Passport to an Adventure with Jenine and Ken


Passport to an Adventure with Jenine and Ken

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I can’t believe it is our last full day on the bikes…the week has just flown past and it is always sad to be almost at the end. This morning’s ride had two options, 20 miles or 31 miles. Both ending in Mouries, where we were scheduled for lunch and for those doing the short option, an olive mill tour. We were all together until a certain point where the long riders would turn off, but up till that point we were skirting the base of the baby Alpes while passing pine trees on rolling hills. We stopped for a quick coffee and Ken/Sandy/Eric/Sam all choose to power through the longer ride, while I hung with Sue/Anthony/Ed/Shelley for the shorter version. We pedaled up a nice sloping hill for several kilometers and found ourselves quite high ... read more
Baux de Provence
Our Goodbye Evening Happy Hour

Europe May 18th 2022

As we walked to breakfast, we were rewarded with a cool hot air balloon floating overhead which was a nice way to end our stay at La Coquillades, but leave we must as we bike over the Luberon mountain range with another good climb in our near future. The morning route is only 16 miles, and within a short distance we are on a dedicated bike trail for about 4 of them. This makes for easy biking and other than the occasional road crossing with “slow down” barriers, we can make very good time. We exit the bike path and cycle into the little village of Cereste where we all gather for a quick coffee and the 3 mile climb up to the top mountain. Anthony/Ed chose to take a boost, while Sam with his young ... read more
Happy to be on the bike!
Wonderful Lunch
Waiting Patiently for lunch

Day three started similar to all of the others, bright blue skies, brilliant sun and more birds chirping/singing than I have heard in a long time. Obviously they are in their happy place, as are we. We slept extremely well, with the windows open and the only thing we heard was the gurgling fountain in our courtyard. Breakfast started at 730a with the route rap at 830, and we along with our co-riders Ed and Shelley were the first of the group to arrive in the restaurant. This means we were rewarded with a wonderful view of the vineyards while we enjoyed the varied food, with as much healthy or non-healthy options as you wanted. The others straggled in and before long we all made it to the parking area, where Vidal and Scott had our ... read more
Love those Poppies
View of the road going up to Gordes
Wonderful olive choices!

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Gargas May 16th 2022

Day two on the bikes dawned with bright sun, birds happily singing and a sumptuous breakfast in the dining area looking out on the patio we sat on last night. This morning’s ride is 17 miles (1000 ft elevation) with a stop at an old Ocher mine which is prevalent in the area. We could only see from the parking lot, but the large gaping holes in the massive cliffs gave a hint of the miles of paths and chambers in the large bluff. We continued past beautiful poppy fields which brightened up the surrounding vineyards, and loved smelling the jasmine, roses and other flowers along the way. I was with Ken, who decided not to zoom ahead and at one point I took a wrong turn (not following my Whahoo gps) and ended up in ... read more
Love the Poppies
Yup, backroads
Love the stone homes and flowers

Today we woke to a peaceful Avignon and were excited to finally start biking. I walked through the quiet alleys and found take-away coffee as our B&B wasn’t showing signs of movement. As I arrived back Annaliese our B&B owner was also arriving with fresh baguettes and advised to head up to the first floor for breakfast. I let Ken know, who was still getting moving and went up to check out breakfast. Annaliese had a wonderful open kitchen where she had put out a wonderful typical French breakfast of croissants, baguettes, homemade jams and yogurt, fresh blueberries and muesli. She was making fresh strawberry jam in large kettles which looked and smelled wonderful. While waiting for Ken, she shared with me the history of the villa which included the original owner wayyyyy back in 1700’s ... read more
Smiling after a great afternoon on the bike!
Arriving the hotel

Cue up the church bells, for which I wasn’t ready for at 8a. But we slowly made our way down to coffee and prepare us for the train to Avignon. It was hard to leave the beautiful Nice area (French Rivera), but time to start moving towards Provence, our region of choice for the next 6 days. We walked the few blocks to the train station, found our seats in the top of the train (2 floors) and settled in for the 2.5 hour trip to Marseille. We passed Antibes, Cannes (where the film festival was happening) and other small villages along the Med coast with beautiful villas both on the beach and off. In Marseille we did a quick train change, and the 37 mins to Avignon went super-fast as it was the bullet train! ... read more
Enjoying dinner on the Rhone
City Walls
Palace of the Popes

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice May 13th 2022

I have jumped from Monday to Thursday, as Ken spent Tus-Thurs exploring Nice, Villafranche and just wandering the wonderful area. By the time I got here he had had an average of 20k steps per day! I was going to have a nice dinner with Ken once I arrived at 9p on Thursday, but due to delays due to air traffic, so by the time I exited it was 1020p, so it was a bit of a slow start to my part of the trip. On Friday, we woke to the daily church bells at 8a from Notre-Dame next door, no way to sleep through those! The day was sunny and beautiful but Ken said it was the least nice day he had since arriving. We grabbed a coffee at the small café next door, and ... read more
Fab Bike Path
Cool Alleys in Villafranche

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice May 10th 2022

After a wait of 2 years, Ken and I are finally doing our Provence trip. I know quite a few are experiencing this as well, all due to a little thing called Covid. We were supposed to do the trip 2 years ago May, and at the point it got cancelled, we, like so many others thought, no problem, we will just go in the Fall. Looking back, none of us had a clue that 2 years later we would be just starting to get back to whatever normal is. Masks, while used pre-Covid in Asia, are now just part of our lives, Covid vax’s will most likely continue and hand-washing should be now at the forefront of everyone’s minds regardless of the virus. This will be our 5th Backroads trip and Provence has always been ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 16th 2021

This was our last day and I spent a restless night, as we had been without cell or wifi for an entire week. That meant, I had no word as to my Irish visa status and if it had been processed. Cell service didn’t arrive until 5a as we were pulling into Juneau and I was dismayed to find that the visa had not in fact been delivered, which put all of our plans back up in the air. A bit despondent, we headed into breakfast and to say goodbye to our shipmates that we have come to know and enjoy. Everyone was quite subdued as no one was ready to join the real world after such an amazing trip. Ken and I joked, that heck, we can just do another week due to the visa! ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm July 15th 2021

Today is all about glaciers and icebergs and the entire ship is looking forward to more turquoise blue water, floating ice and hopefully some calving glaciers. The morning was spent at the In Williams Cove, at the beginning of Tracy Arm which has two very long and deep fjords with multiple glaciers. We woke to bright blue skies and surrounded by alien looking icebergs and of course Ken was all excited to “lick the iceberg”. Visions of the little kid in The Christmas Story were floating though my head, and I could just imagine getting the ever-present skiff to get him unstuck. Luckily, we had a safety briefing before getting in our kayak and the key instructions was to stay 2 kayak lengths away from the icebergs. They are known to tip over and if that ... read more
Jenine and Ken bonding with an iceberg
Spectacular Paddling
Our Ship and an Iceberg

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