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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 13th 2017

So the upset stomach finally got to me overnight and I really wasn't in the mood for breakfast or food in general. I stayed in bed and rested while Emily and Pamela went for breakfast. The staff worked out that I wasn't there and, when they found out I was a little poorly, followed the girls back to the room with a tray of fruit, yoghurt and pastries. The gesture was nice but I really couldn't face it. We had a call from our travel agent this morning informing us of some issues with Tiger Air and flights from Australia being cancelled. Hopefully this is sorted before we are due to head home next Thursday as I don't relish the prospect of getting stuck here indefinitely. He seemed confident that whatever the issue is it will ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 12th 2017

I'm not sure what's worse, listening to the sound of mozzies or hearing nothing but still being bitten. I had a pretty ordinary night's sleep Last night as I scratched the night away. I couldn't work out why as we had a mosquito net over us which should have kept them out. It was only in the full light of day that I saw that one corner of the net was still tied back that it all began to make sense. Won't be making that mistake again. At least everyone else woke up feeling better. rmily has colour in her cheeks again and tom was perky also. We went for a swim to wake up, and then had breakfast. Unfortunately it seems that every time anyone eats something it triggers a reaction and they feel lousy ... read more
Emily leaving the villa to head into Ubud to see the Monkey Forest
Pamela trying to get the perfect shot
Taxi to Ubud

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 11th 2017

So, everyone better this morning - at least better than they were last night. Actually everyone still pretty poorly and struggling to keep upright at this stage. The mere mention of food around Emily is enough to drain the colour from her face and start the sweat flowing. I'll keep the details light here other than to say it was a very restless night for Pamela and Emily. However, despite how everyone is feeling, today is the day we headed to Ubud and the Santi Mandala Spa and Villa. Our original plan was to hire a car for the day and stop at a few places on the way to Ubud. With Emily virtually unable to walk we shelved that plan and caught a taxi straight here without stopping. Unfortunately the heat, humidity and fever got ... read more
Slow start
Driving to Ubud
Chicken coops

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 23rd 2016

Ubud 14.12.16-22.12.16 Wreszcie moge z radoscia dodac kolejne miejsce do moich ulubionych jakie udalo mi sie odwiedzic - Ubud miejsce magiczne, przesycone tradycja, kultura i czarem. Dotarlismy do Ubud z lotniska w okolo godzine, moze tuz ponad i od razu sie w tym miejscu zakochalam. Na 8 dni zatrzymalismy sie w hotelu - Pertiwi, ktory oczarowal mnie rowniez. Pokoje sa czyste i w sumie dosc ,basic' ale cala reszta rekompensuje w 100%. Pertiwi jest swietnie zlokalizowane, jest mnostwo przepieknej zieleni, dwa bardzo zadbane i czyste baseny, swietna obsluga i dobre jedzonko :-) Na terenie Pertiwi rosnie mnostwo kwiatow, krzewow i drzewek, ktore juz znalam bo mama choduje je u siebie w domu. Super bylo widziec te same kwiaty - od razu poczulam sie jak w domu :-) Caly nasz pobyt w Ubud byl dosc intensywny gdyz ... read more
Pertiwi - Ubud
Pertiwi - Ubud
Pertiwi - Ubud

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 14th 2016

....... And we're off on our travels again! After making sure that everything was taken care of for our beloved Charlie at home for the next few months, we make our way to Heathrow, where we are crashing over at the Ibis hotel courtesy of my brother ☺ (thank you). After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, we make our way to the airport for our 3pm British Airways flight to Bangkok. As per usual with these long-haul flights, I do not manage to get any kind of meaningful sleep, so instead enjoy the inflight entertainment and a few too many whiskeys over the 11.5 hrs. Surprisingly, for someone where any kind of a journey acts as a sedative, Aga suffers the same fate (minus the whiskeys). After a pretty uneventful flight, we arrive ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud November 9th 2016

