big gaps but some info for u guys!! not a very I teresting week

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July 13th 2014
Published: July 13th 2014
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I have twisted my left knee 2day during a take downs lesson. My ego took over and I wanted 2 win... I did but I have bust my knee again.
Im taking the day off 2 rest my knee 2day. Keeping my mind occupied tho. Just met a guy at lunch who has walked that stupid walk and it sent my mind racing. I will do some fitness in my room 2 keep myself occupied.
The weekend 13/7/14-14/7/14
It was good... broke my no drinking but dont care as it was a vey good nite. We were dancing, singing and making the most of what a small town calls a club. We were let in free coz we westerners. Hahaha and the nite was very very fun.
I may have broken my knees again but still enjoyable.
Went for a walk to find a lake that is apparently only 30mins away down a strait road. We walked for nearlt an hour and didnt find anything. The sun was beating down and even the non-hungover people found it a struggle. On the bright side I got some honey from a stall at the side of the road. It tastes so good and the bees r rite there harvesting away infront of us.

I dont no how I feel rite now.... lost, worried, insecure. These things r all there but I know this experience will make me a better person. As much as I crack here, I will b built up twice as much. As far as I fall I will always climb higher. My goals r small and often. My aims r high but with lots of platform to help.
Just watch and c. I will b more than I ever was b4. I will b the best me any1 has ever seen. Past miatakes and stupid behaviour from me and others close 2 me wont matter coz I will have moved on, and got 2 where I want 2 b. Its all about me rite now. Selfish times r happening coz they need 2 happen. So fuck it, me me me.
I will let u know how this week goes.
Chat soon homies


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