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July 5th 2014
Published: July 5th 2014
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A new dawn, a new day, a new life and im feeling good.
Woke up feeling in a good mood 2day, lets hope it goes all day. My shoulder feels good. My knees okish, bak is ok. My mind is feeling slightly clearer, but that never seems 2 last 2 long. I think 2day shud b a good day. I have my 3rd part of the wooden dummy form, so I will b practicing that aswell 2day.
I did some sparing at lunch. I got twated on the nose and started 2 bleed. And later on took 2 right hooks on my left side of the jaw and went all jelly legs and had 2 sit down. I now have a massive headache and a saw nose. Hahahahahaha ohh yea and I took a beauty of a rite punch 2 my eye socket. It squelches wen I blink now. Lol
My eye dont make a noise any more, but my thumb is stilll buggered. Ohh well, had a great cardio circuit with chris and steve. Grading is 2moz and im excited. I will do basic kicks and punches, also my 5step form and my continuous fist form. Also front and back sweeps.
Just found out this morning that grading is on monday.
Aaron has left us now, bak in march. Had a good day at the hostel.
Went up the mountain 4 a bbq. It was really nice. Some pics to follow.
I wasnt happy with my grading. I blanked half way and panicked. Sifi wasnt happy with me and im fucked off now, really depressed about everything. Now my mind wonders again. Thinking about things that make me mad, bollocks just wen I start sorting my head out.
Me and craig did some extra training this evening. ?.. I did 2 kartwheels in a row I felt so good. Its the small achievements that count, little and often as they say. Hehe
Im running again which is good. I feel better 4 it and my knees r holding up well.
We wwnt 2 watch my friend(a fellow student) have a sanda, chinese kickboxing, fight this evening. It was amazing. T.v. cameras were there and it was a proper venue. It loved it. Matt shud have won, even his opponent said so, but the opponents coach was a judge, so 'slight' biased decisions were made against him. But a good nite over all.

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