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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 17th 2019

I wasn’t planning on returning to Ubud so soon after my 2017 visit, but my friends Ryan and Anthony were getting married there, and my friend Trixie was also attending the wedding, so we decided to make a trip out of it. As this was my fifth time in Ubud, I didn’t really try to see or do many new things... I just let Ubud suck me in as always. So, here are some photos - with commentary - about what I did and saw in and around Ubud.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 28th 2019

Two and half months have passed since the last post. Since then we briefly visited Gili Trawangan Island, and went on a sweet road trip with our friend Phari who guided us around Lombok, Indonesia - Bali’s more shy but equally beautiful Muslim sister - before we returned to our home base in Ubud, Bali. During the following two months in Ubud, we resumed our usual daily routines of yoga practice, lazy morning breakfast visits with other travellers, and I my Bahasa Indonesian language study, along with whatever else the day presented. What a challenge I choose to put my poor brain through! As I had just completed a six week course in conversational Thai, it took a week before I stopped mixing Thai with Bahasa Indonesian. It was initially frustrating, as I also felt I ... read more
Stan Teaching a Yoga Class
Celebrating Tessa’s 35th Birthday
 Melasti  Ceremony

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 13th 2018

Today we have arranged to meet up with our friends Mark and Jane from Melbourne who are staying in Ubud. They have booked a tour which the brochure they sent us a link to said goes to the Tenenungan Waterfall and then on to Bali Swing, so we decide to meet them at the waterfall. We are picked up from the Sofitel by the same Wayan who took us to Uluwatu Temple earlier in the week. The traffic in Bali is frenetic, but calmly frenetic. If you don’t have right of way it seems that you just nose your way in and the other drivers will accommodate you, and they seem to do so quite happily without threatening violence upon you and your loved ones as would happen if you tried this approach back in Melbourne. ... read more
Tenenungan Waterfall
Tenenungan Waterfall
Tenenungan Waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud November 28th 2018

Downhill Cycle Tour.. I have just returned from one of the exhilarating and enjoyable activities. Again it was the drive to the activity area that was a problem with 1.5 hrs and 2 hrs getting back. However this time it was better than on Monday with a better car and driver. I was collected from the hotel around 0745 hrs. There were 6 other people in the car, all Aussies. A mum and dad with their young adult sons, and another couple. We reached the start point of the activity by 1100 hrs. On the way we stopped for breakfast. Then there was a visit to a coffee plantation. This was a beautiful location as if in the middle of the rain forest overlooking a deep valley. Here they showed us how they make Luwak coffee. ... read more
Ready to roll
A temple gate en route
Start rice field cycling

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 9th 2018

Der Tag beginnt heute um ca. 07:30 Uhr, da wir schon um 08:00 Uhr zum Rafting abgeholt werden sollen. Tyrone sieht etwas durchgenudelt aus, denn zum einen hat ihn sein stockiges Zimmer um den Schlaf gebracht und zum anderen hatte Tyrone nächtlichen Besuch von der Hotelkatze. Am Ende ist er dann ins offene Wohnzimmer umgezogen. Wir anderen wundern uns, denn wir haben unerwartet doch recht gut geschlafen. Auf das Frühstück verzichten wir, denn das Rafting Paket enthält ein kleines Lunch. Mit leichter Verspätung werden wir abgeholt und sind ca. 1,5 Stunden zum Rafting-Startpunkt unterwegs und vermissen Gojink schmerzlich. Der Fahrer ist ein leichter Heißsporn. Dort angekommen ist natürlich ordentlich was los. Der Startpunkt ist schön gelegen und wir freuen uns schon sehr. Anja und Janette haben schon etwas Erfahrung und sind auf diesen Fluss schon sehr ... read more
Kann losgehen!
Kurz vor dem Crash

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 8th 2018

Um 1:30 Uhr klingelt der Wecker. Pünktlich wie immer lädt uns Gojink samt Gepäck ein und es geht zum Fuße des Mount Batur. Noch schnell die Kopflampen aufgesetz und die Taschenlampen in die Hand, startet unser nächstes Abenteuer um 3:45 Uhr. Es fühlt sich erst ein wenig an, wie eine Nachtwanderung auf einer Klassenfahrt, denn die Straße ist asphaltiert - aber das soll sich noch schnell und deutlich ändern... Nach 20 Minuten wird es deutlich steiler und wir wandern über Lava-Geröll, was dann so klingt, als würde man über Holzkohlebriketts laufen. Es dauert nicht lange und wir bekommen eine Ahnung davon, was wir uns da zu nachtschlafender Zeit eingebrockt haben. Es wird immer steiler und unwegsamer und die ersten Lichter der Taschenlampen bergaufwärts scheinen in fast unerreichbarer Ferne zu sein. Es gibt ein paar kurze Pausen, ... read more
Here comes the sun

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 22nd 2018

We wanted to do something special on the last full day of our honeymoon, so of course, we were going to go to Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park.Kristy read some particularly positive reviews regarding the parks. There was a bird feeding and the opportunity to take pictures at 9:30. We raced out of bed and scarfed down an abbreviated breakfast and dashed out the door so we could get to the park in time for the feeding. We ended up buying the first and second Bird Park ticket of the day. The photo opportunity started at 9:30, but was available all day. The mix-up turned out to be a blessing as we toured the facility without the large crowds that would show up later. Throughout the morning we saw just about everything the Bird Park ... read more
Kristy and Brad at Bali Bird Park 2
Kristy and a Pelican
Bali Bird Park Komodo Dragon

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 21st 2018

Today, Kristy had us scheduled to go to a batik class where we would learn to make the traditional Indonesian fabric which is used for decorations and garments. We had breakfast at the Sthala then took a grab to Widya’s Batik Studio. We ended up getting there late for the 10:00 class because the studio was on the other side of Ubud and we got stuck in traffic. When we arrived, the class was already working on their creation. Widya gave us a quick crash course in what we would be doing to craft our masterpieces. The first step was to select a pattern. Second, trace the pattern onto cotton cloth with a pencil then again with hot wax. Next, fill in the traced pattern with watercolor paint. Finally, the batik needed to be color-stayed by ... read more
Brad Painting Batik
Batik Final Product
Kristy's Batik pre-dip

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 31st 2018

We left the hotel and drove to the coast to catch a boat to Gili Air, the journey took a couple of hours and the roads were really winding. We grabbed our belongings and boarded the boat. The sea was quite calm so it made for a nice crossing and it didn’t take long. We were advised that if the tide was low, the boat would have to drop us a fair distance away so we’d get a horse and cart for the last bit of our journey to the hotel. Luckily, the tide was high enough for the boat to take us directly to the hotel. we were a little early, so the rooms weren’t ready for us to check in so we sat in the bar and ordered early lunch. The rest of the ... read more
Green sea turtle
Underwater statue, Gili Meno
Gili Air style transfer

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud June 17th 2018

I wonder where my dreams of Utopia come from? Bali has the whiff of ‘South Pacific’, a vision of a sunset behind a volcano. The actual island is kind of like a Maldives resort but with real people instead of ‘staff’. But Bali isn’t just a destination, it’s an aspiration (and that was alliteration darlings). (no it wasn’t – Ed) Have I bigged it up enough? But it is a stunning place with; mountains, jungles, forests, temples, and the legendary hospitality of the locals. We spent a week there in Easter 2018 and left knowing that we had barely scraped the surface of what it has to offer. The difficulty lies in the sheer variation of holidays you could take there. I can review what I experienced but a solitary week can only offer ... read more
Paddy felds Sideman
Breakfast view near Mount Agung
Rice fields

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