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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 16th 2018

Our tour ended in Ubud and a number of us stayed for a few days afterwards. I've been to Bali a few times in the past, so used these as rest days (aka there were a lot of massages)...and to catch up on exciting things like laundry.... read more
Rice fields
Rice fields

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 3rd 2018

The sixth consecutive season of The Dreamchasers has now come to an end. It has been another incredible adventure. And in the same way that we cannot easily answer the question “ Which is the favorite country you have ever visited?” because each country has its own delights, we cannot state which adventure has been “the best”. All have been wonderful, but each offers variations from the previous year’s adventures. Which is why we try to summarize the highlights at the end of each trip. As always, the list is long, but I am recapping thirteen of the most memorable, many of which have been elaborated upon in the 2018 travel blog entries. 1. Yoga Intensive Course in Thailand. This was our month long, 150 hour course taken in January, during which we were introduced to ... read more
The Joy of Yoga
Montessori School Visit
We Love Biking

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 17th 2018

What we most appreciate about living in Ubud is best summarized in all the little things we experience daily. The early morning rooster wake up calls, followed by the daily sing song “Selamat Pagi / Good Morning“ greeting of the hotel staff as they arrive with our hot water thermos. Early morning laps in the pool. Morning yoga practice overlooking the rice paddies and coconut palm trees. Laughter over breakfast with hotel staff and guests. Jumping on the motorbike and going, well, anywhere, because the freedom of the ride is always more important than the destination. The not infrequent complete halting of traffic on a main street for five or ten minutes to allow for a ceremonial procession of Balinese fully dressed in ceremonial garb, women bearing fruit baskets on their heads, men marching along playing ... read more
The Royal Cremation Procession from the Palace to the Cemetary
Ulawatu Temple Balinese Fire Dance
The Royal Cremation:  “It Takes a Village” Quite Literally

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 15th 2018

For the next few blogs I am going to blog my experience this past week to share with you but also like anything else that I write about, it is a memory to remember through words and photos ;) My mind has always been busy, it never stops, I can never relax, even on my sleep. My mind is always going and going and going and I can’t meditate. Lately it has been really hard for me to put the breaks on and relax and enjoy the moment. My attention spam is almost zero as Im already gone while I am here. I’m not really sure where that comes from. Part of it is because my guardian Orisha is Obatala. Also being a chef that travels from place to place and that is in permanent movement ... read more
Om Ham Retreat, Ubud - BALI-By Ximena Olds
Om Ham Retreat, Ubud - BALI-By Ximena Olds
Om Ham Retreat, Ubud - BALI-By Ximena Olds

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 15th 2018

During the previous and following post I blog about my latest spiritual experience in Ubud, Bali in which Kundalini Tantra Yoga plays a fundamental part of it. Kundalini Tantra Yoga is the healing yoga. Kundalini Tantra, is raising the Kundalini through movement with breathing. Its a combination of Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha and Sivananda Yoga and its creator, Master Ketut Arsana has chosen particular asanas, that raise the energy and help the gland system. Master Arsana is a Mahatma Therapist, healer, Spiritual teacher, Master and Guru of Ashram Munirava. Ive never heard of this type of yoga before and after my fist session I was almost shocked, the sneaky like movements are very sensual and like a dance on your mat. Its very hard to describe but I will post some videos. The movements and the full ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 12th 2018

After spending approximately three and a half decades teaching in a variety of Canadian classrooms, I officially left the profession five years ago. At that time, I recall saying in my farewell speech that I was not leaving teaching: just expanding the walls of the classroom. I knew I would soon be shaping a lifestyle built around extensive global travel, accompanied by extensive learning. So here we are, five years later. Since that time I have co-produced and released Standing on a Platform of Kindness, my second commercial album as a singer-songwriter, and continue to pursue self-directed study of the elusive world of music theory. I have taken up the sport of scuba diving and will soon be completing my 65th dive as a Certified Advanced Underwater Adventurer. I have spent twenty weeks immersed in the ... read more
Speaking the Language of Music
Storytelling Through Song

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 14th 2018

When approaching Bali, Mount Agung is usually the first bit of land to appear on the horizon. This 9,944 ft perfectly shaped volcano dominates the Bali skyline. In December and January, Agung, which means “great,” sent sparks, steam and rocks flying in a succession of eruptions. This disrupted tourism and displaced many residents seeking shelter away from the mountain. Fortunately, by the time we arrived, Agung was sleeping peacefully. At least for a while. Bali is one of 18,000+ islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. The people and special spirit of Bali makes it our favorite of all. Bali is a Hindu island in a Muslim country. It is the land of “Eat, Pray, Love.” It has its own music, dress, art and at 90% Hindu, its own religion. Bali is called the land of 1000 temples. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 9th 2017

In French this time because I need to stop being unfair to my French friends and family (or just stop being lazy as apparently lazy me writes in English!). Notre idée de passer la nuit à l'aéroport de Changi à Singapour n'était pas la meilleure... Comme il n'y a pas de métro entre 23h et 5h30 et que notre avion décollait à 7h, nous avions la possibilité de payer cher pour prendre un taxi dans la nuit ou bien passer la nuit à l'aéroport. Comme l'aéroport de Singapour est réputé pour être l'un des meilleurs du monde, avec notamment une piscine et des cinémas gratuits, on s'est dit "pourquoi pas". On a donc quitté l'auberge de jeunesse vers 22h et pris le métro jusqu'à l'aéroport - le système de métro est super et vraiment pas cher ... read more
Moi et mes copains !
Rizières - Campuhan Ridge Walk

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 29th 2017

Bali. Everyone has been there. A common perception of the place and certainly one that I had, was that it was a place full of obnoxious young Aussies and Kiwis there to get f*cked up. The Magaluf of Oceania. It is part of the reason why perhaps I have taken so long to get here. Indonesia also doesn't seem so different to Malaysia, so it perhaps didn't excite me too much either. But you can of course escape the crowds to see other parts of the country that are apparently beautiful and relaxing, so it seemed like a nice, logical stop for me on the way back home - the last country I will stop at on this epic journey. Japan had worn me out as have the previous two years and to be honest I ... read more
In The Rice Fields
Batuan Art
Ubud Kelod Community Hall

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 23rd 2017

We took the Kura Kura bus ($5) to Ubud from Sanur, about an hour drive north into the interior of Bali. Ubud is know as the spiritual center of Bali and was made famous by the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love which somehow I missed throughout the years but will have to read now. We stayed 3 nights at Jiwa's Guest House ($22 w/bkfst), which was our favorite accommodation so far this trip. We were located centrally in the busy tourist area but Jiwa has managed to operate a luxurious and tranquil jungle oasis filled with ponds, altars, fountains and a pool and includes an incredible breakfast served to you on your balcony. Ubud goes down as one of my favorite towns and on the list for a must return one day. There are allegedly more vegan ... read more

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