Passport to an Adventure with Jenine and Ken


Passport to an Adventure with Jenine and Ken

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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 31st 2019

Today we leave for home, which is always bittersweet after a great vacation. We are both excited to be back in our own beds, watching for Charlie the seal, enjoying our awesome home and seeing our friends and family . However, leaving the sun, smiling locals, healthy/tasty food and the chill vibe is also sad. Some take-aways from our time in Bali: The people of Bali are so welcoming and gracious. They are always ready with a smile and a greeting, no matter the time of day. It never feels contrived and you do feel like a very valued guest. The food is amazing. It is fresh, flavorful and varied, with options from grilled meats/vegis to noodles to rice to smoothies. We have been careful over the past two weeks to not drink the water (even ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 30th 2019

The next two days are football focused, with today being the Clemson/Ohio State game and then tomorrow the Seahawk/49er game. Luckily, we found a great beach bar with TV’s and the right channels, so we aren’t missing a thing! Our first night at the Nike Villa room was quite comfy, with a big king-sized bed, blasting AC and being very quiet. I am posting some pictures of the property, which is quite serene and tropical. We enjoyed our full breakfast in the small little outside eating area and then got ready to walk the 1+ mile to the Sanur Beach House for the 9am Clemson kick-off. Even at 830a the sun is hot and by the time we arrived to the bar, we were sweating and ready for some cold refreshments. Since it was still early, ... read more
Ken Bonding with Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence
Go Tigers!
Nike Villas

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur December 28th 2019

It is time to say goodbye to the Swallow House, but before we leave we get to have another wonderful breakfast on the patio served by Uly. This time it was the fruit, with black rice and little mini-rice cakes. I also realized that I hadn't really posted any pictures of the guesthouse, so most of the pics on this blog are from the Swallow House (not the Nike Villas). We had time for a last dip in the pool, before packing up, saying our good-byes to Wayan, Uly and Coco the cat. Luckily, they were able to haul our bags on the motorbike down the path to the road, where are driver was waiting to take us to Sanur. The mileage to Sanur is only 20 miles, but the traffic in the various little villages ... read more
Bathroom in the Swallow House
Hallway leading up to the 2nd floor
View from the second floor of the Swallow House

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 27th 2019

Today is Friday and we have been at the Swallow Guest House since Monday. I wasn’t sure how we would do with the slow pace, spotty wifi and rural setting, but it has been a nice change from our normally crazy life. The quiet countryside, where the only sounds are the roosters crowing, the odd sounding frogs croaking (there are several types and they all sound weird!) and the occasional motor scooter on the little path create a very serene setting. Our days of coffee on the patio, reading, writing, sleeping and swimming are a sure cure to any blood pressure issues and Ken has slept better than he has in years. Our only activity for the day is to head back into Ubud, get some more cash (this time 2.5 million rupiah=$180) which should last ... read more
Ceremony Temple
Beautiful Women's Dance Group
Incredible Offerings

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 26th 2019

Today we are doing some sightseeing with Wayan, but before we get started, we are treated to a wonderful breakfast from Uly delivered right to our porch. The food consisted of fresh local fruit including dragon fruit with beautiful bright purple flesh, along side a very different version of banana pancakes. As you can see from the picture, it is more like a dumpling with a banana covered in a green dough, which is colored by a local leaf (ground up and put in the dough). All were very yummy and a nice healthy way to start the day! Our first stop with Wayan was to the Tirta Empul Water Temple, where a spring is bubbling up from the ground. It then feeds water spouts in a pool where people come to get cleansed by the ... read more
Dressed for the water temple
Getting the blessings
Our cool samples of tea and coffee!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 25th 2019

I have rolled two days into one, as Tuesday the day after Paige left for home, Ken and I pretty much did nothing. Ok, we did walk through the rice fields to the laundry shop and then continued to check out the little village. There were a couple of little grocery shops (and I mean little) and a small fruit/veg market, as well as some of the normal vendors needed to keep the village running (housewares, fuel, etc). Even though it was about 9am, by the time we got back to the house we were both sweating and ready for the pool. Before our walk we had enjoyed a nice breakfast from the stuff we got at the grocery store, of toast, avocado, local jam, mango and banana. And of course the local Balinese coffee, which ... read more
Enjoying some corn!
Uly our wonderful cook!
Workers next to our house in the rice field

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 23rd 2019

Today has two key activities, first we leave the beautiful views of Mt Agung and Lake Batur for our guest house outside of Ubud. Then we sadly have to say good-bye to Paige who has to head back to her home in Budapest. We have so enjoyed having her with us the past few days and wish she could hang a little longer, but real life prevails. After a banana pancake served along side fresh fruit, we packed up for the short trip down the mountain. Our driver (not Gooday this time!) picked us up and in addition to checking into the guest house, we decided to do the Goa Gajah (elephant cave/temple) and then a cool place over looking the river for lunch. Since the guesthouse was before the other two, we stopped there first ... read more
Trail around the Elephant Temple
Amazing View from the 2nd floor of the Swallow House
Welcome Drink and Fruit at the Swallow House

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani December 22nd 2019

Our 315a alarm came very early, but our guide was meeting us at 330am for our Mt Batur Sunrise hike. We had just enough time to brush our teeth, pull on clothes, walk up to the reception area and have a quick coffee before being handed flashlights and heading out. The hike is approx. 2.5 miles up the 5,300 foot mountain and timed so that the average person will make it up in 2 hours, for the 6am sunrise. Because we were staying at the foot of the mountain, we were lucky to start at 330a and not the 2am that those staying in the beach areas were forced to endure. However, it also meant we could walk through paths around the village for about 1 mile to the start of the trail. Ken was disappointed ... read more
Made it!!!
Sunrise on Mt Batur
Paige on Mt Batur

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani December 21st 2019

Today we leave the tidy confines of the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua for the more real view of Bali. Our driver, another Gooday (this is a family name so this will be 1 of 4 that we meet in 3 days) who promptly picked us up to travel to the Lake Batur area. If we were going straight there, it would only be a couple of hours, but we will check out a few sites along the way, which may make for a long day. Driving north we drove through Denpasar (the largest city in Bali), Sanur (beach town) and finally Ubud (made famous by Eat, Pray, Love) before finally starting to see glimpses of greenery. It was shop after shop of real life needs (tires, food, electrical, etc) and tourist stuff,which made us wonder...who buys ... read more
Lake Batur and Mt Agung from our hotel
Tegenungan Falls
Mt Agung

Asia » Indonesia » Bali December 20th 2019

After our much needed sleep, we had to be up bright and early to catch an Outrigger catamaran to Nusa Penida, an island off the southern coast of Bali. Paige and I had done some research and the views on Penida were reported as awesome. Our taxi was coming at 645, so we did a quick stop at the Hyatt Club for some food and coffee, before heading to the port which was only 15 minutes away. Nusa Dua, where our hotel is located, is very manicured and the visuals are carefully managed. Similar to Hilton Head, Cancun or Hawaiian tourist areas, it is beautiful but feels like you could be in any beautiful beach resort area in the world. No matter, it was a great way to ease into the real Bali, which we would ... read more
Breakfast at the Hyatt Club!
Begging for Breakfast
Getting ready to get on our ride to Nusa Penida

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