Um 08.15 Uhr werden wir vom Fahrer unseres Kochkurses abgeholt ( jaja....ich kann es einfach nicht lassen aber diesmal wird bestimmt zuhause was davon nachgekocht!). Wir fahren zunächst auf den Markt von Ubud, der die europäischen Vorstellungen von Hygiene mal wieder ganz schön herausfordert. Fisch und Fleisch liegen hier ungekühlt in der schon Morgens tropischen Hitze und es riecht sehr unangenehm, weil direkt neben den Ständen mit frischem Obst und Gemüse eine 'Müllecke' liegt. Unser Kochlehrer erklärt uns die verschiedenen Früchte, da gibt es zum Beispiel die Salak, wegen ihrer schuppenförmigen Außenhaut auch Schlangenfrucht genannt, die ähnlich wie ein süßer, etwas trockener Apfel schmeckt. Oder die Rambutan, auch "hairy fruit" genannt, weil sie ein bisschen wie ein haariger Seeigel aussieht und die innen wie eine Litschi schmeckt. Dann probieren wir noch die üblichen ... read more
Paon Bali Kochkurs
Paon Bali Kochkurs
Paon Bali Kochkurs

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud November 6th 2016

Das ist der Kommentar meiner Mutter als ich sie aus dem Taxi anrufe, dass mich gerade vom Flughafen Frankfurt mit Vollgas zurück nach Mainz bringt um meine Kreditkarte zu holen. Und dann wieder zurück nach Frankfurt. Warum? Weil man uns bei China Air nicht eincheckt, ohne dass ich die Kreditkarte vorzeige, mit der unser Flug bezahlt wurde. " Aha, aber Warum?" fragt man sich jetzt wahrscheinlich immernoch. Wir auch. Anscheinend stand diese Info auf der homepage und -ähm ja irgendwie auch auf unserem Online-Ticket- und wir hatten die Wahl zwischen den Optionen "neue Tickets für 645€ pro Person kaufen" oder " die Kreditkarte herbeischaffen". Letzteres war dann doch billiger und der Verkehrsgott hat es auch tatsächlich zugelassen dass ich nur 50 Minuten später wieder mit der Karte am Schalter stehe, und das lockere 10 Minuten bevor ... read more
Ubud Luwih Bungalow
Reisterrassen bei Ubud
Reisterrassen bei Ubud

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 15th 2016

David here... The 4.5 hour flight from Bangkok was fine. The usual inconsiderate people sat in front of us who had to throw their seats back as soon as the seat belt light was turned out, as my poor knees can atest to. We breezed through the passport control and picked up our bags, to find my bag had a green tie-wrap on it. Fearing the worst we made our way to the customs declaration point expecting to be whisked away, however had no issue at all. It may have helped that it was chaos, but we were pleased not to have any issues. We made our way through arrivals to the official airport taxi desk as we knew there was no public transport from DPS airport. We had done some research in advance and expected ... read more
Hindu cremation procession
Hindu cremation procession
Hindu cremation procession

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 25th 2016

Lazy day after the big day yesterday (prelim final, etc.). Chris Mc and Charlie up early for thei ATV tour today. Picked up at 0845 and just a little excited. We spend the morning in the pool and doing not a lot. I wander up the street to see the neighbourhood. Eventually get organised enough and head into town. Decided to just walk up to the road and hail a taxi - plenty moving along this road. Sure enough, 3rd car stops and we are off. Heading to a bar/restaurant called The Bridge. Looks interesting as we have passed it a few times. Arrive and find our way in. Looks a bit flash but bigger it. Get a table and our drinks arrive, then Chris and Charlie turn up just as we are about to order ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 24th 2016

Early early start today. Booked the breakfast with ourangutangs at Bali zoo today. Pick up is 0700, but be ready by 0645. Sure enough, van is here at 0645. Pack bags, water bottles, etc. and away we go. Arrive very early at the zoo, almost the first group into the zoo. Sat at our table and told we are next to where the ouranguatngs will be on show. Nice. Breakast served and not too bad. Go back as many times as you like, and the noodles were great. Eventually the ourangutangs arrived, followed by the elephants. We went to the elephants as we were told that we had to wait for our turn for the ourangutangs. they had lots of other animals out on display so we got a good look at lots of interesting breeds. ... read more

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