Passport to an Adventure with Jenine and Ken


Passport to an Adventure with Jenine and Ken

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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Tolo January 2nd 2023

This posting is more about how we have settled into the daily life in Tolo. We are on our 3rd week and have one more week before heading to Portugal, and we are quite sad to be leaving our little village of Tolo. Our apartment is comfortable, very functional, has nice open spaces and of course the views can't be beat. Other than having just one bathroom, which is not a big deal until we have has been a perfect landing. The owners check in every few days to see if we are ok, and if we need anything. They offer a cleaning service for $30 for 3 hours, which can't be beat. Clean sheets, towels and a sparkling clean apt...not bad! . We can easily walk down the hill to the village, and of ... read more
Yummy Peppers from the butcher
Lots of cool options at the butcher!
Cleopatra's Bakery - always smiling

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia December 29th 2022

After a wonderful hike yesterday, it was time to leave our cozy Kaza guesthouse and head down the mountains to Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics. But first, we had to navigate the twisty-turny, barely two-lane roads down to the coast. Ken took the driving duties and did a great job maneuvering around blind corners, with massive drops to the cliffs below. At one very cute village, hanging off the cliffs (a theme the past few days) we decided to stop, enjoy a coffee and check out the festive shops. In this area they are known for their honey, and surprisingly homemade pasta. We stocked up on both, including some jars of yummy walnuts and pistachios in honey. While Google maps advised it was 1.5 hours to Olympia, it took over 2.5 (including the stop) which gives ... read more
Athlete Entrance to the Olympic Stadium
Original Olympic Stadium - On your Mark, Get ready...Go!
View from our hotel to the Agean Sea

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Dimitsana December 28th 2022

We decided it was time for a road trip...we are super comfy at our apartment in Tolo and have ventured to some sites close by, but time to see what else the Pelopennese has to offer. On the agenda is a hike through the Lousios Gorge, seeing Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics and where ever else that may look interesting. First up was getting to the hilltop town of Dimistana, the base for the Gorge hike. It is a small village and is hanging off a cliff, which we found would be a theme for the next couple of days. Lots of pics after scrolling to the bottom. Getting there was easy (about 2.5 hours) , mostly on an excellent highway before getting off to the more local roads, which were also in great shape. As ... read more
Makes a bit sloshy going up the stairs!

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Tolo December 26th 2022

Merry Christmas from Tolo!! or, since it is St Stephens Day in Ireland (day after Christmas), we can celebrate that too! To me, that is an important one as it encourages to be thankful for what we have and those we love. Always a good thing to celebrate. We have been here in Tolo Greece for over a week, which is actually hard to believe as it has gone quite quickly. While the rest of our friends and family were dealing with crazy cold weather, we have been suffering with 65ish and sunny. I do admit to bitching when the sun goes down as it does get chilly...and I know many of you are thinking "shut up!!!. Yeah, I get it. For Christmas Eve, a tradition is for children to go door-to-door, with little triangles and ... read more
Epidaurus Theater
Hiking up and over the Hills to Nafplio
Nafplio At Christmas

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Tolo December 16th 2022

Ken and I decided to broaden our "living like a local" experiment and head to Tolo Greece. It is on the Peloponnese Peninsula, a kinda quick 2 hours from the Athens airport, and overlooking the Ionian Sea. We are here from Dec 16-Jan 15, after which we move back to the Algarve Portugal. Yes, there is a theme here, sunshine and sea...not a bad thing in the winter! On Friday, Dec 16 it was an early morning wake up at 230a to make the 6a flight to Athens. It was a frigid 29 degrees which made us quite happy to be heading to 72 degrees in Greece. After a 4 hour plane ride that was delayed, crazy long passport control line in Athens and a 2 hour drive out to the Peloponnese, we arrived at our ... read more
Relaxing after a long day traveling
Sunrise over the Ionian Sea
Looking down from the Assini Ruins

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul November 27th 2022

I am combining our last two days into one blog…Last of Jordan and an evening in Istanbul. Friday was our last full day in Jordan, and time to head back to Amman to turn the car in and get ready to leave Saturday morning. As we packed up and left the Petra Marriott, dark clouds and lots of wind were starting to gather. We were grateful that the day before we had great weather and weren’t attempting to visit Petra in the wind and drizzle. As we drove the 3 hours to Amman, we had spurts of rain which didn’t look to be letting up. Luckily the drive was easy, the car was dropped off and we were settled into the Amman Sheraton with a nice suite. We had thought of doing a dinner out, but ... read more
Blue Mosque
Opening up the pot was a production!
View from our room in Petra

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra November 24th 2022

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! No turkey for us, but we are so thankful for all we have, including our wonderful family and friends. It seems like all roads lead to Petra, which is the biggest draw to Jordan. No matter that there are so many things to see and experience, it is always Petra. And today we get to find out why. I do feel that no matter what I write, it can't adequately describe the overall experience. There is just so much history and information, so anyone reading this will have to google to get the details. We had gotten advice from some fellow travelers while at the Dead Sea, that we should plan to leave the hotel by 7a to beat the tour busses. So, that is what we did. Our taxi driver was ... read more
Loving Jordan
The Treasury
The Treasury

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum November 23rd 2022

In the fancy tent, the beds were super comfy and nice bedding, which should have made for a restful evening. Ken took advantage and slept all night, which is amazing for him. Me, not so much. This was one of those rare nights where sleep just wasn’t happening. Oh well…I was snug in bed and got a bit of reading done, before just relaxing and hoping for some snoozing. As we were doing a sunrise camel ride, it was up and at the reception area at 630a. Along with 10 others, we wandered in the barely dawn light down the path to our trusty camels. My camel, FouFou was quite chatty and wanted to talk to everyone, kind of between a horse whinnie and a cow moo that is quite comical. She was also enamored with ... read more
Bonding with FouFou
Ready for the Ride!
FouFou wanting to get close to Ken

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum November 22nd 2022

Today is some serious driving, as it takes about 4.5 hours to get down to the south of Jordan to Wadi Rum, just north of the Red Sea. I was back on driving duty, and the Dead Sea Highway (1 lane each way so not a big one) was pretty good. We turned off to head over the mountains toward the Desert Highway and did some quite major up hills and switch backs on what we would consider a backroad. I wanted to stop by Karak Castle, which is on the way and was about 1.5 hours, so pretty easy. Unfortunately, I had put in Karak (not the castle) which took us in to the little town with lots of little alleys. Not bright on my part. We redid and still had to go through some ... read more
Our Tent!
Karak Catle
Enjoying the Karak Caste View

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 21st 2022

Sunshine dawned and this is a hang-day for us at the Dead Sea Marriott. Car is safely stowed, pools ready to be used and the big activity….MUD and SALT. More on that in a bit, as we had to enjoy the breakfast with lots of choices, including fresh fruit, fresh vegis and of course local food that is fresh and tasty. Ken is even venturing into the local fare and not complaining that “this isn’t breakfast food!”. Ok, salad and grilled vegis are not normally on the day-to-day breakfast menu, but you gotta admit it is healthier than most “normal” breakfast foods. Now, it was time to head for the beach and check out the mud and float in the sea. Down the paved path, down the stone stairs and soon we were at the private ... read more
Mud Facial
Ken Relaxing

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