied all of the concepts we have studied to date.. After pondering what meaningful subject I might write about, I decided to complete my latest travel blog "The Inexplicable Magic of Being Here" in two languages - English and Bahasa Indonesia, as this topic is very close to my heart. It was challenging, but I like challenges, and I learned a great deal in the process. Here, for my Bahasa Indonesia speaking friends, is the Bahasa Indonesia version of my previous travel blog entry "The Inexplicable Magic of Being Here". As well, this post will be a good refresher assignment for me when I return to my Bahasa language study next February, after an eight month absence, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 1st 2017

Ubud was the perfect way to end the holiday. It is the cultural centre and heart of Bali. We decided to hi a driver for the day to take us from Seminyak to Ubud so we could do some cultural things around the island on our travels. First stop was the Balanese traditional dancing.... This was well... Interesting, I didn't really enjoy it that much but there was a crib sheet telling you about the story behind the dance and I found the culture and "myth" like aspect of the dancing interesting. For example the Barong is a good spirit and the Rangda a bad spirit and they basically battle during the dance, in which there is no winner. There's a lot of screaming and weird parts to this dance. In sure there are multiple but ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 10th 2017

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