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Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu February 22nd 2019

I'd had a good night's sleep, but didn't want to get out of the nice warm bed. Eventually, I got myself sorted and made my way down to the hostel's bar/restaurant for some breakfast. That took a bit of doing as the aiyi spoke no English and I speak no Chinese and everything I wanted on the menu seemed to be unavailable. Eventually, I settled for some black tea and a ham and egg French toast. The aiyi was lovely a brought me a big flask of water so that I could keep topping up my tea. I read while waiting for my breakfast and read and read. I think it took an hour for my food to come. I don't know why it took so long, in hindsight I probably should have ordered Chinese food ... read more
Confucius Cemetery
Confucius Cemetery
Confucius Cemetery

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu February 21st 2019

I had been wanting to visit Qufu for a while as it is only a couple of hours or so by High Speed Rail from Beijing. The train journey was uneventful and the smog outside got progressively worse the further we got from the capital. I alighted at Qufu East Station and headed over to the bus station next door as that is where both the long distance buses and the local city buses depart from. I think I took the K19 bus and it took around half an hour to get near the old city walls. I decided to scope out where my hostel was first and I was pleasantly surprised at how close it was the main attractions. I took a bit of a wander around. Qufu seems like quite a quiet place. Definitely, ... read more
City Walls
Confucian Temple
Bishui Bridge

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu November 1st 2015

I was very excited when I arrived to Qufu which is the birth place of one of the most influential philosopher of ancient China. The city of Qufu is a typical Chinese city and the main reason to head here is to admire the beautiful temple dedicated to Confucious. It is very interesting that, even though, he was a thinker of the ancient times, during the Zhou dynasty some 2,500 years ago, he is still very revered in the Chinese culture nowadays, too. Also very interesting to know was that Confucious influenced the Chinese to eat with chopsticks and practice filial piety which are the two great traditions in Chinese culture. There are many Confucious temples spread allover China, but I thought that visiting the one at Qufu was probably the most interesting one, since that ... read more
 Carved dragon on a pillar

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu August 17th 2014

30/7/14 Had grading and it went well not sure if I can post videos on here but will try. I was happy with it, and I guess thats the main thing. Some very good friends here now, I have finally got some of my trust in people back and am able to talk to them about things again, also thank you dad for the encouragement and strong words. They have definately worked and im taking them in. 31/7/14 Well..... shit hit the fan today. One of our sifu was fired, long story but not for 'bad' reasons. One thing lead to another and he was chased away from the school by 5 guys who had rocks and shit to throw at him. Also you would think a shaolin master should turn and fight them it was ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu July 23rd 2014

15/7/14 Well I went dancing I the rain this evening. We had a thunder and lightning storm. I danced a jive, charleston, some ceroc, east coast and west coast and also a bit of a cha cha. It was really fun, then we made rain angels... kind of thw same as snow angels, but wetter and thw angel doeant actually stay there, hahahaha. I recomwnd it to you. 16/7/14 Had a word about our sifu not really doinf his job...e.g teaching us. Its a long story but he is only 17 and doesnt really know how to teach. His skills r amazing but his teaching not so. After a chat with him it is really good now he gives good details about everythung and we still have fun. 17/7/14 I ran up 960ish stairs to a ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu July 5th 2014

25/6/14 A new dawn, a new day, a new life and im feeling good. Woke up feeling in a good mood 2day, lets hope it goes all day. My shoulder feels good. My knees okish, bak is ok. My mind is feeling slightly clearer, but that never seems 2 last 2 long. I think 2day shud b a good day. I have my 3rd part of the wooden dummy form, so I will b practicing that aswell 2day. I did some sparing at lunch. I got twated on the nose and started 2 bleed. And later on took 2 right hooks on my left side of the jaw and went all jelly legs and had 2 sit down. I now have a massive headache and a saw nose. Hahahahahaha ohh yea and I took a beauty ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu June 23rd 2014

18/6/14 I went 2 a chinese physio who works wih meridian lines, acupoints and the flow of energy. He was pushing his elbows into my knees and then did a weird toe thing (I hate ppl touching my feet) he pulls the ties till they nearly pop out then clicks his fingers on them. It was horrible. But just b4 going in he made me walk up some stairs. It was hard and I was limping.Then after the massage/pain I fliction he made we walk up them again and there was no limp. It was incredible.Well worth the pain and 100rmb (£10). 19/6/14 Did another circuit with chris the mma guy, its high heart rate and big fat burning. So doing this regularly shud make a huge difference. He is doing a class 2moz after power ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu June 18th 2014

18/6/14 Well I am taking the morning off due to my knees being buggered and also I have the shits. I feel pathetic coz I have taken time off but i guess I have 2 do this 2 recover. Every1 tells me 2 take the time off but I feel like I will miss vital training time and also I feel like I will loose respect from the master. I think we r bonding well just now and I dont want him 2 think im slacking, coz im not, im just in quite alot of pain. I can hear every1 training outside. So I am outting headphones on and watching V for Vendetta. I hope every1 is well.... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu June 16th 2014

11/6/14 Went 2 hospital 2day 2 check out my knee. My left knee is griding and my rite knee is filling with fluid.The docs seemed confused as 2 y a western man with a dodgy barnet was there. Also they were confused about the lumps and fluid in my knee and legs. I was sorrojnded by other patients who wanted 2 stare at a western mans legs with the doc poking me and them hearding round me. I felt like a zoo animal. Anyway still not sure wots wrong with them.Every1 at school is giving their opi ion which is kool but its no medical advise.Lol I slept in thw common room last nite aa the concrete beds that were helping my bak r now crippling me. Its 400rmb to buy it thwn anither 100rmb 2 ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu June 10th 2014

30/5/14 Power stretching went ok. I still dont agree with it but I think im more bendy. I refuse 2 admit its from power stretching, but instead is from my own personal stretching. Lol We had gradig this afternoon. I didnt grade as I havent been here for 1 month yet and we only grade after 1 month or more. Ohh well we c wot happens. I did an exercise the consists of 120 repetitions of 3 sets of exercises, and we basically confuse our body into thinking its going to die. Fat burning hapoenes very quickly, so I think I will do this 3 times a week. Also 2 change it up a bit I will do some of vibish's exercises that r similar but different. Operation get fit and less fat has realy started ... read more

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